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Will Brink’s Fat Loss Revealed: Much More Than Supplement Reviews!

I’m thrilled to say I just got my hands on Will Brink’s Fat Loss Revealed. It’s the definitive guide to fat burner and weight loss supplements. As a guy who’s pretty passionate about weight loss supplements himself, l can say I was pretty excited about reviewing Fat Loss Revealed.

Before I begin discussing this publication, let me tell you a little bit about Mr Brink himself.

He’s a well-known and respected author, researcher, sports consultant, and trainer whose material has appeared in many of the top fitness magazines and publications (like Oxygen, Muscle Media 2000, Muscle & Fitness as well as many others). He’s worked with top professionals and has had a hand in building many top physiques.

In other words, he knows his stuff, and everyone agrees that he does. And here’s the good news…

In “Fat Loss Revealed” he’s put a good chunk of his formidable knowledge of weight loss and performance supplements to “digital paper.”

Fat Loss Revealed however, is more than just a publication. There’s a “members zone” (which you will gain access to once you purchase the publication) that accompanies this publication. There’s as much or more value in the members zone as there is in the book. For example, you can use the members zone to search for complete reviews of over 200 brand name supplements.

You’ll also find the calorie planner and the diet planner online. These are the practical “tracking and monitoring” tools that accompany the Fat Loss Diet plan which is included in this publication.

Of course, there’s also a online community, complete with message boards, forums, and so on. It’s an invaluable resource: you can use it to check out tips, recipes, book upgrades, and more!

Despite his rather weighty knowledge, Will’s reviews remain accessible and understandable. Clearly Will has gone to great lengths to avoid delivering the scientific garble-dee-gook that makes similar publications inaccessible (not to say dead boring) to everyone but other scientists and the most dedicated readers.

Each fat loss supplement is explained simply and intuitively…

1. What exactly is this product/supplement?

2. What exactly is it supposed to do?

3. What does the scientific research say about this supplement? Is there any credible research backing the manufacturer’s claims?

4. What do real world users have to say about this supplement? In other words, is the science born out by happy consumers attaining positive results? Or not?

5. Should you bother with spending your money on this stuff or not?

The bottom line in each case is quite simple — save your money, or give it a try.

Of course, there are always supplements that only show promise at this time; Will is quick to point out that even though the best of these may be worth experimenting with, further research could prove them less promising than initially thought.

There’s lots to chew on here; a ton of reviews covering many of the individual compounds found in many typical fat burners and weight loss supplements (and remember, you can use the aforementioned online members zone to search for reviews of over 200 brand name supplements).

And if that weren’t enough, Fat Loss Revealed contains a complete diet plan, as well a comprehensive discussion on aerobics and resistance training.

And best of all, this diet is no after-thought, thrown in to add a few extra pages to the publication. In fact, this is one of the most comprehensive I’ve seen—while still remaining accessible and easy-to-follow. In fact, even if you’re not interested in the weight loss supplement reviews, Fat Loss Revealed is worthwhile purchasing on the strength of the diet plan itself.

Aesthetically, the PDF-formatted publication is an easy, enjoyable read with plenty of “white space” to break up the text and reduce eye fatigue. Very nicely formatted, with a professional and pleasing outlay.

Bottom line?

Considering the cost of weight loss and sports supplements today, Will’s book is a bit of a “no-brainer”. If it saves you from making one bad purchase, you’ll have covered the cost of the book.

There’s great value in the way Will uses “real-world” data and feedback in conjunction with clinical studies to deliver “here’s what to REALLY expect” conclusions.

I’ve always felt this was an important aspect missing from even the most impartial reviews. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried products that have some decent scientific data behind them only to find they did little more than lighten my wallet.

I guess it boils down to this…

The fat loss supplement reviews, coupled with the diet plan and the online members zone (and its accompanying tools, freebies and community) make this a very worthwhile purchase. If you want save your money AND learn which fat loss supplements REALLY work AND access a diet plan that works, check out the newest version of Will’s ebook.

It’s a quality publication from a well-known guru in the industry, and I highly recommend it!

You can learn more about purchasing Fat Loss Revealed here!

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of UltimateFatBurner.com. His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.

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