Dexatrim Fat Burner & Diet Pill Review -

Dexatrim Fat Burner & Diet Pill Review

As far as fat burners go, Dexatrim is as old as the hills. As it has aged, it has evolved through many different iterations. Initially, the Dexatrim formula was comprised largely of something called phenylpropanolamine.

Sidebar: Phenylpropanolamine (PPA) was extremely popular in over-the-counter cold medications for its use as a decongestant. Although not nearly as popular as ephedrine, it was also found in some fat burners and weight loss products.

PPA was dropped from many product compilations when a Yale University report indicated that phenylpropanolamine increased the risk of hemorrhagic stroke in women. Although the risk was relatively low, the FDA issued a warning that people avoid products containing PPA.

Next, Dexatrim evolved into an ephedrine based product, until the ephedra ban in early 2003 (that ban was then overturned, then reinstated in 2006).

Now there are several Dexatrim products, all ephedra free…

  • Dexatrim Results
  • Dexatrim Results Ephedrine Free
  • Dexatrim Natural No Caffeine
  • Dexatrim Natural Ephedrine Free
  • Dexatrim Natural Green Tea

Despite the names, the compilations are all very similar. To some extent, they all share a base formula, to which ingredients are added or subtracted depending on which variation of the formula you choose. The exception is the “ephedrine free” products (all these products are ephedrine free) which are nearly identical.

Most Dexatrim products contain a smattering of calcium, blood sugar moderators like chromium, fenugreek, and vanadyl, plus green tea, guarana, kola nut, added caffeine, and synephrine (bitter orange).

A few small studies have validated the effectiveness of bitter orange as a fat burner, but its fat burning effects are largely overstated at this time.

In fact, the newest data confirms it’s pretty much a dud for weight loss.

Some of the ingredients are labeled as part of a “proprietary herbal blend,” so its difficult to determine how much of what is in the compilation.

But it certainly appears as if the “ephedrine free” products contain a ton of caffeine.

The Natural Green Tea product contains chromium, ginseng, and not so surprisingly, green tea. Green tea is one of the few natural products to have some solid clinical data backing up its effectiveness as a fat burner (click here for a full review and accompanying clinical references).

Chromium, as mentioned earlier, is very helpful for regulating insulin function, although data is conflicting regarding its benefits for weight loss.

Asian ginseng (an adaptogen which helps the body function better under stress) makes an appearance in most versions of this formula.

Unique to the “Results” formula is 5-HTP, often used to treat mild depression on the premise that as a precursor to serotonin (a chemical neurotransmitter found in the brain). Studies show it may even help with weight loss, but at fairly high doses. It’s unlikely the small amount contained in this formula will have much effect.

Bottom line?

Although probably a little high in caffeine, the “ephedrine free” versions of this compilation are the most potent. While Dexatrim is no miracle supplement, it does contain some useful ingredients (i.e., green tea, and blood sugar moderators), and may be moderately useful to those of you already implementing a diet and exercise program.

Dexatrim Summary
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Simple formula
  • Provides a useful amount of green tea extract standardized for EGCG.
  • Readily available in drugstores and other common retail establishments.
  • Different formulas are actually quite similar.
  • Don’t expect dramatic results.

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