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Curvelle User Reviews, Customer Comments & Feedback

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This is a great product. I’ m on my 4th bottle. It really helps with sugar cravings, didn’t get shakey or anything.

I lost on average two pounds a week, without doing any workout. I’m at a stand still right now, because I’m not doing workouts. But im not gaining either. This is a really good product. I love your site, it has helped me decide what to use… thank you.

Maria (

Hi – I am on my 4th day using 2 Curvelle pills twice a day and my 2nd week of a ramped-up fitness plan. I feel a substantial boost of energy and appetite suppression.

Too early to see physical results, but I plan to stay on it through the next 6 weeks and will let you know how it goes!

Sasha (

I recently was looking for a pill to help me with my sugar cravings as I have low sugar, put a bit of pep in my step and assist me in the much needed energy for afternoon work outs, I have been taking Curvelle by Isatori for 2 weeks and have noticed a serious change in my cravings for sugar.

The energy is great as well, it doesn’t pick me up and drop me, it just helps me to be more alert, and energized, without my heart pounding out of my chest. I would highly recommend this supplement as I have tried so many others in the past that have not done what they claim.

Shelbie (

So I bought Curvelle this morning and I took three capsules so far. I have tried other diet products containing caffeine but they make me feel so jittery that I cannot usually take the full recommended serving. It may be psychosomatic, but not only do I not feel jittery but I actually found myself running up the stairs of my house…which is something I haven’t done in a while.

I went shopping for most of the day today and I did not feel exhausted when I got home…like I usually feel. I am going to continue this product because the ingredients are at the very least safe and at the very most proven to be somewhat effective (green tea and caffeine).

I have not heard too much about rasberry or cinammon extracts but I think I am going to give this product the good old “college try”. I’ll let you know how it works. I think I am going to get on my stationary bike now…

I haven’t felt any motivation to do so recently but today I really feel empowered!! Of course it could be mind over matter!

Jeannine ([email protected])

I just wanted to let you know that I started taking Curvelle a few days ago and I can already tell a difference! I have more energy, my sweet cravings are gone, and my appetite has decreased dramatically.

I started off taking one pill 3 times a day instead of the recommended 2, just to make sure I wouldn’t get a “jittery” effect. I definitely noticed an increase in my energy level, but never felt overly excited or jittery with just the one pill, so I decided to take two this morning with no jittery side effects at all.

I am hoping as I continue to use Curvelle, I will experience these same results and can shed this excess pregnancy weight! I work out religiously and eat healthy, so I am hoping this will just give me an extra boost!

Jenn (jennifer_hosey AT

I did much research for the Curvelle product and was quite impressed by the reviews on your page and what was said in regards to the company and ethics. So far I have been waiting over two weeks for a email to confirm that the order was placed for the product and have yet to receive the product.

I have contacted the company and was advised that my order would ship this week and once again the week has come and gone. I have to say that the customer service is poor and that if the product was on short demand then the consumer should have been informed of any delay. I am not please with their ethics nor their customer service. D rating on both.

Charlene (cnaumec AT

Paul’s Note: As a fan of Isatori’s products and their usually stellar customer service, I was a little disturbed to read Charlene’s e-mail. So I forwarded them to the company and asked for an explanation.

I did get a response — it seems Isatori has been so overwhelmed by the demand for Curvelle (a result of the editorial in the Dec 2007 issue of the “First for Women” magazine) they simply didn’t have staff to address the various support issues that occur in the online environment in the face of so many orders.

Not exactly the sort of response I would have liked perhaps, but better than a reversal on their policy of delivering fantastic customer service. I am hopeful things will be sorted out soon!

I’ve just finished my first bottle of curvelle. I’m not overweight or anything, but I did gain about 15 pounds while in college. I wanted to get down to precollege weight 103lbs.

I had been working out on my own and lost 12 pounds over 4 months. And I got stuck at 106. Now I’m not sure if it was Curvelle or not, but within the last month I’ve been able to lose that last 3 pounds, but again, I’m still working out and watching what I eat.

Anyway, I hope this helps someone.

T (reese_625 AT

I just wanted to say that I have been taking the Curvelle capsules for almost one week now and I can honestly say that since I have been taking them, when I eat my meals I seem to be full quicker.

I do follow a low calorie diet and have been doing so for a year now. My hope with this pill is that I can take off the last 15-20 lbs. I have lost one pound so far this week, and have noticed no side effects. I plan on continuing for the recommended full month, I am crossing my fingers…

Jennifer (jboden2000 AT

I have been taking curvelle supplements for about two weeks now and like some of the others mentioned, I CAN TELL A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN MY CRAVINGS FOR SUGAR.

I have cut way down on the amount of food that I was eating and I have dropped about 3lbs. I have stopped the late night eating as well. So if nothing else, it does stop cravings without making you feel jittery.

I have tried many, many other weight loss pills claiming to be “all natural” and I ended up having to stop taking them because of the side effects. I was skeptical at first, but I think that they are doing something good. I will re-post in a couple of weeks to give an update. I ordered a two month supply!

Louise (memphyco AT

And from a follow-up email (05/02/08)…

I posted on this site about a month and a half ago when I had just started taking Curvelle. I am almost finished with the two bottles that I ordered and I still say that they do work.

I have been dieting for over 20 years straight, off and on, and the reason I was not successful is because my willpower totally disappeared about a week after I started any diet.

My cravings are still none existent and I am still satisfied with less food, I am getting compliments on my weight loss and several people have remarked on how I look like I am glowing.

I have lost 15lbs without exercise and eating what I want but much, much less!!! I feel fantastic!! and I will contnue to take Curvelle until I reach my goal. I can’t wait to see what happens when I start excercising. I think that it is a great product.

I have tried curvelle for 1 week and have lost 4 pounds but I also work out. Let me tell you how I felt the first day.

I took the recommended dose 2 pills 2 times daily. I felt jittery the whole day and I did not go to bed until 2am. I did not give up the next day I reread the article in the magazine 1st for woman and re-read that if you are sensative to caffeine to cut the dose in half, so I did and I feel fine after that.

Curvelle is great to control sugar cravings and appetite — the only problem is it gives me heart burn.

Eva (eva2cc AT

Curvelle DID make me feel VERY jittery and agitated. I was like a crazy person taking this stuff (exactly according to the directions on the bottle).

If you a sensitive to caffeine, this will probably not work for you. Stick to a healthy diet with portion control and get some exercise. THAT really is the magic bullet.

Allison (tobycat44 AT

Just finished my first bottle of Curvelle.. Wow.. very impressed. I have absolutely and I do mean absolutely tried any and everything. This was awesome. The results are subtle, I mean nothing short of starving yourself is going to make the weight jump off. It was awesome.

I immediately felt increased energy and with a low fat diet, about 30 or 35 grams a day which is generous – I lost 5 lbs in my first week and the same the next week.

So I did an experiment. I ate what I wanted to the last two weeks and found that I really wasn’t as hungry especially when it came to sweets.

Miraculously I still lost 2 to 3 lbs a week. So after my first bottle I’m down 15 lbs! Just ordered my second bottle!

Delores ([email protected])

I have been taking Curvelle now for a month. I love it! It is great for appetite supression. I have lost 6 pounds but I do exercise and eat fairly healthy.

I really think the Curvelle has helped me with eating. When I take the recommended dose of 2 capsules with breakfast and lunch I noticed I do not eat as much as usual. Im also not craving sweets!

I will continue to use this product. It is awesome!

Sandy (sandy.n.tennessee AT

And from follow-up e-mail (February 23, 2008)…

This is my 2nd comment about Curvelle. Im on my 2nd bottle. It is a wonderful appetite suppressant for me! I didn’t take them for about a week and noticed I was very hungry. I started them back and I almost had to force myself to eat at meals. I do not have any side effects from the pills.

I noticed I can not take them with so many hours of bedtime or they will keep me up. I have energy galore. Ive increased my working out. Right now, I take 2 before breakfast and 2 with lunch. Sometimes I might take 1 before I workout in the afternoon but I usually try not to take them after lunch so I can sleep at night. Curvelle is wonderful!

And from another follow-up e-mail (April 22, 2008)…

When I take Curvelle it curves my appetite and also gives me “energy”. I have been working out 4-5 days per week and eating healthy and have lost a total of 7 pounds and 8 inches so far. I really think you have to use Curvelle along with diet/exercise to have the best effect.

And from a fourth e-mail (July 22, 2008)…

This is another follow-up on Curvelle. Im still using it with excellent results. It gives me energy to do hour long workouts! Im now running 5K’s. Curvelle is helping me with my fitness goals! Ive lost 12 pounds and several inches! Im so excited about this product. I highly recommend it!

I have tried different pills that made me extremely jittery and sometimes even throw up.

Curvelle is awesome!

TONS of energy, no jitters, I haven’t even wanted sweets in a month! I feel hungry at times, but when I go to eat, I barely make a dent in the amount I used to eat.

Make sure you don’t take a dose more than 4 or 5 hours before bedtime. I’m on my 2nd bottle and am down 11 lbs. It took about a week and a half, taking them 3 times a day to really start losing weight and curve hunger.

I definitely plan on staying on them until I am down to my ideal weight. Then I might only take them once or twice a day.

Angela (akfeezor AT

I just started using Curvelle on Saturday and it is now Tuesday and I have already lost 2.5 lbs.

I go to the gym 4 days a week and do 40 minutes on the ellipitcal machine along with abs and weights. I am really trying to target shrinking my midsection and hopefully Curvelle will help 🙂

Positive results so far……will let you know as time progresses!

Jill (jiggyglowworm99 AT

I’ve only been taking Curvelle for 2 weeks, and have seen already awsome results. I’m a college kid, so I gained a little weight.

Taking Curvelle, then sticking to a routine workout in the gym, I’ve already lost 10 pounds in two weeks, I Kid you not. I went from 140, and dropped down to about 130.

I love it, because it also gives me some extra energy, but doesn’t make me crash. I highly recomend it.

Britney (britneyfunccius AT

This product is fabulous!

I’ve been taking 2 capsules when I wake in the morning and 1 or 2 before lunch since Saturday and I’ve lost 3.5 lbs (and this is Thursday).

I was on Alli off and on for the past few months and didn’t lose (or gain). I did 15 minutes on the treadmill Saturday, and then ran 5 miles. I’ve had more energy to work out than ever before and my cravings for salty and sugary foods have subsided.

I actually crave fruits and veggies. (i am a meat & potatoes girl from the midwest). I take insulin for type-1 diabetes and have had to contact my Dr. about lowing my dosage already. My goal is to lose 15-20 lbs of fat and build muscle, and I am well on my way in only 6 days.

Kaycee (kwood1960 AT

I have been using Curvelle for 2 weeks. I have not lost any weight. It did give me energy but I could not sleep.

I am only taking one tablet in the AM and at lunch lunch. When night comes I am starving and craving sweets. I am stopping this product today, I ate less off of it. Too much caffeine in it for me.

Britney (atabor01 AT

I read the reviews on this site and an article on Curvelle. I was very impressed with the positive information and looked forward to getting the product.

Sadly, the experience I had with the company that you stated had ethics was horrible. I ordered the product on the 11th of November and had not received any notice of an email stating the order was receive as promised on their web site.

I was forced to make a formal complaint with the BBB regarding the company and it took over a month for them to refund my monies and that was due to many emails originating from ME, not them. I recommend this company to NO One and ethic is not what I saw from them. The BBB has complaints on file besides mine in regards to their ethics.

When I returned the product after finally receiving it three weeks late they stated that they had no record of it. I did a signed UPS delivery because I felt very sure that it would be another trip on the Isatori Merry-Go-Round to get my monies back and it was again.

I had to contact customer service at UPS have them fax a copy of the signature before I was able to get results. I hope that the other products they carry are great as their service and Ethics are horrible

C (cnaumec AT

Paul’s comments: Definitely unacceptable. Isatori simply did not have the staff on hand to handle the huge response generated by the Curvelle article published in the “First For Women” magazine. While I’m disappointed by this, I can assure you that the majority of people’s experiences with this company are extremely positive.

I just finished my 2nd bottle of Curvelle. I absolutely love it! I have only been using Curvelle a half hour before my exercise routine and I feel great while I exercise, more energetic and the engergy carries me though my whole day without taking more than one dose daily.

Mind you, I am a petite woman so I do not need a full dosage. I have lost 10 pounds with Curvelle, healthy eating and exercise. Curvelle helps me work out long and hard to build lean muscle.

I do recommend this product!

Josee (happyjosie AT

Okay so I can’t claim that I lost a lot of weight on this product.

However I can honestly say that I feel amazing when I take it and I have noticed a marked increase in my energy level and general motivation. Also I am able to concentrate better when taking it.

Despite all the comments that claim otherwise I have seen a difference in my hair, skin and nails. I take two capsules in the morning and one capsule at lunch. It really helps me not to feel sluggish after lunch. So is it a miracle product?

If I worked out and watched my diet I am almost sure I would lose more weight…go figure!! That is really the only fail-safe way to lose weight in the first place! But I will continue to take Curvelle as a supplement if nothing else.

Jeannine (jkcrph AT

So I used Curvelle for about three weeks (1 bottle). I am currently trying to lose weight on Nutrisystem, and was looking for a product to help me with my hunger while on the program (the food is skimpy at best and I work out five days a week at least. It’s about 1200 calories… not enough!) So basically, I was hungry all of the time and decided to try Curvelle to help me with cravings.

All I can say is “meh.”

At first it seemed to help a lot in that I wasn’t thinking about food every waking minute, but I still craved things like cake or chocolate…did not notice a reduction in sugar cravings really. Did not notice a significant energy boost either, but then again, I am not sensitive to caffeine in the least. Might try Curvelle again at some point, maybe give it a full month or two, but I just ordered LS7, so I’m going to try that and see if there is any improvement.

Kate (catwoman032787 AT

I searched the Internet for days looking for a “aid” in losing weight. I decided on Curvelle. I have been using it for three-four weeks now.

It has suppressed my appetite, but not to the point where I’m starving myself, it has given me energy and I have lost 5 lbs and kept it off.

Curvelle gives me the “good feeling” energy, not the crash and burnout energy that you get from caffeine or anyother stimulant. I can’t wait to buy my next batch! Hope this helps others with their decision.

Victoria (mistymv6 AT

Have only started using Curvelle, but am impressed so far.

It has exceeded my expectations – my appetite was suppressed, my sugar crazing curbed (I have a strong “sugar” tooth), and I have more energy.

In the beginning, my stomach was a little upset initially after taking it, but no more. And it took a few days to figure out the best dosage for me – 2 tablets, 30 min. before breakfast, and 2 tablets mid afternoon.

I have a lot to lose, so am curious if the effects will continue or diminish…

Sue ([email protected])

I have bought Curvelle 2 weeks ago and I found a HUGE difference in my sugar craving!

I used to not be able to eat a meal without a desert after (weather it was breakfast lunch or supper) now with Curvelle I can (no joke) EASILY say no to a desert!

It feels GREAT!

It doesn’t give you the jitters or nausea like other fat burners I have tried…I LOVE CURVELLE! 🙂

Mel ([email protected]

I just placed an order yesterday (10/23/08) with Isatori via your website for Curvelle.

Not 5 minutes after placing the order, I received a email confirmation of my order.

Later on yesterday, I received another email that my order has shipped and I received the tracking info.

I have to say that to me that is excellent customer service. I look forward to trying Curvelle and I will keep you posted on my results.

Jennifer (mgichands2003 AT

I having been taking Curvelle for about a year now. I had started a diet and workout routine before that but tried Curvelle and noticed it made staying on a healthy diet and workout so much easier. No speedy side effects or crashing at the end of the day. I kind of felt calm and at ease.

I have always had a problem with slight water retention and that was gone as well.

I recommend it. It’s a little pricey, but worth it. I had been trying to lose weight for fourteen years and I am happy to say Curvelle has helped me accomplish that goal. With about seventy pounds to lose overall, I am down to the last twenty! Thanks!

AJ Larue (ajlarue8 AT

I ordered Curvelle this past Sunday just before Thanksgiving and the package arrived Tuesday morning. I’m sure it helps that I live about 35 miles from the shipment headquarters, but regardless, I was impressed with the speed of the transaction, particularly after reading some others’ experiences. So, thumbs up as far as shipment goes, definitely!

I have been working out religiously for the last year, at least four times a week, an hour each day of cardio plus weight training. I have had no success with weight loss, and in fact, actually gained about 15 lbs in the last year. About two weeks ago I started very carefully tracking my calories and working out twice a day at least three days a week, and working out once a day for 2-3 days each week, and have lost 6.5 lbs thus far.

I don’t know how much I have lost yet taking Curvelle, as it has only been one day (I’ll definitely update on this though), but I can say that even with my caffeine sensitivity, I have been okay with this product. Several years ago I took ephedra (when it was legal) and it was the only thing that ever helped me lose weight (I in fact lost 50 lbs using it and was severely disappointed when it was taken off the market). I took two pills on Tuesday at about 11AM and did feel a bit shakey, however, I think this was due to me working out twice by this point in the day and not having much food. Once I had lunch, I was fine.

I feel almost instant energy after taking Curvelle (within 10 minutes) and it made this morning’s work out great. I normally can run for 30 minutes before I have to walk or use the elliptical or some other machine. This morning, I ran for 50 minutes, and would’ve been able to do more if my husband hadn’t been tapping his foot behind me trying to get me to stop. Needless to say, I can see the energy increase most certainly.

I’m looking forward to seeing if this actually helps me in losing weight on a continuous basis. I bought a three month supply so I can really test it out and will update with any additional thoughts or results.

Poe (poetess976 AT

I am just on my first bottle of Curvelle. I haven’t worked out for about 3.5 months, due to work, school, and arranging a birthday party for over 100 people. The party was a success, but I could have been slimmer had I continued my workouts 4x a week and had Curvelle at the time. Oh well, spilled milk.

Moving forward, I ordered Curvelle and immediately afterward, received an email confirming my order and another when the product shipped and the date of delivery. Wonderful!

This is my second week and it’s too soon to notice any physical changes, but something’s going on. I concentrate more at work (law firm secretary), I’m motivated for my evening classes, and to workout.

My food intake is light and cravings for fattening foods have diminished. I mean I WANT to eat healthy and Curvelle helps with that. I’m fuller on less food, but I eat small meal 5x a day.

I’ll check back soon for an update on my progress. (BTW, my family thinks I’m always on a new weightloss gimmick, be that as it may, I just can’t give up…at any cost). You never know, the one product and fitness program MAY BE THE ONE one day.

Keep trying is my motto!

Linda (etherial AT

This is my 4th week of using Isatori’s Curvelle and although I have not weighed myself at the end of every week to track weight loss, I feel fantastic and the clothes that used to be a bit snug are now loose fitting!

I have cut caffeine out of my diet completely (used to drink about 2 cups of coffee/day), since I have started taking these pills. I started out taking 1 in the morning, and one in the afternoon. The first couple of days I tried this, I had 1 mild stomach cramp, used the bathroom & that was the end of that.

Since then, I have upped my morning dosage to 2 pills and if I need the caffeine push, I will take one in the afternoon, but I will never take one after 3pm for fear that I will never get to sleep since I have a hard time sleeping as it is. Curvelle not only slimmed me down & helped me lose the ‘unloseable fat’ that I gained from my pregnancy around my belly, thighs and hips, but it gives me the caffeine/energy push I need to sustain me through the day.

At the end of the day (10pm), I am ready to go to bed…not amped (thank God). I can see where this may not be good for people who are sensitive to caffeine. I did not suffer from any side effects (jittery, nausea, insomnia) with this product, I HIGHLY recommend it. I lost more inches on this pill alone than dieting & heavy exercising 3-4 days a week. I was OBSESSED with trying to lose the excess belly fat I gained, and Curvelle has helped me do this. I feel great, I look great – I can wear clothes I never thought I’d be able to wear again. My belly is almost flat.

I haven’t been able to workout religiously like in the summertime because I’ve gone back to school and I am working full time (aside from having a 2 1/2 year old), so Curvelle is working wonders by suppressing appetite for sugar and junk food. I am eating healthy and moderate portions. it definitely curbs appetite, for I used to be hungry ALL THE TIME.

I was not fat by any means (before pregnancy, I was 5’0″ 98 lbs), but I gained a considerable amount of weight during pregnancy – I shot up to 160lbs, and after giving birth and working out, I got down to only 125, and I fluctuated between 125-130.

I have a VERY small frame, so people notice the difference between 98lbs and 130lbs on me, so a lot of people would comment (not realizing it was very rude and that I was sensitive to their comments). I never considered myself overweight, fat or chubby, I am very active and am constantly on the go. I had some typical trouble spots (thighs and stomach) and Curvelle has wiped out that insecurity for me.

Now, all I have to do is get back into the gym and I have no doubt I’ll be looking better than before I was pregnant! CURVELLE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Side Note: I chose to use Curvelle because of your website, I was VERY skeptical about diet pills and always thought it was a bunch of hocus pocus crap that people took to feel better. After reading comments on here and reading about Isatori’s REAL money back gauruntee (which is rare), I decided to take a shot at it. I am glad I did. Thanks Ultimate Fat Burner! I’m a believer!

Nathalie(njchan704 AT

I had a terrible time on Curvelle. Not only did it actually INCREASE my appetite, but I also felt weak, nauseous and very emotional. I spent two weekends in a row in bed just sleeping and crying.

Throughout the week I would have a hard time focusing at work, and afterwards I had no energy to do anything, let alone exercise. I tried adjusting my dosage but it didn’t make a difference.

It took me 2 weeks to accept that it was the Curvelle that was making me feel so poorly- I had wanted it to work so much! I know you are supposed to take it for at least 2 months, but I couldn’t let it affect my health, my job or my relationship for any longer than those first 2 weeks.

Since going off it I have felt on top of the world- so, if anything, it made me appreciate how good life is and how little my body shape matters! I’m not saying that everyone will respond the same way as I did- hopefully this will work for you.

Mel (melaus_10 AT

I recently was prescribed steriods for a medical condition. I gained almost 20 pounds going from 140 to 160 pounds in just a few months. Once I plateaued on the weight gain I started to diet with Weight Watchers.

Curvelle has been a big help. I take two in the morning and two at lunchtime. I do not notice anything when I take them but when I forget I tend to eat and snack much more. And I am much more likely to deviate from my diet. I found when I took Curvelle at night it kept me up so I don’t take it after 2pm.

I have no jitters or other side effects you normally get with diet pills. It just takes the edge off so I don’t snack or over eat. Since I have started using Curvelle with Weight Watchers I have been loosing an average of a pound a week. Curvelle allows me to stick with the diet. It is not a miracle pill but it is the best diet aid I have ever used. I decided to use it after reading the review and user comments on this site and I recommend it to anyone who needs a little extra help sticking with a diet routine.

Carol (vaevents AT

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