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End Binge Eating: How To Stop Binge Eating And Take Control Of Your Life: A Review

Kristin Gerstley is a binge eater. Or rather I should say, she was a binge eater. A long time sufferer of Binge Eating Disorder (BED), Kristin’s publication — “End Binge Eating: How To Stop Binge Eating And Take Control Of Your Life” is both a heartfelt discussion of her own personal battles with BED, as well as being the complete “how-to” manual for overcoming the disorder.

Despite having no “letters behind her name” Kristin’s publication oozes credibility, largely because of her own personal experiences with BED, and the mounds of research she undertook on her own to conquer this affliction.

So what is Binge Eating Disorder?

It is a disorder in which people use food to satisfy a variety of emotions in order to cope with them. It involves the compulsive overeating of large amounts of all the wrong types of food — usually fast food and/or snacks and sweets — even when you are not hungry. Of course, binge eating is usually is a solitary pursuit. Most people don’t want to share the fact that they just slammed back 3-4 fast food meals in the parking lot because the day wasn’t going so well.

Binge eating is usually followed by strong feels of guilt, disgust and even shame. Oftentimes, low self-esteem is the part of the problem. Since binge eating usually contributes to weight gain, this causes a vicious cycle — low self esteem + weight gain = even lower self esteem. I didn’t know a whole lot about BED before reading Kristin’s publication, but after I did, I came away with a completely new perspective and respect for anyone battling this very demoralizing disorder.

According to Kristin, the good news is that you can conquer BED. After all, she did.

With that said, What can you expect from “End Binge Eating: How To Stop Binge Eating And Take Control Of Your Life”?

First of all, you’ll get a very personal accounting of Kristin’s own battle — how she felt, why she did what she did, and so on. This includes her own feedback and commentaries on the strategies she encourages you to implement in your own battle. You’ll get a complete detailing of all steps she took to overcome binge eating, plus a detailed checklist, which I’ll discuss in more detail a little later.

OK, so what are the strategies recommended by Kristin to overcome this disorder?

Battling BED is an extensive process. It is not a short one, as it requires getting to the root of the problems that cause the BED in the first place. This requires some serious and in most cases, painful introspection. Here’s a few of things Kristin recommends…

  • the development of a positive body image
  • the building of strong self esteem
  • a personal commitment to ending BED
  • the reading of self improvement books — or listening to CDs
  • a personal checklist of “to do” things to undertake, should BED threaten
  • changing your routine
  • creating a personal “movie”
  • keeping a daily journal
  • investigating the option of therapy or counseling
  • subconscious programming and the use of personal affirmations

Of course, I’m only providing a breakdown here — Kristin’s publication provides a full overview for the implementation of each one of these strategies.

Before I continue, let me comment more on “personal affirmations.” If you’re not familiar with these, let me explain…

A personal affirmation is nothing more than a positive mantra repeated aloud (or written down) on a regular basis. It could be something like this…

“I am a positive, attractive person, and I love who I am.”

Experts believe that such positive “affirmations”, if repeated often enough, will peculate down into your subconscious and change your entire outlook on things. If you believe this is total “hokum” you should know it is a strategy used by many top weight loss experts and self improvement gurus.

Apparently the subconscious mind is not critical, and only feeds on what you provide it. If you provide it with negative thoughts, words, and emotions, you will get negative results. Positive results, on the other, can bring around a dramatic change.

I found this interesting, and recently purchased a piece of “affirmations software” — a small program you download to your computer and use daily for 10 minutes. The software displays positive phrases very quickly across the bottom of the screen while playing an “alpha” wave file designed to put your mind in a meditative state.

You then are prompted by a series of positive statements (which you chose during the setup of the program), and you type in your response (the first thing to comes to mind). Of course, you can always review your responses to see how they evolve over time. It’s a really neat piece of software that’s worth investigating if the idea of positive affirmations intrigues you.

You can check out the Sculptor affirmations software here!

As you may expect, each topic is covered in significant detail, with Kristin detailing her own experiences along the way.

One of the things I really like about the publication is the 4-week plan. As I said earlier, it’s a difficult and lengthy process to conquer BED. So it’s best to break the strategies down into small, do-able steps. That’s what the 4-week plan is about — providing you with the blueprint you need to accomplish what seems like an overwhelming task.

If there’s a downside to this publication (and its a small one) its that Kristin doesn’t provide nitty gritty information for some of the strategies. For instance, she recommends a self-improvement strategy, but doesn’t provide much beyond suggesting “you read some books” or “listen to some CDs”. Of course, if she did do all this, she’d need to be a psychologist and this publication would be 1,000 pages long.

Through much perseverance, research and hard work Kristin conquered her Binge Eating Disorder. Now that I’ve read her publication, I’m not surprised.

Aesthetically, “End Binge Eating: How To Stop Binge Eating And Take Control Of Your Life” is professionally formatted, but it is a “no frills” adobe acrobat e-book (you download it to your computer and read it from there). Since it is fairly lengthy (125 pages) I really recommend you print this off for easy reading.

Should you buy Kristin’s book?

In word… yes — if you have, or suspect you may have BED. There’s lots of good info here, Kristin’s own story is very inspiring, and the strategies she outlines will get you on the right path to conquering the disorder.

Also, since the publication is backed by a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee (honored by ClickBank.com, the Net’s largest deliverer of digital goods) you really don’t have much to lose by giving it a try. If you aren’t satisfied with the publication you can always ask for, and receive your money back (and because this is a downloadable product, there are no shipping or handling charges, so you get 100% of your money back!).


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