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FücoTHIN™ Fat Burner Review: A Seaweed & Pomegranate Weight Loss Connection?

The FucoTHIN™ fat burner consists of two ingredients—fucoxanthin, a carotenoid (present in seaweed and other marine vegetables) and punicic acid (a conjugated linolenic acid) which can be derived from pomegranate seed oil.

If you’ve been researching FucoTHIN™ on the net, you’ll no doubt have encountered sales material that touts its ability to boost the metabolism, and consequently, elevate the body’s ability to burn fat. Thus, the sales material concludes, FucoTHIN™ eliminates body fat and promotes weight loss without jitters or side effects.

You’ve probably also read that it’s been widely studied. The web site I reviewed stated…

“(FücoTHIN™) …has been studied by leading scientists for many years and is the only formula that human clinical research confirms aids in the breakdown of fat.”

It’s certainly true that a human study on Xanthigen (a proprietary blend of fucoxanthin and pomegranate seed oil) was published in 2010. Performed in Russia, the study looked at weight loss and energy expenditure in a group of obese, pre-menopausal women  – many of whom had non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The researchers found that women taking 600mg/day Xanthigen while on a modestly calorie-reduced diet lost significantly more weight and liver fat than those taking a placebo.

This would have a lot more impact if the “research” was performed by either North American or European clinicians. There are often large inconsistencies between studies performed in Russia and the old Soviet bloc (although things may be improving these days) and comparable studies performed in the west. This is likely a result of many reasons — including lack of clinical funding, flawed methodology and widespread corruption.

There are other positive weight loss studies on fucoxanthin and/or Xanthigen, as well, but they’re all on cell-cultures or rodents (see, for example Biotechnol J. 2010 Sep;5(9):961-9,  J Food Sci. 2011 Jan-Feb;76(1):H2-6, J Agric Food Chem. 2007 May 2;55(9):3741-8. Epub 2007 Mar 30). Other studies suggest that fucoxanthin is also a potentially healthful compound, with antioxidant and anti-cancer activities.

So what’s the bottom line ?

FücoTHIN™ contains two ingredients for which preliminary clinical data shows a propensity for weight loss in mice and rats. The study touted by the retailers shows fucoxanthin supplementation can lead to a significant reduction in liver fat, body fat and body weight.

So do the ingredients in FücoTHIN™, SeaThin, Lipoxathin™ or any fucoxanthin-based fat burner really lead to weight loss in humans?

Beyond the studies, we have only anecdotal reports to go on. The ones I’ve seen trend positive, but are definitely mixed: some love it, while others have seen no results at all. The comments on Real-Customer-Comments.com are representative.

If you’ve used a fucoxanthin product (one of the above, or others currently on the market), feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

FücoTHIN™ Summary
  • Some scientific support for weight loss claims.
  • May also confer some health benefits.
  • Not cheap.
  • More human studies would be nice.

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of UltimateFatBurner.com. His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.


  1. I am the manager of a health food store in Ontario.

    I have recommended Fucothin since reading the information and my customers are experiencing incredible results.

    One customer lost 10lbs in a week, while another woman who I was speaking with today lost 16lbs in one month.

    I was blown away considering the reading materials said people wouldn’t experience noticeable results until after 8 weeks. My customers are very happy with this product.

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  2. I have lost over 30 pounds by taking fucothin 3 times a day for 60 days. I wish they made bigger bottles of it though because I take 3 pills, 3 times a day.

    You really can’t overdue it with this stuff and if you wanna you can stack them on top of other diet pills (I have friends doing this now and losing weight super fast).

    It’s so odd that seaweed can make you loose weight but when you look at the cultures who eat it you’ll notice none are over weight. It’s also a great anticancer pill and sugar balancer I’ve heard. I would recommend the Garden of Life brand to anyone.

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  3. I’ve got the problem of running & cycling to lose weight but all I did was get toned. Ok, not too bad but then at 253 lbs we really did want to lose some weight.

    I have tried other supplements to include the “Pushing away from the table” thing, but taking Fucothin only twice a day, I lost 10 lbs in about 2 weeks.

    Ran thru the whole bottle and now I will purchase another and follow the instructions to see how much more I can lose. I’m really happy with this product.

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  4. I didn’t see one bit of change after buying a bottle of this. I have to wonder if the positive comments above were posted by the manufacturer or someone else involved in making money from sales of this product. Its a huge rip-off!

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  5. I won’t use diet pills but this all natural, pomegranate and seaweed was very appealing to me.

    I’ve been struggling with 30 extra pounds having tried to start weight loss many times but cravings would do me in every time no matter how healthfully I approached a new regimen.

    I’ve been taking Fucothin as recommended 3x a day for 6 days, but now I take 5-6 pills in a day the last 4 days. In the course of these 10 days, I feel incredible. It’s not even so much revealed in the scale yet, though it is down 3 pounds already, I have total control over my eating habits for once. I have easily diminished my calorie intake, my blood sugar is stable, I have energy all day with no lows, no cravings, clearer thinking…all of it. I am amazed!

    I will continue to take this even as just a vitamin of sorts, regardless of weight loss, due to how great I feel for the first time in 2 years at least! But, I believe it’s effecting my weight too.

    Whether it’s the pills themselves or they are granting me the power to control my eating which is causing weight loss, I don’t care…either way it’s working. Fucothin has been a Godsend. Even my moods are better and I’m emotionally even all day. I hope I drop all the weight too, but something tells me it’ll happen this time.

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  6. I have a bottle that I am about to start. I am very reluctant to take any pills so this is kind of unsettling. I bought them because obviously I need to loose weight and I liked the natural ingredients.

    Reading some of the above comments people are stating that they are taking more than the recommended dosage and seeing incredible results. That scares me – not the results but the dosage. How do you know it’s safe? Will results only be seen with higher than recommended dosage?

    The people who have seen results – what other changes have you made in your diet and exercise?

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  7. I’m wary of taking diet supplements too. However I’m pretty sure it is safe because my dog got hold of it, chewed threw the bottle and ate all the pills with no ill results. I bought another bottle finished that and no lost weight. I’m going to try another bottle and see if I get any results.

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  8. I really WANT to try this product, but I’m afraid. I have, AT THE VERY LEAST, 50 pounds to lose. I would love to be able to walk again, without huffing and puffing.

    It’s so embarassing when I answer the phone, all out of breath, and the person on the other end asks if I’m OK. Any thoughts or comments to help me make a decision?

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  9. My doctor actually recommended this pill.
    I take the recommended amount and have lost 15 pound in 5 weeks. I have always been athletic but after having kids in my late 30’s couldn’t get off that extra weight.

    This stuff is great because I don’t have to change anything. I keep my normal active routine, eat what I want and still lose the weight without feeling bad or impacting my work especially when I’m on the road.

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  10. Have been taking fucothin for about 3 weeks and have developed small painfull blisters on my tongue. Also, I now have developed a yeast infection which I rarely get.

    Sometimes I get symptoms before my monthly period, but they subside then I start. I have discontinued taking fucothin for 2 days now and am treating these issues. I want to continue once cleared up.

    Any advice or have you heard of any other similar situations? Thanks.

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    • I wonder if the blisters in your mouth are similar to a symptom I am experiencing…which is a sort of oral fixation. My tongue just feels as if there is a moss growing on it or something and I can’t leave it alone. It makes me want to constantly maneuver my tongue around in my mouth. Perhaps an allergic reaction of sorts related to your blisters?

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  11. I use sea-thin a product of fuco. I decided to try it. I started on sunday 3, 2008 weighing 222. I weighed myself sunday 10 2008 and I was 215.

    I was amazed — was it the pill or my low calorie diet and 5 miles of walking daily on my tread mill?

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  12. I’ve been taking this supplement 3 times a day (with each meal) along with a “tonalin CLA” and a garden of life enzyme. Everyday I actually feel tingling in my body fat, and feel skinnier in the morning when I wake up!

    All of my clothes are fitting looser… but I’ve only lost about 4 pounds in two weeks. My suspision is that I’m not losing ‘weight’ but fat!

    I feel like when I exercise, my body is performing more efficiently at building muscle, and burning fat — rather than burning muscle, which lowers metabolism, which makes you constantly gain.

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  13. I gained a pound! I have been taking this product for about 2 weeks and i honestly don’t notice a difference.

    I just upped it 3 pills 3 times a day. I go to the gym and exercise regularly, and eat less than 1500 calories a day. I don’t eat sweets and most of the stuff I do eat is organic.

    I was really hoping it would work. I guess I will finish the bottle and see. I’m crossing my fingers — I really want to like this product!

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  14. First of all, I want to say after reading other’s comments…the product plainly states that it may take up to 4 weeks to see results. This is also stated and explained in more detail in Rubin’s new book, “Perfect Weight America.”

    I know that manufacturer’s make claims and even write books to sell their products but as a Naturopath, I can tell you that Garden of Life does have excellent products.

    But, as with any herbal or vitamin supplement, the body does not always react overnight. Herbs and vitamins aren’t like pharmaceuticals which direct the body in its actions. Their purpose is to enhance, build, and improve the body systems so they can do the work they were intended to do. That being said, we didn’t get fat or sick overnight, and we won’t get well or skinny overnight.

    I don’t suggest taking the pill and expecting to see miraculous results. While they may work for one person, another may have a different issue causing their weight gain to begin with. We can all benefit from healthy eating and exercise, and utilizing a pill to help with that is ok, but don’t depend on the pill to lose weight alone. HEALTH is most important, and a healthy diet is the BEST way to accomplish this.

    I do recommend trying this product, but only if you intend to eat right and exercise as well. You can only achieve true health benefits from any supplementation by giving your body the nutrients it needs to perform as it should!

    My own testimonial: I was losing weight with Pilates and a healthy diet. I did see an increase in the benefits of doing that with Fucothin, but I did not try it alone.

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  15. I am on my 2nd bottle, the 1st being started on 1/23/07. I figured I would wait the promised 16 weeks, but so far haven’t lost anything.

    Just once, I wish something wold do what it says in all the ads. How do they get away with this? I originally read about this in Woman’s World.

    I naively thought they had researchers of there own.
    Jury’s still out, maybe after being on it longer will have an effect.

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    • I am sad to hear that you haven’t experienced the results you want…but I think that all products of this type tend to affect each person differently. For instance, I am an active person who just struggles to lose 30-40 pounds as I’m getting older…add to that, that I’m an emotional eater and it’s a recipe for failure. What I have found with this product, is that is curbs my appetite more than anything. This is helpful to me in that I eat less, and more in line with what my body needs, as opposed to what I want. I used it several years ago and it did help me lose about 10 lbs., but I quit after noticing that it would give me a pretty strong oral fixation…something I have yet to hear anyone else complain of. It all goes back to these types of things affecting everyone differently. I would never discourage anyone from trying it, though, considering it has helped me…barring the oral fixation. I am taking it again now, as I have a health goal I’m working toward, and it is helping to curb my appetite as it did before. I wish you luck anyway…and don’t lose heart!

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  16. Just started a few weeks ago and have lost 7 lbs. No doubut it is a cumulative result of increased cardio, lower caloric intake and the supplement.

    I had previously done the ephedra-caffeine stack with good weight loss but horrible side effects. The jitters and cramping were just to much. Also the “speed” effects amplified my anxieties. I found myself worried over things that normally just don’t matter to me.

    What really chaps me is that a well-known diet guru replied to my post on another site that there was “no scientific evidence that ephedra-caffeine stack caused cramps.”

    Puh-lease. I know what I feel and when I can’t get through a workout because my back is in knots, I can tell you it causes cramps. Like any supplement, I think the body does plateau on use.

    So I switched from ephedra-caffeine to fuco-thin and I am pleased. I’ll wager the “pending human trials” will show results based on what I have experienced so far. Call me a fan.

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  17. After 2 weeks of taking Fucothin I noticed a definite reduction of fat in my waistline. But after a month I had an adverse reaction to it. Specifically, a pain in my leg and a severe headache for a week. I now suspect that the Fucothin causes an adverse effect with beta blockers.

    I thought that because the ingredients were “natural” it would not affect my pressure — but it did. So use caution if you have high blood pressure.

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  18. Garden of Life used to promote Zero Gravity but discontinued it and began promoting FucoThin.

    I’ve been taking FucoThin for months. I workout regularly and have tried various diets while taking FucoThin. I can’t say I’ve lost a lot of weight but I can say that I have not gained any while my diet has changed.

    I think it is a good product in the sense that it is natural and I believe it has a positive effect on weight management.

    Currently, my diet is low fat, good carbs (whole grain), and FucoThin. I’m going to stick with this combo for awhile and see what happens. I’ll post my results in a month or so.

    I will say that if you’re looking for a magic fat loss pill, it doesn’t exist. I know from experience that burning fat will mostly come from a healthy diet and exercise.

    Supplements, like FucoThin, are just that, they supplement what you do in terms of diet and exercise. Some will help you, most won’t. Even so, I still try them from time to time, hoping to find a really good one.

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  19. I was a bit skeptical about the pills but I decided to try them anyway. I chose Sea-Thin, I like the no-stimulant part, plus they sold then at the drug store so it was convenient.

    I need to lose about 60 pounds and so far I have lost about 7 pounds in 2 weeks. My mood seems better which could be from the pills but most likely from exercising.

    I have cut my calorie intake and have exercised a bit, not as often as I should but still I have had no adverse effect from the pills at all.

    They are small and gel cap like so they are easy to swallow, which I like. The best part is they don’t make me feel funny like some of the other diet pills out there.

    I’m going to keep taking them till the bottle is gone and see what results I get from them and then I will repost and share my experience, whether its good or bad. So far I think they are great!

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  20. I bought a sample of fucothin at the local healthfood store out of my interest in nutrition. Could it really produce the benefits it claims?

    I only took it for a few days, and I had scary things happen to me. I had seriously messed up dreams that I directly associate with the supplement. I woke up in the middle of the night on several occasions with an accelerated heart rate, as if I was working out.

    While I recognize that this may be part of the “thermogenic properties” in action, raising my blood pressure, when I have ALWAYS had healthfully LOW blood pressure, is simply not okay in my book.

    I also wonder about this Garden of Life company. What kind of company is proud to label this product as dairy free, and then makes it out of beef gelatin softgels? A company that only wants to make money. If they were truly concerned with helping the environment, they would produce real vegan products, not purchase biproducts of factory farming.

    My advice is to not use this product. I feel that there is simply no bad public press about it yet because it is so new. I mean, remember when ephedra was a miracle? What about ritalin? Anyone?

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  21. I have been taking the vitacost verison of Fucothin and feel great. I have 3 children and can now keep up! I don’t feel jittery and have lost 3 lbs after one bottle (which I feel is a healty amount). I do low impact exercise and eat somewhat healthy. I also take about 9 other vitamins. So I don’t know what makes me feel good but I am on my second bottle and will continue….and it is natural!

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  22. I started taking Fucothin 3 days ago and unfortunately have been experiencing extreme gas, bloating, and stomach aches.

    I have been taking it with at least 8 oz of water and with food, and I spread it out over the course of the day — one pill in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening.

    I’ve also tried taking acid-reflux meds when I take the Fucothin, but that has only worked partially. Has anyone else experienced these side effects?

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    • I would say I’ve had some of these side effects as well. I have some strange stomach cramping and pain, some gas, and also a really interesting oral fixation that gets worse the longer I take it! I think these can be chalked up to this supplement affecting everyone differently, and possibly allergic reaction?

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  23. I have been taking fuco thin for 5 days now and following a much healthier diet and excercise and my clothes are loose!

    My only concern is taking this supplement with my hypothyroidism, but it is natural and the pharmacist said she thought it would be ok as long as it did not mess with my blood pressure.

    I have been feeling great and hope it keeps up!

    So far a fan! Good Luck

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  24. My wifes mother is a personal trainer, and has started taking Fucothin. Her doctor who is a respectable doctor in the Austin area recommended it to her.

    My wife and myself have been going to the gym for the last month. I have seen weight loss just from working out in the last month and cutting fast food and soda out of my diet, but not like I would like to see. My wife has seen little weight loss.

    Her mother recommended Fucothin to us. We have been taking it for the last couple days, and I can say I feel different. I know this product effects people differently.

    For all the people that have not seen results. I don’t know if you are eating wrong. What your workout is like, but I can say that with proper diet, and exercise this should work for you.

    Make sure you are eating 5 – 6 small meals through out the day, make sure you know the difference between good and bad fat, protein if you are in a weight training program, and lots of water!

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  25. I started taking Fucothin exactly one week ago. My experiences have been extreme stomach bloating. I also noticed that my rings and bracelet are tighter (never had that problem before). Something else that was odd to me was my arms and feet seemed to have noticeable puffiness in them. I weigh 195. Never had any of the above symptoms before now.

    Without saying, since I do not take other pills except for my daily multivitamin and Flaxseed oil blend (daily regimen for over 4 years), I will sustain from taking any more of the Fucothin pills.

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  26. I am very skeptical when it comes to diet pills, but FucoThin got my attention because it is all natural.

    I have been taking FucoThin for the past 3 weeks and I’m already down 14 lbs. However, I have been working out 5 times a week and am now on a healthy diet, but I can say that it has been easier losing weight since taking these pills.

    No pill is going to magically make someone lose all their fat, it takes HARD WORK and commitment.

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  27. I’d like to hear from any postmenopausal women who’ve tried this product. I quit smoking and hit menopause at the same time, and my metabolism has ground to a halt. No amount of diet and exercise will make my scale budge more than a pound or two. Any women fighting the big M care to weigh in on its effectiveness? I’d be grateful.

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  28. I believe fucothin is a great product. I believe in GOL products and know they are Christians and would not make a claim unless it was true.

    I have started on my second bottle and I can truly say I have melted inches like I have never done before. I have also melted abut 10 lbs. To me inches are more important than pounds. It seems to curb my appetite. I do eat sensibly and have for a long while, but seem to do better with fucothin.

    I would recommend starting slow, like 1 at the last meal of the day and after about 4 days then move up to 2 twice a day and then 3 three times a day.

    This seemed to help me to not have gas or bloating. I drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. I have never melted fat and weight before I went on fucothin.

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  29. I have been taking sea-thin for 3 months. I went from a 222 to 210 with in those few months but then I ran out of pills.

    I noticed that my lips started to hurt and became chapped; it hurt very badly and this has never happen to me. I know sea-thin done this to me.

    So right now I will apply butter, and if that doesn’t work, then I will go to a physician.

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  30. I started taking Fucothin 4 weeks ago I was truly shocked how well it works without jitters. I’ve lost 14 pounds and I feel better. My skin also looks better and I’ve gotten all my friends on it. I was 189 when I started now I’m at 175.

    The lady at the vitamin shop said you will not really see results until you start you second bottle, but I lost 4 lbs the first week. Thank you Garden of Life – I will continue to use your product, it’s great!

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  31. I have started taking Fucothin about two weeks ago. I have not noticed any changes yet. I feel better, and have more energy but no weight loss yet. I love the fact that pills are very small and not hard to take. I will continue taking this product up to six weeks and see what happens.

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  32. My last post was in March. Since then I have bought 10 bottles of this stuff, both Fucothin & Seathin (Seathin was cheaper).

    I never lost any weight. I thought if enough time went by, my body would adjust and the weight loss would kick in. A year ago when I was unemployed I never would of spent all this money and wouldn’t of wasted my time.

    I’d love to meet the poster’s “Doctor” that recomended this to a patient, and the post above who sees “incredible results”. Shame on you.

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  33. In the Fall of 2007 I took Fucothin for six weeks. I went for my annual physical exam and the doctor was amazed that I had lost 20 pounds, and my blood sugar and cholesterol had sharply decreased. She was thrilled to think that it was the low calorie diet program which she had given me. I did not tell her that I had ignored her restrictive plan, and had started eating organic whole foods, walking, and taking Fucothin.

    I had a total of 60 pounds that I planned to lose. However, I tore three knee ligaments in the late Fall, and during the recovery I developed blood clots in that knee. I was put on Warfarin (Coumadin) blood thinnner.

    I contacted the Fucothin company about any issues there might be with taking their product and Warfarin. They told me to ask my pharmacist or doctor. My online research indicated that the ingredients in Fucothin could have an anti-coagulant effect, so I decided to stop taking it while I was on Warfarin.

    Now that my six months of Warfarin is successfully completed – I am excited to be back on Fucothin. I am 4 weeks in to it again (taking 3 tablets 3x a day) I have great energy and feel the inches melting away from my upper torso. This is how I felt last time I took it – it seemed to start from my top and work down.

    I feel as good as I did last Fall, when I lost 20 pounds.

    I am 42 and though overweight, I am generally healthy. I have a slow thyroid and my adrenal glands had been exhausted from a series of life stresses, so I have changed my diet and lifestyle to rebuild those.

    Fucothin feels like a great addition to the other healing that I am doing. I am thrilled with the product.

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  34. Using these comments, I started on Fucothin seven weeks ago.

    I am 45 years old, 5′ 6″ in “forced” menopause (hysterectomy 2 years ago), and weighed 168 when I started.

    I have never, never ever “melted” pounds in my whole entire life. 4 years ago, I used Weight Watchers points and lost about 35 pounds. Now, I was back up. I’ve tried exercise w/out calorie control to lose weight. Didn’t work. Used Cortislim and Slimfast. Didn’t work.

    This time, after seeing my picture in the newspaper and not believing that “fat lady” was actually me, I decided to control calories and exercise and use Fucothin.

    I use the free calorie/activity/weight counters on Fitday.com to record my food intake, my nutritional goals (getting enough calcium and fiber), and my exercise.

    I now am 159 pounds. I haven’t seen the 150’s since after my surgery (when I was too nauseous to eat). It’s not a lot of weight for six weeks, but it’s enough to keep me motivated.

    I do feel the thermogenics because I was mistaking them for the hot flashes that I got regularly twice a day (once at noon and another about 7 p.m.)

    I started getting hot flashes at any hour and I kept thinking “what the heck?” I do believe that Fucothin helps me to continue to make positive choices about food and exercise. I also am not as tired and like another poster wrote — my skin does look better.

    It is expensive, but I found it (exp. 2011) on eBay for significant less than on-line stores. I justify the expense because I would pay as much for food on Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem. I’ll post again in another month.

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  35. I am on my second bottle of Fucothin and so far, have gone from 125 lbs to 123 lbs, not any significant weight loss. I am post menopausal, on bio-identical hormones, exercise at the gym about 3 times a week, and have a very healthy diet. I just wanted to lose a few extra pounds, but it’s not happening.

    I have now been having heart palpitations and suspect it has something to do with the Fucothin. I would like to know if anyone else has experienced any similar side effects from this product. I’m allergic to caffeine, but this product claims to be caffeine free.

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  36. Okay, I’m back. I now weigh 155, which is four pounds less than a month ago. I am still using the Fucothin and my tummy is definitely flatter than before.

    I’m only four pounds less than the 159 I posted a month ago, but I’m happy with the weight loss. Even when I plateau, it doesn’t seem to be for as long as before. I’ll post again in another month.

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  37. This product totally works. I credit it alone for breaking a weight plateau that previously could not be broken.

    It’s important to state that I workout 6days a week (cardio/weight training) and generally eat clean. I am on my fourth purchase and will continue to take it for as long as needed.

    In addition, the reviews are correct regarding consistency in taking it, how you take it. Have recommended it to the girls in my gym!

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  38. I am doing some research on taking this product myself, but I do have some comments that might help.

    Any products containing seaweed can raise your blood pressure and cause palpitations if you take too much because of the iodine in seaweed- iodine increases your thyroid function. For those who are feeling better with more energy on the fucothin, it’s could be because your thyroid was slightly low.

    I have taken seaweed supplements in the past and felt great- until I reached a point where the dose was too high. And your thyroid being too overactive can cause serious health issues. If you’re having symptoms then lower the dose a bit and see if you feel better.

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  39. I am recommending FucoThin to my family. This product has worked great for me.

    I ordered this on Oct 27th and started taking it a few days later. I have lost 16lbs so far. I started taking one pill three times a day.

    I didn’t really see any results so I started taking two pills three times a day. That has really worked for me. I have got a long way to go; I need to lose about one hundred lbs more. I pray that I will continue to lose. I will keep you posted.

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  40. I tried Fucothin and believe it did help with weight loss as I saw a drop of a few pounds. Took it for a month, but I have been having weird symptoms – pain in places I’ve never had pain before like my ribs, and my neck. Because I haven’t changed anything else in my lifestyle am now wondering if it is a side effect of the fucothin.

    I did notice in what a few other people wrote that they noticed inflammation or pain in a muscle. I’m stopping the use of it and will see if I get the improvement I should see if this is the cause.

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  41. Has anyone taken these pills for awhile (with results) and then stopped? I’m looking to start taking them, but I don’t want to start taking something that I will “have” to take forever – meaning I don’t want to start taking something, see great results, then have the weight come back if I stop taking it.

    Maybe I’m just a little anxious because it has happened to me in the past. Has this happened to anyone else?

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  42. I’d say that it works, however, you need to have a pre-existing workout program and have hit your first plateau.

    I was on my plateau and I added Fucothin and lost some weight but also gained some muscle mass, ’cause I was also lifting weights in addition to the exercise bike.

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  43. Hello, I have been using Fucothin for less than a week. I feel great! I will recommend this product to everybody. I have tried other diet pills that raised blood pressure or simply hurt my chest, I have no side effects with this and I have lost about 6 pounds.

    I started this by first doing a cleanse so I’m not sure if the weight lost have came from the pills or not but I’m going to continue this product.

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  44. This was not worth it. Yes, I lost 4 pounds (over the course of taking 1 bottle). But I had a lot of stomach upset – diarrhea, cramping and horrible gas. Also some heart palpitations.

    As for the heart issues, I have heard this also from other people, and when asked our cardiologist about this they said NOT to take fucothin if you have any heart related problems (not a good sign for any of us in my opinion, though no I am not a medical doctor.)

    By the way, I haven’t seen much posted about if people keep the weight off once they’ve stopped taking it. As for me, within a week of being off it, my weight was back (and this was with being on a low carb diet and exercising).

    I have tried other diet pills, and the only thing that seems to work for me is taking Acai berry extract and green tea extract (not in any combination diet pill, but simply from GNC or any other reputable vitamin company). And pysillium fiber for hunger cravings.

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  45. I am 50 years old and going through menopause. I’ve always had a small waistline, but the menopause has added a couple of unwanted inches onto my waist. I hate that! I started taking Fucothin about three weeks ago. I’m almost done with my first bottle. I have not lost any weight at all. I work out (via the treadmill) 3 or 4 times a week and eat healthy. I’m really hoping that this product works for me because they’re small pills and easy to take. I’ll purchase my second bottle this weekend. Hopefully, I’ll see some results soon.

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  46. I have been taking Fucothin for about 6 days and I look and feel lighter and leaner. I also look younger and my skin looks better.

    Garden of Life is a reputable company and I have had great success with their products. I have never used a weight-loss “pill” (this is actually a supplement) in my life.

    If there are people who are taking this product and not seeing results, my guess is that they are not following a whole foods diet. All of Garden of Life’s products are far more effective on a whole foods diet and a preferably organic diet as well.

    This product is meant to enhance weight-loss EFFORTS. You have to make an effort with diet, exercise, and increased water in-take. This product will expedite weight loss when you are already trying to lose weight.

    Good luck!

    Editor’s comments: Garden of Life has its fans, but we’d be remiss to let the comment about it being a “reputable” company go without drawing attention to the fact that this company and its founder Jordan Rubin has been fined nearly $250,000 by the FTC for making false and unsubstantiated claims about some of its products. You can read the details of the FTC action here!

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  47. As with any weight loss regimen, we all try to look for products that will help us along, and that are natural as possible and provide the least or no side effects.

    I didn’t know about the fine that Garden of Life had to pay for other line of products being misrepresented, but here is one positive article about Fucothin, as recent as April 2nd, 2008. Their claims were actually validated to be true, based on an independent study/company )

    I am on my second week of fucothin and haven’t seen any results, but I am taking the lowest dose and waiting patiently for the 6 weeks to pass (that they claim) before I see results. I didn’t buy the product until I researched it thoroughly and came upon the above article.

    Thank you to those people who have both positive and negative comments, because it really does help a person make a decision. My main advice (as someone trying to lose weight herself) is to give it a try to see if it works for you, stop immediately if you start to see adverse effects, but do not rely on a product to be a standalone solution.

    For years it has been proven that only proper diet and exercise equals weight loss, and it hasn’t received any negative press yet…Don’t be afraid to try a product, but do keep a clear mind and do it the right way. Also, be patient. It didn’t take a week to gain the weight, nor will it take a week to lose it all. This is a great site, keep reviewing!

    Editor’s Comments: The link referenced in the above feedback is not a link to peer-reviewed study but to a press release. It announces that Garden of Life has qualified certain claims with the “Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation Program.” Frankly, this doesn’t mean much.

    At this time, there are no credible, peer-reviewed
    studies validating Fucothin’s claims.

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  48. I started taking Fucothin about a year ago while I was training for a marathon. I was eating healthy and working out long before I started the product.

    I also was under the impression that it would take 6 weeks to see any results. Well, after the six week mark I had lost 7 pounds and several inches from stomach and hip area. All that I lost was the stubborn last pounds from having a baby 3 yrs ago. I run, swim and weight lift and live a healthy lifestyle.

    I stopped for a few months and noticed a small amount of weight around my hips and tummy. It is hard to say if this product works without exercise.

    I have noticed some stomach upset. It could be because I have been taking it for so long. I will give it another full 6 weeks to see if results happen again. Most people were saying I was too thin. When I started the product I weighed 137 and today I weigh 125.

    All the research and testimonials that I have read have suggested this product is best for people that are just trying to loose 10 pounds or so. Could be just loosing water weight. I have noticed less fat on the back of my legs.

    Doesn’t hurt to try. I would only take a natural product. Exercise with less calories is truly the only way to loose fat and gain muscle. Good luck!

    Editor’s Comments Don’t be fooled by the “all natural” claim — it’s a deceptive term supplement retailers use to “suck you” into buying their products — check out this blog post for more!

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  49. I am 47 years old, 5′-6″ and 146 pounds. My ideal weight is 130. I always eat healthy, but am too busy to exercise. I started taking Fucothin five days ago and it’s the first time taking diet pills.

    I have not noticed any weight loss but feel more energetic at work. I will continue taking it and will keep you posted.

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  50. I tried 2 bottles but didn’t lose a pound.I wanted to loose my last 10 lbs, but this didn’t seem to do a thing for me. I am very disappointed in Fucothin.

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  51. I have been working out for around 6 weeks now and was frustrated with my results and desperate to lose more weight as I am going to FL in a month. I think I have lost about 5 lbs and also built muscle but want to burn more fat. I only have 5-10 lbs to get rid of so I looked online for a diet pill. Being very sensitive to caffeine I was afraid to take anything I read about so I went by the Vitamin Shoppe and was given FucoThin.

    I’m so glad I didn’t take it last night because I drank less than half a diet Dr. Pepper (I rarely drink soda) and felt like I was on speed until 4 am. I would have definitely thought it was the pills.

    Started them this morning, felt like I had more energy all day. Hoping to see results faster than 6 weeks but I’m going to give this a try, continue working out at least 5 days a week and eating as good as I can and I will definitely let you know what happens 🙂

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  52. I have been taking it and I think it works slowly… I do notice an improvement. You have to take it religiously and eat right too. Its not a miracle pill – you need to put in work. I exercise and eat right and I don’t usually lose weight. So for something to actually help take the pounds off – even slowly – is good for me!

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  53. It’s been another two weeks and I’m not noticing any real difference but still feel like I am building muscle so it’s hard to tell how much I’ve really lost.

    I think my stomach does look a bit slimmer. Eh, we’ll see. I will buy one more bottle after this one to give it the full 6 weeks to see if it really starts to kick in at that time and let you know.

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  54. Ive been taking these for over a week now and have seen no difference, I actually gained 2 pounds…I think it was a waste of money.

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  55. It always disturbs me to find people equating “charges” with guilt, kind of like being nominated for the Oscar doesn’t make you the winner.

    Been taking Fucothin for two weeks, started off slowly because any thing I ingest can affect me. Don’t drink caffeine, take aspirin, etc., and have a difficult time losing fat even though I walk regularly 2-3 miles/day and eat consciously.

    I noticed my metab picking up right away, within the day, and even some melting of the soft fat around my middle. I began to have some leg cramping, but took coral calcium to combat any PH imbalance or whatever. No other side affects except I am losing the fat, probably 4 inches so far of pinched fat around the bulge. I will probably go for a second bottle of this.

    I rate it a 4 because I rarely give any product a 5 until I’m unequivocally sold on it. But I like this product. Wouldn’t be able to use anything synthetic.

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  56. I’m back. I took it for a month, no difference. Made the mistake of buying another bottle so I could give it the full 6 weeks to start working but I can’t keep taking this stuff every day, several times a day. It’s a pain in the butt AND I hate burping up the musty taste of brown seaweed. Anyone else have that side effect?

    I wish I could at least find someone to give this new bottle to. I only took a few pills from it and paid $60.

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  57. Back again. Reported last 2-3 weeks ago. Thanks for posting.

    On my second bottle. Am definitely losing fat, but differently. It’s like the fat is melting off the inside layer first. I’m no health expert or scientist, but I’d conjecture that it’s taking off the most dangerous fat, the kind that scums around the organs. And it’s slow going, but I can tell that it’s making a difference because I haven’t been able to budge the fat without it. Won’t compare it to anything else, cause I can’t take the synthetic weight pills because of physical reactions. Still like this product.

    P.S. I think that a cleanse first jump-started the process. Also, in response to someone’s comment about sea-weed taste, haven’t had that at all and I’m up to 9 a day, but I drink lots of water to flush out the toxins.

    Editor’s comments: Charlie, don’t get drawn in by the “detoxing claim”; it’s a completely bogus marketing term and has been fully debunked by scientists (as detailed here and here).

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  58. I have worked out regularly with and without fucothin. I lose more weight – and more importantly the weight stays off – when I’m taking fucothin.

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  59. I have been taking FucoSlim for 2 weeks now (2 pills 3X daily) and have not noticed significant weight loss yet, but do feel more alert and energetic and I have felt a huge unexpected impact on my levels of hunger / cravings. That will certainly cause weight loss. There may be something to the idea of the thyroid being affected positively, and that would explain why it works so well for some people and not at all for others. Even if it doesn’t cause weight loss, I will keep taking it for the mental alertness and hunger control.

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  60. I am a personal trainer and nutitionist with many years of study in the area of health and wellbeing.

    I was considering trying Fucothin, even though I Know better. However, after reading through all of the above comments, the one thing that is very clear, which we all already know, is that proper diet of good carbs and protein, and good fats which the body needs, and consistent exercise of at least 30 minutes a day, produces results. Period, end of story. No pills necessary of any kind. Your body and your heart will thank you! Your energy level will increase, mood swings decrease, skin will be healthier and more alive, mental alertness and clarity increase. Bottom line, proper diet, consistent exercise, hydrate well and enjoy life!

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  61. I used fucothin for about 10 days and was having great results (lost about 4 pounds!) but then hit a day when my heartbeat was racing along at 120 BPM. I have high blood pressure controlled by meds and this scared me so much that I stopped taking it.

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  62. Fucothin works for me. I have been taking it for just over 2 months now. One 3 times per day. I have not seen any weight loss, however just recently I noticed my stomach is getting flatter. This really does burn the deep layer of fat in the abdomen. I also feel like I have a bit more energy. I am increasing to about 5 or 6 per day and will continue as I am excited to see more results!

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  63. I took Fucothin for 2 months as directed. I lost a couple of lbs. I did not know that it was a blood thinner and ended up having a nose bleed that would not stop. I had never had a nose bleed before. I had to go to the ER numerous times and ended up having to have surgery for it and ended up with a blind spot in my left eye. If you do take Fucothin please be careful.

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  64. I have been taking fucothin for 6 weeks and I have not lost any weight BUT I am noticeably thinner around my waist–my co-workers and family have all commented that I look “so skinny” and my waist is about an inch thinner. The muffin top with too tight pants is reduced. I am able to fit in pants that are a size smaller than I normally wear. When I was first taking it, I did feel a little bit different, maybe a little hotter or sweatier, but I do not notice any change now in how I feel. Even though I cannot tell a measurable difference on the scale, I have definitely lost FAT from around my waist.

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  65. It has been interesting reading your comments on Fucothin. I started taking it when I could not got my thyroid supplement for several weeks because they were out of stock. I was leaving for Mexico and panicked at the thought of leaving the country without them since they were making me feel so much better. I googled “thryoid” and found fucothin.

    I didn’t realize that it was for weight loss too. It was quite interesting reading Charlie Armstrong’s comment about burning the inner layers of fat deposits because I have been noticing that something different was happening to my body especially around the middle. I am getting those awful celluite looking bumpy things which I have never had before.

    Instead of my middle & abdomen being firm, like before, my skin seems loose, not sure if I like that either, ….but, will wait to see the end results. This will be a great bargain if it continues to improve my thyroid (T4) count and I lose weight along with it. I will continue at least for another few months to see. My naturopath didn’t seem concerned about me taking it in place of my thyroid supplement.

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  66. Isn’t the placebo effect marvelous? There is no “magic bullet” and fucothin is no better than hoodia, green tea extract, or any other snake oil solution. I dropped $100 on this product and had zero positive effects after months of faithful use. I was very gullible to believe that this product would be effective. All these positive reviews are testimony to wishful thinking.Exercise & calorie restriction is your only solution, folks. Save your money and spend it on something tangible.

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  67. Not what WE thought? I rec’d as gift from someone whom lost weight, as I needed a boost. She had lost weight (lots of it) and thought it was great, but now she thinks it links to her cancer. I took it for a few days and stopped owed to a mysterious-nagging *feeling* that something was not right. A month later, I decided to take it again, but after a couple of days, stopped again owed to that same feeling that I could not pinpoint any reason for, but it was negativity and suspicion of something sinister.

    Since I was still fat and had no reason for stopping the fuco-thin, I went to try it again a few weeks later, but upon opening the bottle, found a morphed change in the appearance. The capsules had become meshed together like a cancerous-looking mold. The plastic was gone, and this *thing* looked like a plant life form. What had happened to it? It had been kept in a cool, dark location.

    When I saw that, I felt that it was my intuition guiding me not to take it. The stuff was alive! A year later, the person whom gave it to me said that the growth I described sounded like what was growing inside of her on her liver. I’m trying to find out if anyone else thinks that they got sick from this concoction? Cancer is not a *good* way to lose weight.

    Editor’s comments: FucoThin is basically a seaweed-derived supplement. So unless its been contaminated with a chemical in a production facility, its unlikely its the cause of any sort of cancer, despite how disgusting the pills may have appeared.

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  68. I had started taking this back in June 2008. My starting weight back then was 195 and by the middle of September I was at 164. Unfortunately once it ran out, I couldn’t afford to buy any more. My weight came back on over the years; not because I quit taking this, but because I stopped going to the gym three times a week. I completely agree with some of the other posts. This is not a miracle pill. It won’t magically take the weight off. But it does help with the workouts. Now that my schedule is finally starting to calm down, I will be able to get back into the gym 3x’s a week. And I will be taking Fucothin again. I didn’t have any side effects from it. I will also say this. I didn’t change my eating habits either. But at the same time, I don’t eat much junk food, fast food, drink many sodas. If I do its all in moderation. I refuse to deny myself ice cream or something yummy every once in a while :). My biggest problem was not getting into the gym. So with all if that said, once I get over being sick, I will start on Fucothin again and post any results.

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  69. I am just opening my second bottle of FUCOTHIN. (2 pills at every meal, 3 times a day). I am very happy with this product and it’s natural properties. After reading other people’s comments, I would like to add my own knowledge:

    I have found that I am losing fat, while sticking to a non-gmo, organic diet. I am not dramatically over-weight, just trying to tighten it all up after the birth of my son in 2009. I began taking FUCOTHIN in March 2011, I have lost at least 8 pounds since then. Overall, my energy levels have increased dramatically (I also began sticking with a daily yoga routine) like I said, I do not have a tremendous amount of fat to loose, but I joined a gym for a year and religiously attended (before purchasing this product) without being able to help my ‘problem areas’…even with personal training.

    FUCOTHIN, a healthy diet, and my regular yoga routine have CHANGED MY PERCEPTION OF MY BODY! =)

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  70. i am on 2nd bottle of fucothin and have not seen any results

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  71. Fucothin is not a mirale weight lose pill. I find it really reduces my cravings for sweets and actually seems to reduce my overall hunger. Very slow weight lose 1-2 pounds every 2-3 weeks but stays off. Have energy to exercise. My main concern is the expense though feel worth it.

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  72. I am following a low fat diet, exercise program and taking 400 mg of Brown Seaweed from fucothin and 2 ml of black licorice daily. I have lost 8 pounds in 6 days. I feel good. I’m energized. I sleep well. I am also post menopausal and 40 pounds overweight. Never have I been able to lose weight so easily.

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  73. Took 1 pill twice a day for ~3 weeks. I normally drink water throughout the day to keep well hydrated as I am a avid cyclist and very active. I did lose a small amount of weight in my abdominal area. I had an episode where I xperienced heart palpiltations, chest pain, dizziness and abdominal cramping. Stopped taking the Fucothin immediately. Took about 2 weeks for all the symptoms to completely disappear. Went to a cardiogist to have my heart checked out as the episode scared me. Everything checked out ok but that was 3 weeks after I had stopped taking the Fucothin. People will react differently to these types of suppliments. This is my story and it has reconfirmed my belief in using proper diet and exercise to rid myself in a healthy manner of any unwanted weight gain.

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  74. Today is my first day on this pill. I feel amazing. I typically would be a hot mess with sweating by the end of the day from hot flashes I have, but today, I haven’t had ANY hot flashes. Also, I typically nap when I get home, not today!!!! I have tons of energy and feel amazing. This is crazy. Could I have found a magic pill for all my whoes. Will keep you posted.

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  75. I love this product, I been taking it for almost three months and have went down two sizes in pants. Last night I bought all the bottles they had at my store. I have amazing energy and feels great. The lady told me last night to e mail my before and after picture. I will do that once I reach my goal.

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