CortiStress Fat Burner Review: Does CortiStress Reduce Stubborn Belly Fat? -

CortiStress Fat Burner Review: Does CortiStress Reduce Stubborn Belly Fat?

CortiStress is one of several products (see also Relacore and CortiSlim) claiming to reduce “stubborn belly fat” caused by the combination of a stressful lifestyle and an overabundance of the stress hormone cortisol.

Of course, CortiStress offers other “benefits” as well. For instance, retailers claim it can suppress appetite while increasing resting energy expenditure.

So, is there anything to these claims?


The main ingredients in CortiStress — magnolia bark and theanine — may indeed have some stress-reducing characteristics. However, there’s no evidence validating any of the claims made by the retailers as they pertain to weight loss. No, not one tiny bit.

Magnolia bark, when taken in isolation, might very well be helpful as a stress reducer (but not for weight loss!). This argument also pertains to theanine.

However, if you’d like to experiment with magnolia bark or theanine for their stress-reducing characteristics, there are much cheaper ways to do so.

And unfortunately for Window Rock Health Laboratories, the makers of both CortiStress and CortiSlim*, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission didn’t think so either. In January 2007 the FTC nailed them with $12 million in fines for making false and unsubstantiated claims about their products.

Again, the message is a clear one…

While some of the better weight loss supplements may offer some help in the battle of the bulge, there is no magic pill, nor is there any real alternative to diet and exercise.

Products like CortiStress and Relacore (how the latter product has eluded the FTC I’ll never know) that promise results without effort are not being forthright with you.


*CortiSlim is now under new ownership.

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