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Fizogen Lean Tabs Fat Burner Review: Do Lean Tabs Work?

Fizogen’s Lean Tabs is a fat burner in search of an identity. It contains so many different proprietary blends, so many different “complexes”, that it’s plain to see Fizogen has tried to address every aspect of fat burning in a single product. OK, so this is not an unworthy goal by any means, but there is an issue with this…

… there’s only so much of any ingredient that can be added to any fat burner while keeping the capsules down to the size of golf balls, and the cost manageable. The result is that many of the proprietary complexes present in Lean Tabs constitute little more than what I call “label dressing.”

What’s label dressing?

It’s the inclusion of worthwhile ingredients, but at a dosage that’s so low as to be extremely unlikely to yield any measurable result. Two complexes that immediately spring to mind are…

Egc-Heat: labeled as a “Thermobolic Accelerator”, this complex contains a mere 67mg of evodium, ginger root and cayenne extracts. While the thermogenic properties of evodia have not been demonstrated in any human studies, any promising studies on either cayenne or ginger root have been in significantly higher dosages than present here — multi gram doses, in fact.

Tetravaline: the thyroid boosting element of Fizogen’s Lean Tabs, tetravaline contains three promising ingredients — L-tyrosine, olive leaf extract, and gugglesterones. Unfortunately, there’s only 130 mg of all three ingredients here. And while the labeling prevents us from knowing exactly how much of each is included, I’m doubtful there’s enough of each ingredient to elicit much of a response.

That said, there are two worthwhile complexes here…

1. Dexafenadrine: a cool sounding name for a blend of caffeine, EGCG (from green tea), GCBE (from green coffee), and various “xanthines” isolated from cocoa, plus naringin to extend the duration and intensity of these ingredients.

It appears GCBE may inhibit weight gainby impeding fat absorption and the activation of fat metabolism in the liver. The problem? The study (BMC Comp Alt Med, 2006,6:9) determining this effect was performed on mice. As of this time, there are no studies validating green coffee extract’s weight loss effects on humans. Both green tea and caffeine have been shown to helpful as thermogenic agents, although you shouldn’t expect them to work miracles. Without appropriate changes to your diet and an effective exercise program, you’ll find them to provide little help at all.

2. Hydropropol: basically a diuretic cocktail, designed to eliminate unnecessary water. It includes three worthwhile ingredients — horse tail extract, dandelion root extract, and uva ursi extract.

In the end, Fizogen Lean Tabs is a decent enough product, but it would be nice if the formula was a little more focused. I’d love to see the ECG-Heat element dropped from the formula, as well as the hoodia-based appetite suppressant element (Neurotrol) and the Garcinia cambogia-based “Carboxen.” There’s little evidence these ingredients are good for anything, and this formula would benefit much more from a improved thyroid-boosting complex.

Summary of Fizogen Lean Tabs
  • Contains green tea extract and caffeine.
  • Contains several other potentially useful compounds.
  • Also contains a certain amount of “label dressing”
  • Kitchen sink supplement: tries to do too many things.
  • Formula lacks focus.

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