MHP's DREN: Is Drenbuterol Really Legal Clenbuterol? -

MHP’s DREN: Is Drenbuterol Really Legal Clenbuterol?

MHP’s Dren (or Drenbuterol) claims to be a “fat loss breakthrough”, and “an advanced pharmacological approach to fat annihilation!” Of course, this sort of thing is nothing new. Supplement retailers have been making claims like this for years. That said however, Dren does warrant a closer look…

At its core, the Drenbuterol formula is pretty ordinary; it contains several ingredients common to many of the more popular fat burners on the market…

1. 5-HTP (5 Hydroxytryptophan): There is some clinical evidence that 5-HTP is an effective appetite suppressant (see Am J Clin Nutr. 1992 Nov;56(5):863-7), although it’s at a much higher dosage than is included in Dren.

2. Caffeine: Caffeine’s thermogenic properties are well documented (see Am J Clin Nutr. 1989 Jan;49(1):44-50, Am J Clin Nutr. 1980 May;33(5):989-97, Am J Physiol. 1995 Oct;269(4 Pt 1):E671-8). It’s not revealed just how much caffeine is included in the Dren formula, but it’s likely a decent dose, since it’s the first ingredient on the label (ingredients are listed in order of highest dosage to lowest).

3. Yohimbine: A few studies bear out Yohimbe’s positive effect on weight loss (Isr J Med Sci. 1991 Oct;27(10):550-6) but its effects are hardly earth-shattering. If you review the study, you’ll also see individuals were receiving 20 mg of yohimbine per day — and I highly doubt that much is included in the Dren formula.

The one ingredient that makes this formula special is called “beta methoxy phenethylamine.”

Phenethylamine (also called PEA) is the “feel good” amphetamine-like chemical that is found naturally in chocolate. Although there’s no clinical evidence that PEA offers benefits for weight loss, supplement retailers have been using it more frequently in their formulas as a “mood elevator.”

Since PEA is naturally metabolized by an enzyme known as “monamine oxidase” (which ensures only the tiniest amounts of PEA actually enter the bloodstream) the better formulas (like Gaspari’s CytoLean, reviewed here) combine PEA with natural monamine oxidase inhibitors (commonly referred to as MAOIs).

Other products include PEA without MAOIs, and claim that you’ll feel the “euphoria of consuming 1,000 chocolate bars“… a claim without an iota of merit, of course.

OK, now back to beta methoxy phenethylamine. According to MHP, the manufacturers of Dren, this unique form of PEA resists metabolism by monamine oxidase, and acts in much the same manner of ephedrine to encourage the burning of fat. Of course, there is no clinical evidence to indicate this is so — in house or otherwise — so we’re left with nothing but the manufacturer’s word to rely on.

According to Elissa, our resident “in house” scientist…

Beta-PEA is in the same family as both epinephrine and ephedrine. So, IF it can resist breakdown in the body and IF it can cross the blood-brain barrier, then presumably it could also function as a sympathomimetic.

The issue is the modification at the beta-carbon of the “ethylamine” portion of the molecule. There are two carbons (alpha and beta) and an amine here.

Normally, beta-PEA is broken down by an enzyme, monoamine oxidase, which cleaves off the amine terminal group on the ethylamine portion and modifies the alpha carbon. Thus, it should come as no surprise that known, orally-active psychoactive phenethylamines have modifications at the alpha carbon, which would render them resistant to MAO breakdown.

BUT, I don’t see how the methoxy addition to the beta carbon would have a similar impact…looking at what monoamine oxidases do, there doesn’t appear to be any reason why this addition to the beta carbon would matter.

However, judging by the descriptions of Dren’s effects on one popular web site, it is possible this form of PEA retards the breakdown of MAO and does generate some effect.

In case things got a bit technical there, what Elissa is saying is that she can’t see why this unique form of PEA would be any more or less effective surviving MAO metabolism than the form currently found in other popular products, but there is a possibility that this is indeed the case.

Frankly, very little real information is available… certainly not enough to make a statement one way or the other with any degree of certainty.

So does Dren “work” as described?

Well, like Elissa and I have both already said… there’s isn’t any independent study to show it does. At the same time, there may be something to this form of PEA.

“Maybe” is as good as we can get on this one. Before I go though, there is one other thing Elissa shared with me that I’d be remiss to not include here…

PEA derivatives give me the willies, as the substituted phenylethylamines are a very diverse group… and includes agents with an addictive potential (amphetamine, for example).

So I find the lack of supporting studies and health/safety information troubling. In my opinion, supplement companies do not have the right to treat their customers as guinea pigs to test de facto drugs.

You heard her… if you are considering supplementing with Drenbuterol, proceed with caution, and considered yourself forewarned!

If you’ve used Dren, we’d love to hear from you — tell us what you think!

Summary of MHP DREN
  • Contains some common, but decent ingredients.
  • Available from various reputable retailers.
  • No good info on beta-methoxy-phenethylamine


Author: Paul

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  1. I am a 61 year old male in great health and condition. I was trying Dren to lose some of the remaining fat before a running competition.

    My blood pressure is normally 115/67. About 40 minutes after taking Dren I started to feel a chill and a tightness in my chest. I took my blood pressure and it was 204/100!

    It seems the yohimbine mixed with PEA causes hypertensive crisis when mixed with Tyramine (Tyrosine) which is in my pre-workout drink.

    My 30 year old son experienced severe headaches for days after taking this product. I would not recommend it to anyone.

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  2. I took DREN for about 2 weeks. I did not notice any of the effects that they said I would. I did not have the “happy” feeling and I did not see any results. What I did notice was that I was starting to feel sick every day that I was on it.

    I was constipated even though I was drinking a minimum of a gallon of water a day. I felt so hot during the day that it was almost uncomfortable.

    The last effect that I noticed was a strange pain in my lower back, on my sides. Isn’t that where your kidneys are?

    Well, it was really uncomfortable and beginning to really bother me. As soon as I stopped taking DREN, the pain went away, the constipation went away, and my sick feeling was gone as well.

    Some people seem to love this fat burner, but it is not for me.

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  3. I’m a fairly hardcore bodybuilder and, like most bodybuilders and/or competitors, my goal is to bulk in the winter and lean out for summer.

    I’ve found that most “formulated” OTC fat burners are not good for much except a jolt of energy. In my experience, the caffeine/ephedrine combination or caffeine/yohimbine are the most effective for fat mobilization and/or appetite suppressing.

    OK, now onto the review of Dren. Of course, the name draws you in because of it’s similarity to Clenbuterol. Normally, I try to cycle my fat burners, taking them straight for 2 weeks, then off for 1 week. I stopped taking Dren after 1 week because of the after effects.

    I have never experienced so many jitters as with Dren. I took 1 in the morning and could barely go to sleep at night. Then, it was all I could do to wake up the next morning. After a week of this, I was so exhausted. I did, however lose about 2 pounds in that week.

    I suppose you could say it was effective, but I’m pretty sure it was the result of me be so fidgety all day that I couldn’t sit still. I would love to try it for a longer period, but I’m honestly scared to.

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  4. Dren. Not sure if it does anything but make me feel like I’m going to vomit just over an hour after taking it. My mouth waters and I feel like I need to puke. Then, within a minute or two the feeling goes away and I don’t feel anything. Not sure these pills are doing a damn thing to me.

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  5. I took this product for an entire cycle (30 days) yes I did have some of the side effects mentioned in others reviews for the first week or two (the sick feeling or empty stomach pains) however, once I got past that first week things went really well for me. I have lost a total of 40 pounds in my current cycle but with that said I have a strict diet eating very healthy. A good wieght program to enhance my wieght loss and a small portion of cardio to kick in the extra wieght loss I want.

    I cant claim Dren helped me lose the weight that would be silly, but if it helped me 1% more then if I had not been taking it then I got my money worth. I agree with this website however, if there is not clinical studies to support the claims you should not take it. I just like to be a test subject for drug companies.. someday it might kill me.. tough love..

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  6. I have been taking dren for 3 days as of today and I have already noticed the effects. The first pill I took I did not notice the effects at all because my body was in a state of shock because my work hours changed from working a daytime shift to a night time shift.

    The following day (my second pill) I did not notice any immediate effects, but I did decide to give it a try with my workout at my gym.

    I was surprised that I had bursts of energy and I could actually do bicycle kicks (ab workout) and not get tired. It seemed as if the more I did, the more energy I had, and I did not tire out once even after doing heavy weight-lifting including bench, lat pull downs, T-bar rows, and chin ups. I did have a little muscle fatigue of course, but that was only because I was doing heavy sets.

    Overall day 2 was filled with energy.

    Im on Day 3 as of today, and I regret popping the 3rd pill because I went with the mentality of “I will burn fat while I sleep”. I made a very bad choice, because I did sleep for about 30 mins, but my body was getting jolts of energy due to the caffine.

    Literally, my arms were involuntary jumping around, and my heart was pumping out jolts of blood for a good 5 minutes. Although I am tired, I cannot sleep, but I do feel the “euphoric” effects, but I would just call it calming or relaxing after the caffine wore out.

    Although 3 days is not a good amount of time to rate a product, it is a good way to rate the initial phase of intake.

    Overall the initial intake is a good source for energy, and I noticed no unwanted side effects.

    Keep in mind that no pill can replace calories or nutrients, I am on a protein rich diet and I would reccomend to use Dren to only supplement your workout regime, not replace it. Also only take 1 pill a day and DO NOT take one before you go to bed, because you will not be able to sleep until the effects wear off.

    As far as fat burning goes, I have read many reviews on this product and many people say that it does not burn fat like people think it does.

    The term fat burner is just a ploy to get you to buy this product. However, Dren theoretically promotes fat loss because it encourages intense amounts of energy to last longer in the gym, therefore it may boost the chances of fat loss.

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  7. I will say I did my research on Dren to see if this was the product I wanted to purchase. Was very excited to start taking Dren, so yesterday was my first pill.

    The first hour I felt fine. Then within two hours I felt buzzed, my head felt a little strange, I begun to drink a lot of water. Then about noon I ate lunch, I ate very healthly, could not eat as much.

    Then about one hour after lunch it was down hill from there. I felt sick, I wanted to throw up. I kept hoping the nausea would go away. Well, it lasted until bedtime. I went to bed at my normal 9:30 PM time, then was wide awake until midnight, this was not good for me at all.

    Again everyone feels different on products. I feel horrible today and my head still feels strange.

    I can only hope that GNC will give me back my money.

    Try it for yourself, but it DID NOT WORK FOR ME.

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  8. I am currently on my second box of Dren. In the beginning it make me pretty tweaky, but it seemed that my bother adapted and lost about 30LBS on it. Of course I worked out 6 days a week and increased protein intake and cut back on the carbs.

    I feel that it worked great for me and would recommend it. Just make sure that you aren’t sensitive to stimulants.

    My two cents.

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  9. I was excited to try Dren after reading its info online. I have used the stack many times over the past ten years as well as GNC Cuts and a couple other inferior, yet more expensive products. I consider myself pretty tolerant of stimulants. I discontinued use of Dren after trying it 3 different days. Day one – I thought I just happened to fall sick. I had a low fever with chills and my temperament was unpleasant to say the least. No Dren Day 2 – felt better but tired. Day 3 – 1 Dren and similar to Day 1 plus sleep was severely disrupted, with little appetite. No Dren Days 4-6 to be sure I was not sick. Day 7 – 1 Dren and again very ‘wound-up’, on edge, chills, low fever, low appetite, then exhausted next day. This stuff is not for me. I never felt that nasty even when being reckless with ephedrine overuse when I was younger and dumber.
    Take care of yourselves friends.

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  10. I hallucinated, had the chills, nausea, rapid heart beat, paranoia. All off of ONE pill.
    Never again. Poison in a capsule.

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  11. I felt fine after one day-slight energy boost and no feeling of euphoria that the product claims. It was downhill from there. No longer do I feel energy from Dren, and the kicker-when I workout or strain myself in any way, I get these pounding headaches that take a full day to go away. I have been on it for just over a week now @ 1 pill a day, and I am discontinuing use. These headaches are too much to bear-they are now making me nauseous and I cannot function properly in a typical day. Overall, I consider this product just not worth it!

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  12. I bought Dren yesterday and have used it twice now. I’ve used a product called Thermalean by WestPharm for 8 or so years and got great results (it contains mahuang) but it’s difficult to find now so I went looking for an alternative and after trying Met-RX’s Thermal Infusion and BSN’s Atro-Phex, I decided to try Dren to compare. I have never in my life tried something like this. I’m no chemist so I don’t know what they (MHP) did but this is a cool product in my books. It lasts for an incredibly long time so I don’t recommend taking it late in the day if you want a good night’s sleep.

    What I needed what serious motivation for the gym lately and to stay away from bad foods – I’m in China so it’s very hard to find healthy meals unless you cook them yourself.

    Anyways, long story short, day 2 and all I want to do is work out, I’m not hungry – especially for bad stuff, and this stuff puts me in the best mood! I also think my focus has improved as I’m much more on top of my work.

    Hope this helps.


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  13. I worked out about 4 hrs a day and lost around 50lbs in 6 months. I credit part of it to the Dren. It allowed me to work out and never sleep, when I finnally got off it I slept for three days, so there was good and bad.

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  14. As somebody who works out daily, has cycled through many different steroids and fat burners I give Dren two thumbs up. As with any thermogenic fatburner you will have a hard time sleeping, you may get a little shakey, but overall it served the purpose. Im traveling and not comfortable lugging around real clen in my suitcase. This Dren was a very good substitute for my Clen, and as an OTC, I would recommend it. Yes you may have a problem sleeping, who cares. Good luck

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  15. I have been taking Dren once a day at Noon as part of a two tiered fat loss approach. In the morning I am taking a combination of Yohimbe 1g, Green Tea 1g, Bitter Orange 500mg-1.5 (cycled), a multivitamin, L-Tyrosine 2g, and a 200mg Caffine pill one hour before doing a PX90 cardio routine on a empty stomach. I also take 5grams of L-Glutamine peptides with 2.5 grams of L-leucine 20 minutes before working out. I then follow Lyle Mcdonald’s fat loss protocol and Scivation’s diet regiment. So before I can say Dren is the bomb, I have to put that out there. So in terms of fat loss, I am doing very well with this two tiered approach. I am approaching day 5 of this and have lost about 7 pounds, most of it is water weight from a weekend gorge fest but then I have noticed a decrease in stubborn fat around the bottom part of my abs. I am currently at 9 percent bodyfat and hope to get down to 6%. I am an endomorph and as of yet have not found the right combination of diet, workout, and supplement protocols. I feel I am on to something with Dren though.

    It is a great clear head fatloss supplement, I am not knee knocking like I am now from the above fat loss supplement regiment (it is now 10:12am). Dren is a great appetite suppresant and gives you a clean energy rush for hours and hours on end. The euphoric/ clear headed focus lasts for 8-10 hours. No joke! So for 20 dollars Dren is a great second addition to the supplement fatloss stack. It gives me clear focused energy for my weight training at 5pm and makes me swet more than I am used too. A good sign that its working. My heart rate is not jacked through the roof like most speedy fat loss supplments( I constantly monitor my heart rate with a heart rate monitor wrist watch) So all in all, Dren is a great second addition to my fat loss approach. Its worth cycling through in my humble opinon.

    Mr Washington

    I forgot to mention that I also take 25mg of DHEA in the morning as well. I wait till half way through my breakfast to take a 450mg pill of cayenne pepper at 40,000 IU’s (never take on an empty stomach! Extreme pain and burning follows!) with 3 Omega 3 gel pills.

    Update: Its 4:05 and its still a great clean focused high, a little heart discomfort but nothing too serious. Will update when 30 day supply is exhausted.

    Also remember that not all products work the same way for everyone in terms of weight loss.

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  16. I have only been taken the Dren product for a few days and I am quite impressed. I have dabbled in a few weight loss pills and such and nothing has given me this fast and good response. I have been completely satisfied with small meals and my hunger is CURBED.

    Before my daily intake consisted of… a bagel and a mocha in the morning. A large sandwich and chips and a cookie and tea for lunch. Some kind of crappy snack by the end of the work day and then I would get home and crave fast food so I would find my self wandering out to get a sizable meal from the nearest drive through. Of coarse by the time I would go to bed somewhere in between dinner and sleeping I would find my self snacking if I was bored, or possibly even making another meal.

    For the last 3 days I have been eating half a bagel and drinking my mocha, for lunch, I am satisfied with drinking a fruit shake with supplements in it (that actually takes me at least an hour to finish), then at dinner I will eat a small sandwich or salad.

    As far as the mood goes; I usually have a lot of ups and downs in my mood depending on how much sugar I intake. As it sits with Dren my moods have been leveling out on a daily basis and I’m a little more alert, whether or not I can give Dren the credit for that I don’t know. Part of it could be my change of food intake.

    Either way I have lost 4 pounds and maybe 5 by the end of today and I am not just eating to eat anymore. I don’t desire food when I don’t need it and I am not forcing myself to finish even after I am full.

    THE BAD – I do feel more alert like I said. However I catch my self getting a little light headed from time to time. A little concerning but I am keeping an eye on it.

    So far I am very happy with the results and hope that it stays like this.

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  17. I am on my second day of Dren and I am experiencing severe nausea, sleeplessness, and sweats. Today I worked out after taking it, but didn’t notice anything special. I will return pills today/ through the register or I will toss them through the window. DO NOT TAKE THIS PRODUCT!

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  18. I took Dren for the first time about 3 hours ago . I think it probably has an an effect as a weight loss supplement/ fat burner. My mistake, however, was taking 2 tablets at the same time. (the recommendation is one) I am sitting in bed with chills, sweats and nausea. So it must be doing something. The problem is I don’t want to work out, I just want to throw up. Oh well, no pain no gain!!

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  19. I want to update my comments of above. Of interesting notation, I feel now exactly how I felt when I took “Clenbuterol” years ago.

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  20. I’ve been taking Drenbuterol for two weeks now and I actually gained 4 lbs. I bought it from a local GNC for $39.00. It worked the first day. I was a little hyper, but almost no nausea and a definite curb in appetite and lots of fuel for my workout. After about 4 days, the effect wore off. The pill doesn’t give me the same energy boost and I am ravenous by the end of the day. Plus, I started getting severe headaches when I didn’t take it and started feeling depressed.

    I say you’re better off without this one. It’s the worst diet pill I’ve ever tried. But you can definitely judge for yourself.

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  21. I am halfway through my 2nd (30day Cycle) of DREN.

    First 30 Day Cycle

    I was overweight by alot (5’6″ 203lbs). I started taking this product and watching my meals (pretty much tried to keep calories under 1 thousand a day and ate more vegetables than anything). I would sweat no matter how cold it was.

    Great feeling… always within 1 hour of taking it feeling not so hot but after that it levels out and I feel great like I could lift a Semi truck! And was pretty happy!). During that time of the under 1k calories running 3-5 times a week. (Mon, Wed, Fri= 1.5 miles, Tues, Thurs= 3.8-4.5miles)

    I lost around 25 lbs. Now I know that’s not a healthy loss but wow 25 lbs in a month?! So I bought another pack and just used it when I needed it like before a work out. In a total of 3 months (1 month on Dren Everyday and 2 months of Dren if I wanted an extra push) I lost 40 pounds!

    I highly contribute it to DREN considering I could work out pretty close to what I did and eat like I did and I wasn’t budging so it helped.

    Now I have been at 160lbs for a year now and its time for me to cycle again for another hopeful 20 pound loss. I’m back on the same routine as before and I have slimmed out more but my weight is around the same 159 most of the time. But I’m noticebly losing the fat but gaining tone.

    Side effects for the 2nd cycle…

    I don’t sweat that much anymore. I am amped up and happy feeling. Still get the little bit sick feeling when I first take it but like I said, it levels off and I feel great. Some jitters here and there.

    Definitely able to lift more (reps). My appetite is curbed.

    The only difference is the sweating. I do get kinda like hot while I am moving and lifting things (I work in a warehouse). No matter how cold it is I end up taking off my Jacket because I get really hot.

    Needless to say this does the job it says. Everyone’s body interacts with it differently but if you can get past the bad feeling at first and do it for a week straight, I’m sure the 2nd week you will feel better taking it.

    I’ve taken Ripped Fuel, Acai, etc. Nothing has compared to this.

    I stand by MHP. I also have their AM/PM ThyroSlim fatburner which I am gonna try out after I’m done with this cycle of DREN. The thyroslim is supposed to help regulate your thyroid and etc but burn calories during the day and night but no jitters or awake feeling at night.

    Editor’s comments: Samuel, we’ve removed the affiliate link from this post. We do not allow such links to be posted, sorry.

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  22. I just took Dren about 3 hours ago for the first time. I have the shakes like crazy. I did some jump roping and crunches hoping that would burn off some of my energy and make my shakes go away but I find that it just made them worse. I’m not hungry at all – the thought of eating makes me want to puke. I’ve been to the restroom already three times this morning so its definitely cleaning me out. I can’t really rate it since I’m only 3 hours into my first time taking the pill!

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  23. After coming off of Slim Xtreme, this is like a placebo to me. Yes, nausea, headaches, “high” feeling, and thirsty. The headaches are probably from not drinking enough. No, I am not hungry, but I don’t have any energy either. I have taken only two weeks worth, but with slim xtreme I had results within days. Ehh, I need something stronger. I am 5′ 5″ and 140 pounds. I was down to 125 on slim xtreme. I am now at my normal weight.

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  24. I take Dren in the morning between 6 and 7 with breakfast. When I burp I have an aftertaste and later in the morning (around 9 ish) I get the jitters. I’ll eat my mid morning snack at that time and the jitters go away.

    I have has an increase in potty breaks and water intake. I haven’t had the desire to work out longer or harder at this point. I’m recovering from a second ACL surgery so I’m doing most of my cardio by stair stepper or elliptical. I’m still in the mood to get off after about 15 minutes.

    Right now I can say I’m not seeing the weight loss nor the lack of sleep some have claimed. After a normal work and gym day, I still get sleepy around 9 or 10. My goal is to lose 10lbs of fat and gain it back in muscle. So I’m 165lbs now and plan on weighing again in 2 weeks to see if lose the same 2-5 everyone else has claimed to have lost.

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  25. Ive used Dren twice now and both times I have lost weight on it. I never really researched it, I just took to the daily dosage. I was ok. I believe I had a bit of paranoia on it but it wasn’t helped by the situation I was in.

    I normally take a tablet with a can of Red bull when I wake up at 5 AM and by the time I’m at work I’m a grafting machine – my brain can’t think fast enough! lol

    It is quite good for waking up and focusing. And getting promotions! lol

    It does make you improve so much because you improve your routine as you think so effectively. It’s weird but true. I would not recommend it for people with health conditions, as it is a very powerful product.

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  26. I have taken two boxes of Dren, taking it every few days or every other day, and sometimes I even skip it for a week. I have gone from a size Large to a size Small in juniors, and XSmall in ladies. Dren gives me energy, puts me in a better mood, and keeps me from getting hungry. I hardly eat on the days when I do take it. It makes me feel dehydrated if I do not drink enough water or liquids, but if I do then I feel great all day. I don’t ever get that “crash” that people claim they get from the caffeine. In my opinion, Dren works great. It is the only diet pill I have ever taken, and though I have nothing to compare it to, I have no reason to find another diet pill anyway because Dren works for me.

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  27. I went to Vitamin World seeking something to give me a boost when I’m working out, curb my appetite, and burn fat. The manager recommended Dren. I’ve taking the old Hydroxycut, Ripped Fuel, and Xenadrine so I’m pretty up to speed on this stuff.

    Day 1: as soon as I took the pill I started to feel sick, so I tried to use the restroom. I took it with food also. My head felt like it was tight and I felt dizzy. My heart was racing and my hands were a little shaky. I noticed that at one point in the day, I was thinking fast but moving really slowly. My eyes seemed to feel strained as well. I went to the rr about 6xs to do #1 and 4xs for #2. This is unusual for me. As the day went on, I felt a little better and I felt really anxious. I went to the gym and worked out non- stop for an hour and still went to a high impact aerobics class. My appetite was curbed throughout the day and the night. I was still hyper at 4am and couldn’t go to sleep.
    I feel asleep around 5am.

    Day 2: I’m debating if I should take another pill or not. I feel sick this morning while eating breakfast. I know that I will lose weight, but at what cost? My longterm health is more important. So there will be no day 2 for me. I’m taking it back and getting more protein.

    I don’t feel the risks are worth it…so no more Dren for me. 🙁

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  28. I’m from latin america. I had a serius bike accident and got injuries in my back (broke l-5) and ripped my left knee, and I started to gain alot of weight.

    After a year i’m training again with dren. I have mixed feeling, because my body fat is going down dramatically and I feel very enthusiastic about that.

    After a couple of weeks I started to have a big big pain when I was urinating, and the back of the box said “urinating problems, etc.” so I’ll give one more week and if the pain is still there, dren is gone. If it is just a sudden thing, great because it works.

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  29. Dren is not for just anyone. Dren was formulated for people who were serious about losing weight mainly the bodybuilding type. I’ve been taking Dren and doing my on and off cycles and if you’re up to the chanllege fat will drop off. Dren is used for gym rats sorry to say but this is true.

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  30. I took a pill right after breakfast and felt sick until night time about two weeks ago. I decided to try it again and take it at night, I understand it has caffeine, but I woke up a few times sick to my stomach. The entire next day I felt like I had motion sickness. I will throw these pills out asap. I was SO sick.

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  31. I’m 2 weeks out from my figure competition and my trainer highly recommended Dren. So I bought Dren on Tuesday of this week. During my first lunch meal at noon, I took Dren before I left my house for work.

    In an hour I felt ‘Relaxed’> an hour later, very relaxed as if I was high on something. I couldn’t focus in the following hour because I felt very hot and my head felt swollen. Everything came into focus but not in a good way and I had a bad headache…I just wanted to sleep. Not workout!. 2 hours later, I felt fine. But that night i became very restless.

    I decided to give Dren one more try. So the next day I took Dren at 2pm. I was on the train and within 20 minutes my head started to hurt. I couldn’t focus, I felt hot and my body felt like I had a shot of morphine. I was sooo TIRED. I felt sick. Rushed home and literally crashed on my bed in my jacket and boots. Woke up hours later. That night was up until 4 am. Never Using Dren Again…and gave the rest to my trainer.

    I don’t recommend this to anyone. Sorry.

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  32. Day 1 on Dren:
    36 year old female, 5’6″ 129 lbs.

    Took Dren around 8:30 am. Within the hour, quite a bit jittery, heart is definitely working harder, slight nausea, and some spotting. Jitters wore off in a couple of hours, but spotting remained throughout the day.

    Day 2 on Dren:
    Took Dren around 9:00 am. Again, jitters and heart pounding, nausea which including vomiting this time, spotting continues and is heavier.

    Have any ladies experienced these nasty side effects?

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  33. Well, I’ve tried Dren 2 times.

    1st time it was the best supplement I’ve ever tried. The pills were magic, I used to get a feeling like being totally euphoric and sweating like a pig.

    I loved that first pack.

    I gave it another try not too long ago and now I feel all the side effects people are writing about; nausea, sickness, shaking, etc.

    This is not the same thing that was initially shipped.

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  34. Not only have I been nauseous, light headed, and have had a hard time seeing while taking dren – I was stupid enough to continue thinking the side effects would start wearing off after a few days. Today was day 5. Yes I have definitely lost weight but I almost ended up in the hospital after having a panic attack. When your Brain starts to come off all the ‘euphoric’ agents you start to get extremely lethargic and depressed. When I worked out on day 2, I took the pill at 8am and worked out after work at 8pm my heart was racing way more than it should have been. Today I took the pill at 8am again. Its now close to midnight and I can’t sleep. Please be careful. This stuff is completely not safe.

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  35. Unlike most people that seemed to comment, I am not a body builder. I just wanted to lose weight, and I thought taking the pill would help to get me to working out like I did when I was in my twenties. I couldn’t have been more wrong however.

    Like most, I had horrible headaches, would overheat and get jittery. I didn’t stop there though; thinking that it was just something that I had to get past and all would be fine. What did it for me was the night that I had woken up out of sound sleep feeling like my heart was going to beat out of my chest and was literally driven crazy.

    I had taken one pill much earlier in the day, so why it hit me in the middle of the night I don’t know. All I do know is that I will never take them again, lesson learned, I threw the rest away.

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  36. One caveat that I forgot to add is that any over the counter product that advertises “euphoria” as one of its side effects is bound to be banned within in a years by the FDA, regardless of whether or not a million people suffer strokes and heart attacks.

    I thought about this as I read the advertisement, but like just about anyone I was willing to try anything to lose weight.

    The only weight loss drug that ever worked for me was Phentermine which is only available by prescription. Good luck trying to get a prescreption for it because even though the FDA hasn’t pulled it off the market yet, it was one of the drugs found in Phen-phen which was pulled of the market.

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  37. Hi, maybe it would help if people leaving comments can state where they bought the product (eg. online at their website?) I’m suspecting that there could be a lot of ‘fake’ pills being circulated. Would be a good idea to avoid purchasing products from vendors who happen to sell pills with a lot of ‘jittery/nauseating’ results. I understand that a lot of places don’t purchase their products from the brands itself, but from non-legit wholesalers. Thanks for the comments y’all!

    Editor`s comments: Jen, most fat burners contain a ton of stimulants so a product that is ‘jittery or nauseating’ is not indicative of being fake. Secondly, if fake pills are a concern, then the consumer`s best bet is always to buy from reputable, repected retailers – Wal-Mart, Amazon, Walgreens, GNC,,, etc. If you buy from eBay or an unfamiliar web site, you always run the risk of getting a bogus product.

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  38. Just received my Dren,Xpel, and Probolic-SR protein stack from Just took my Dren at 10:45 am EDT. Will start my workout in 30 mins. Let’s see what happens. I am 39 yrs old 5’11” and weigh 220. I want to get down to a good 190-200 range. Wish me luck.

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  39. It’s day three of taking Dren, and I have slept a total of 4 hours.

    I take Dren at 8 a.m. and with work all day and a workout I’m still wide awake at 3 a.m. Mixed with feeling nauseous during workouts. Horrible supplement.

    Wouldn’t recommend to anyone unless your goal is to see how long you can deprive your body and muscles of sleep. No weight loss pill is worth the adverse effects on sleeplessness Dren causes…

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  40. I am using it for the third time once two boxes and the first of maybe 2.I lost well over 20lbs in a month after a bulking cycle.Yes your heart beats faster and your metablism is higher you get the jitters a little if you are sensitive maybe use 1 pill every other day till your body get used to it or half a day. Overall 4 stars causse it works with side effects kinda like when us run 10 miles the side effets are your sore and loose weight if your looking for a magic pill while you sit on ur butt this isn’t it but it does help if your active and yes it is a medium to heavy stimulant it is what it is i weigh 200 lbs both times taking it and dropped to under 180 quickly u don’t have to take it that long and only 1 time a day its worth the money.

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  41. I have been using Dren for two weeks now with a low carb diet. I am cutting weight for a MMA fight. I have found to be working really quickly. I am amazed with the results because at 35 years old now it is harder to shift the fat from my waist.
    I find it works really well and it doesn’t make you jittery like fat burners that are heavy on Ma Huang. You can take it and it not effect you workday i.e. being scatterbrained and poor attention span.
    I will def’ buy it again for cutting.


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  42. I forgot to rate this.
    I read the reviews above and seems like dren doesn’t work for some people or some probably tried the fake ones. For me, i just started taking it and about less than 30 minutes, i felt the euphoric feeling and appetite loss kicked in. I tried other OTC stuff but i didn’t notice any effect from any of them. I think i found the right medicine for me. So far, I’m enjoying the effect of dren. I feel bad for those who didn’t.

    Editor’s comments: There is absolutely no evidence to suggest those who did not experience the same results you did are taking “fake” versions of this product. To our knowledge, there is no issue of this product being faked.

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  43. Use this 5 days – 8:00 in the morning and evening, at 20-00. Also use a high-protein diet and weight training 3 times a week. the 1st day of one hour after the first capsule seemed that there is a burst of energy. at other times absolutely no side effects in the form of frequent pulse, nausea, tremor and dizziness, not even lack of sleep is not – as well go to sleep at 23-00 (3 hours after admission DREN).
    PS: before the use of 14-16 days, the weight was on the spot – 92 kg, BF = 22
    5 days after the start of the reception – 90.5 kg. it’s a placebo effect? Or Dren work is invisibly?

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  44. In the first week or so, there’ll be problems such as feeling like you’re going to vomit, but once you get past that, it’s all downhill from there.

    I’m currently taking it in the form of a 30 day cycle and I lose about a pound a day. But given that my weight fluctuates day to day depending on if I’m at work or not (I seem to only lose weight on the days that I have to go to work). My starting weight was about 198 and currently I’m down to 183.

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  45. I’ve always been a large child and there was nothing I could do to loose the weight. Now that I am an adult I was still having the same difficulties.

    My partner showed me DREN. I’ve used it twice in the past and each time it’s never let me down. It started working in the first week for me. It was a good kick start to any fitness I attempted. It boosted my energy levels, made me alert and clear headed. The typical symptoms that came with DREN appeared but never stayed longer than an hour or two.

    It’s a thermogenic fat burner. Of course you are going to feel hot, nauseous and light headed. Your body is not used to the sudden change in heat and neurotropic state of mind. Eventually it accepts the change and you start to feel better, healthier and happier in general.

    All in all, I ended up loosing a whopping 30 kgs. Partnered with a healthy diet and regular exercise, this will work for you! It certainly did for me! I would rate this product a 10/5 if it was possible.

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  46. I just started taking this and i felt the good side effects and i also felt the nauseous feeling and it went away and came back after my work out which might have been because my lack of sleep the last two days but i havent try other diet pills before but i want to try it to help me lose my last stubborn 36 lbs of fat. I workout everyday added weights and more cardio too so i respode back later if it works for me

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  47. It seem to work for me i notice my stubborn ab area’s of fat are shrinking away after one week of using it and with excerise daily and a low calories diet it works.

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  48. Starting week 2. I sleep fine it just is hard to get started in the am. I feel I actually need 10hrs instead of the 7.5-8hrs of sleep I am getting. I have leaned out considerably in my sides and have noticed I am getting more erections during the course of the day. My mood is more relaxed and chill over all as I generally am all over the place from angry to happy. I usually will take one upon waking with water and have non jitters or nausea. I am eating less. I have lost 4lbs in 2 weeks. I am 5’11” 186lbs

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  49. I bought this a few weeks ago. I am a fitness competitor, train 2 times a day and eat a 100% clean diet. I take this in the mornings before fasted cardio (I empty out half the capsule and only take 1/2 a serving). I feel as though half a serving a pretty strong. I am 5’7 126 pounds about 9% body fat…overall I really like it. I have tried a ton on supplements for fat burning-didn’t want to take the clen way so I think this is helpful in my overall regimen.

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  50. First of all, holy shit! Unbelievable focus and productivity, when I worked out I couldn’t get enough cardio, it smashed my appetite as well, and i didn’t want to eat crappy food. Profuse sweating. I always had trouble focusing in class, but since I’ve been on dren this has been my best semester. To tell you the truth I felt like I was walking on clouds. The only bad was It made me smoke way more cigarettes than usual and NEVER drink coffe, redbull etc. no bueno, I thought I was having a heart attack. Btw I’m a very healthy 27 yo male, other than smoking lol. 6’6 206 lbs

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    • Thanks for sharing your experience, Phil!

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