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Ephedrasil Fat Burner Review: Does Ephedrasil Work?

Ephedrasil is a fat burner sold primarily online (web site + eBay). The product advertising implies that Ephedrasil’s formula is so potent that it barely skirts prescription drug status. Witness such statements as…

“Controversial weight loss phenomenon”

… and…

“There are widespread rumors about what exactly is in this product… The truth is that its all 100% legal.”

While such statements give the you the impression you’re about to buy the most powerful — and possibly illicit — fat burner on the planet, the reality is somewhat different. There’s nothing really special about this product, nor does it contain “borderline” illegal ingredients.

In fact, it may very well have been Ephedrasil the FTC was discussing in this report, when they pointed out that making false or misleading claims and exaggerated product results are common to the weight loss industry.

And retailers of Ephedrasil don’t stop at the ridiculous. Check out this claim…

What if Ephedrasil doesn’t work for me?

While the odds of that are slim (it has a 98.4% success rate)…”

98.4% success rate?

Uh-huh. Right. Care to back that up with any peer-reviewed clinical studies? Care to back that up with any kind of verifiable, credible proof? Truth is, the claims made by Ephedrasil are no more credible than the ones made on this Web site, featuring a “dummy” product, and part of the FTC’s “Big Fat Lie” campaign.

So what’s in Ephedrasil?

There are 17(!) different ingredients, only a couple of which have any real value for weight loss (eg, green tea and caffeine). Others, like glucoronolactone, phenylalanine, Valerian root, passion flower, St. Johns Wort, vinpocetine and magnolia bark may have an impact on mood, and help to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as promote feelings of well being.

Unfortunately, its impossible to really assess the efficacy of this product since the amounts of most of the ingredients are not revealed to the consumer. Other than the caffeine (250mg!), is there enough of any one ingredient to elicit a positive physiological response? Who knows?

The bottom line on Ephedrasil is a simple one…

Products that promise the unattainable, and make claims not grounded in any basis in fact should be avoided at all costs (especially if they cost as much as Ephedrasil does!).

Summary of Ephedrasil
  • Provides some useful mood/energy ingredients.
  • Contains green tea extact.
  • Likely contains a certain amount of “label dressing”
  • Fat loss ingredient profile is weak.
  • Proprietary blend – amounts of most ingredients unknown.
  • Overpriced.

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