Got a Health and Fitness Blog? We've FREE Tools for You! -

Got a Health and Fitness Blog? We’ve FREE Tools for You!

Got a health or fitness blog? Or maybe you’re just doing a one-off article on the topic of weight loss, calorie counting or dieting?

free fitness tools and calculators

Make your content interactive with a cool calculator!

Either way, if you want to provide your audience with easy-to-use calculators that they can use to determine their personal numbers critical for weight loss, we’re happy to say we can help!

6 Free Tools; BMR Calculators and More!

Need free fitness tools to use on your web site or blog? We’ve got 6 free cut and paste BMR, calorie and weight loss calculators to choose from.

Use one. Use many. There’s no charge, and the choice is up to you!

Click here to access the tools now!


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