Diet Tech Review: Muscle Tech's Response To My Review -

Diet Tech Review: Muscle Tech’s Response To My Review

Someone over at Iovate Health Sciences (that’s the name of the company MuscleTech operates under these days) didn’t feel I gave their Diet-Tech product a fair review, and they weren’t slow to say so. In the spirit of free and balanced discourse, I have posted their reponse to my review below. The only thing I would say in response to their comments would be…

“What is the name of the peer-reviewed journal in which this study appears?”

With that said, I hand the podium over to Iovate Health Sciences…

“After reading the Diet-Tech review posted on, the Research & Development team at Iovate Health Sciences (formerly known as MuscleTech) felt that the conclusions presented by the author did not accurately represent the research supporting the efficacy surrounding this product.

Based on this, we would like you to consider to following research and re-examine the conclusions posted on your site relating to the effectiveness of this formulation.

In one 8-week study, (performed by an independent research lab) the effectiveness of DIET-TECH on various weight loss parameters was examined in 54 overweight males and females.

In this double-blinded placebo controlled trial, participants were given either DIET-TECH or placebo, to be taken 3 times daily prior to meals and also reduced their caloric intake by 500 kcals/day based on dietician guidelines.

No exercise protocol was included within the study methodology.

After analysis of the data, it was found that subjects taking DIET-TECH lost significantly more weight than those combining placebo with a calorie reduced diet (10.1 vs. 5.5 lbs). It was also found that subjects taking DIET-TECH lost significantly more inches off their waist and thigh measurements than subjects taking placebo.

Furthermore, a significantly greater percentage of DIET-TECH users reported a decrease in appetite compared to those combining using a placebo.

After comparing these effects to the scientific literature examining the effects of fiber on weight loss, the author was quite misleading when informing the readers that this product does not appear any better than a fiber supplement.

While the glucomannan/xanthan combination does play a very important role in this formula, every other component within DIET-TECH was included for a specific reason and all play a fundamental role in helping to improve the total efficacy of this product.

In addition, the author points out that it’s unlikely that you’ll notice much in the way of results unless you have made significant changes to your diet and lifestyle, while we agree that diet and exercise both are vital in helping in weight management, we at MuscleTech take pride in developing research proven products that can help both facilitate and improve the ability for people to reach their fitness and weight loss goals.

Thank you kindly,

Research and Development
Iovate Health Sciences
5100 Spectrum Way
Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 5S2”

Regardless of what you think of Iovate Health Sciences, I am always pleased when a manufacturer responds to a review in such a positive, productive manner. It’s a refreshing change to the sort of thing I usually see!

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