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Estrin D Visitor Comments, Feedback & Testimonials

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I bought Estrin D and tried it. I am in menopause at age 40. I have gained 20 pounds in the last year. I have not decreased activity or increased my intake. I have tried to increase my activity and decrease my intake to no avail.

So, I bought Estrin D. I could only take it for two days. It made me very, very, shaky and I felt nasausous all the time. There is no way I could live that way, so I had to stop taking it.

I am very frustrated by this. I am still not a big women, size 6, but I’m uncomfortable with this extra weight. I am not used to it.

Tammy (

I have taken Estrin-D on 2 separate occasions and I have found it to cause a very unpleasant feeling, presumedly because of the high caffeine content.

As I write this, I find myself feeling flushed, nervous, and
light-headed. I wish I had read your commentary before I purchased the product. I would have saved a lot of money!

Angie (

I bought a bottle of Estrin D having recently gone through menopause and being in my late 40’s, I have gained twenty pounds I can’t get rid of.

Well, if I take one pill it does nothing, but if I take two it
makes be feel very weird and uncomfortable. It says to drink a glass of water with it, but really you need to just keep drinking water for several hours to get back to feeling OK.

So if you don’t mind feeling miserable it might help you lose weight as you sure don’t feel like eating with that much caffeine going on. Do not take it if you just drank a bunch of coffee!

Rita (

I bought this EXPENSIVE product yesterday and before dinner, as instructed, I took two capsules with a glass of water. That was about 6:00 p.m. I had light dinner and watched some TV.

I turned off the lights around 10:00 p.m. A sleepless night followed, punctuated by anxiety attacks and palpitations. I finally managed to catch some z’s around 5:00 this morning. Needless to say, I flushed the remaining 58 pills down the toilet!

This product is not for me and I can’t think of any woman who would want to put herself through this.

Eva (

I’ve tried Estrin D and found it worthless as far as weight loss. It makes me edgy and nervous and I an unable to use it. I wish I’d have saved myself the expense and never bought it.

Sorry, it’s not working here.

Judy (jtlewis1977 AT

I have tried Estrin D. I started out with one pill a day, the first day I got light headed, and feeling like I would throw up, that night I was restless. The next day I took it again I had same affect for about a hour, then I had a lot of energy.

I have always had problems with my cycle, but Estrin D has regulated my cycle, and makes me feel young again. I have been taking them going on 12 weeks now, and I have lost 15 pounds now that they are in my system, It also has rejuvenated my mind and body.

Thank you Estrin D!

Misty Spanglers (MistyWinds AT

I’m a perimenopausal/menopausal women 52, and have tried Estrin D.

Wow! All I can say is don’t take this in the afternoon, and don’t take 2 capsules or you will be speeding around!

You feel sick, anxious, hyper, unsettled, and more. Thank God I took it around 6:30 am, because it is noon now and I still fill the effects! I’m not sure if I’ll take 1 capsule tomorrow morning or not…

Barbara ([email protected])

I am very happy with the performance of Estrin D. I take only half the amount (1 capsule) per dose because I am generally not comfortable taking anything that has a high caffeine content.

Half is perfect for me – my appetite is gone within 20 minutes and I’m able to control my food intake very successfully. I also find I have quite a bit of energy (without being jittery) which helps for getting regular exercise and my mood is better all the way around.

I am getting real results with this product and can’t say a single thing negative. I do, though, plan not to take the product once I’ve achieved my desired weight, focusing at that point on exercise and good nutrition.

Debi (debiketner AT

I’ve read your reviews on Estrin D and although I was not surprised by the comments of insomnia and nervousness due to the caffeine levels, I have used the product and lost 15 pounds so far. When I first started the supplement, I followed the instructions taking two pills and felt ill by the time i reached my second dosing.

For two days I couldn’t sleep, it was not a good experience for me. That was when I studied the ingredients (hadn’t bothered to before)and like the product states if you are sensitive to caffeine (which I am and had known that prior to taking )either limit your additional caffeine intake or do as I did and take only ONE PILL A DAY instead of two with breakfast and lunch.

The change in dosage works well for me, i have extra energy, I feel better emotionally (I’m perimenopausal and my mood swings had already begun), my cravings are GONE which is HUGE for me because I’m an emotional eater- so my results are two-fold.

My emotions are in check so I’m no longer just reaching for cookies, and my appetite is suppressed so I want smaller portions and lighter foods. I’ve been on it for a little over a month and as i said lost 15 pounds. That amount may not be the miracle cure someone is looking for, but for me if the scale is going down instead of up, that’s a good thing.

I just recently (last two weeks) added exercise, i use the treadmill for 30 min 2-3 times a week. Other than that i unfortunately lead a pretty sedentary lifestyle (partly because my mood had gotten so bad). If this keeps up, things are going to be a lot different now.

Klyn (chrysalisflower AT

I am 49 and in perimenopause. I have gained 30 lbs. I decided to try Estrin-D dispite the negative feed back on this site. I take only one per day.

It has taken the edge off my hunger and I can now control what I eat. I do not feel nervous or shaky. I like how I feel when I take them. They work for me.

Gina (whtlace713 AT

I had a hysterectomy at the age of 29 and afterwards gained 100 lbs. I was attracted to this product because of the ‘claim’ that it was especially helpful to menapausal women.

I took this product for 3 days. The first 2 days I only slept for about 2 hours and then only because I fell over from exhaustion. The 3rd day I went to the emergency room because my heart rate was 278. It stayed thre for about 4 hours.

After this I stopped taking Estrin-D and have had no more problems with my heart rate. I do see a cardiologist now and he looked at the ingredient list of the Estrin-D and said because of all the stimulants in it he was amazed it hadn’t revved my heart up so much it just stopped.

Kerri (justrubl AT

I am taking Estrin D. It does curb my appetite, and gives me more energy by taking only 2 pills a day. I do know that it is probably from the caffeine. It has also, herein probably again the caffeine, caused my appetite to decrease.

I have not tried other so called diet pills, and I am not really what you would call overweight by any stretch, but it does help somewhat. No drug is a miracle cure, and I am a younger post-menopausal woman due to surgery.

Donna (dgr3417 AT

I’m a 50 year old women. I needed to lose a few Lbs. I took this product and I thought I was having a complete emotional break down. I was shakey, sweaty and my brain was like I was on a race track. Wow, what a waste of money.

Kathy (kathy.lennon AT

I tried Estrin-D according to the directions and took 2 pills with a glass of water 30 minutes before lunch. It did curb my appetite but it also made me jittery and generally made me feel bad.

I tried it again another day in the afternoon, only 1 pill this time. I seemed to be able to tolerate taking only one pill, i.e., I didn’t get jittery or feel bad, and again it did curb my appetite. However, I was unable to sleep that night. I haven’t taken it regularly so I can’t say whether it will help anybody lose weight or not.

Now when I take it I only take 1 pill at a time (never 2) and I only take it in the morning because I don’t want to be up all night.

It really does curb my appetite, but I have noticed that if I eat nothing after taking it before a meal (because I am not hungry), then when the stuff wears off a few hours later, I am ravenous! So for me, the catch is eating small amounts before I am so famished.

I hope these comments help someone else.

Martha (mjblanche AT

I’ve been taking Estrin-D for 2 yrs, and while it hasn’t helped me lose any menopausal weight it has helped me maintain what I had gained and not gain any more. But that’s only with exercise and watching what I eat.

I will say that this product keeps my personality on an even keel. It lifts my spirits, keeps away the depression and helps maintain motivation without the jitters. Right now, this is the ONLY reason I still seek it out and take it.

I know for a fact that I’m not addicted to it, but as soon as I don’t take any for one day the dark cloud of depression overcomes me and I don’t want to subject my family to my bad behavior due to menopausal depression.

Tammy (sunbed007 AT

Menopause sucks and so does Estrin D. I tried it one day. I felt bad nausea, headaches, light headed and shakey. I would not recommend this to anyone.

I am 47, in menopause and have gained 10 lbs. Trying to loose weight but seems impossible. But I would rather keep the lbs then feel the way I did using Estrin D.

Cheryl (cherylkettle AT

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