CurvaTrim Review: The Breast Enhancing, Libido-Boosting, Acne Eliminating Weight Loss Miracle Pill? -

CurvaTrim Review: The Breast Enhancing, Libido-Boosting, Acne Eliminating Weight Loss Miracle Pill?

CurvaTrim (the #1 Female Body Enhancement Formula — if you believe the advertising) has generated plenty of review requests from visitors lately. Given the surge of interest in the product, I thought it was time to take a closer look at the newest ”

And boy, was I disappointed.

Heck, I hadn’t been on the CurvaTrim web site for more than 10 seconds before my “spider senses” were tingling. I had a very real and distinct feeling of “deja-review”… I had reviewed this product before. And after a few minutes of checking my notes I discovered I was right.

Curvatrim, it seems, is exactly the same product as Xylestril (reviewed here!). The product labels pictured on the individual product web sites confirm it; the same ingredient profile, same order of ingredients, same dosage, same amount of active ingredient per dosage — the only thing that differs slightly is the product’s label.

Like CurvaTrim, Xylestril also claims to be a sexual stimulant that builds breast size and facilitates weight loss. None of these claims have a single iota of scientific evidence to validate them.

In fact, The US Federal Trade Commission has sued several “breast enhancement” companies for making similar claims… there are simply no known herbal or natural substances that increase breast size. If there were, there would be no market for cosmeticbreast enhancement surgery.

To read the complete Xylestril review (and therefore the CurvaTrim review), click here!

Why would a company market the same product under two names?

I can’t think of any genuine reasons. Certainly none that benefit you, the customer. Any time I’ve seen this done, it’s to take advantage of you — selling you a “different” product that is in fact, no different at all.

No ethical, credible company would partake in such a scheme! And I have serious doubts about whomever is selling these products! Just try to find out a little about the “company” behind either one of these products. For instance…

The web sites reveal no information at all; there is no physical address, no personal names, no company statement—no nothing. Just an e-mail address. These folks are definitely keeping a low profile… and can you blame them, considering? No… this is hardly confidence inspiring.

Bottom line?

Sure, the ingredient profile of Xylestril (or CurvaTrim, as they are both the same) does contain a couple of useful and “healthful” ingredients. But there’s nothing here that will make your breasts grow or your acne disappear.

And while there are a few ingredients that may have some benefits for libido boosting (i.e., damiana and avena sativa), it’s the fat burning element of the formulation that is the most potent (i.e., green tea, ginger root, razberi k, fenugreek, cinnamon, and chocamine are included).

Regardless, it’s doubtful the relatively small amount of active ingredients included in this formulation will elicit much of an effect.

And of course, you have to factor in the fact that whoever is manufacturing these products is using unethical tactics and keeping a very low profile.

So unless you like being disappointed and have plenty of extra money to waste, I’d give CurvaTrim a miss.

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