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Cha de Bugre To Suppress Appetite?

Cha de Bugre, or Cordia salicifolia as it is also known, is a small tree indigenous to Brazil and the tropical forests of Paraguay and Argentina.

For years, Cha de Bugre has been marketed as a weight loss aid in Brazil, where it is advertised to suppress appetite and reduce cellulite while acting as a diuretic.

Despite this, almost no clinical evidence of any sort on Cha de Bugre exists, and there’s certainly no evidence to validate the appetite-suppressing and cellulite burning characteristics advertised by some retailers.

Still, anecdotal reports suggest it may be helpful in suppressing the appetite somewhat, at least for some people.

Additionally, it’s relatively inexpensive to experiment with, should you be interested in doing so; a 60-cap bottle retails for around $10 at (use the coupon code FAT259 to receive $5 off your first order).

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