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Cellasene Scam: Slims Your Wallet, Not Your Waistline!

Cellasene, the once-popular weight loss aid has fallen on hard times. Although once termed a “miracle anti-fat pill”, and labeled the “viagra of cellulite” by Rexall company officials, the makers of Cellasene are now in big, BIG trouble.

Cellasene burst onto the weight-loss scene back in 1999 with a surge of publicity, and outrageous claims of effectiveness. This miracle product apparently “targeted” cellulite, and melted it away with deadly efficiency.

Of course, these claims were absolute rubbish, as the only way to effectively target problem fat areas is with a plastic surgeon’s scalpel. Nonetheless, the claims were made – backed by results of the company’s own in-house testing.

And of course, people burst into stores – in some cases actually brawling over the limited supply of the stuff. However, the honeymoon with Cellasene was extremely short-lived. It didn’t take long before U.S. Federal Regulators stepped in, concerned that methodology used by the company to substantiate its claims were flawed.

And lo and behold, looks like the company was actually skewing the results in their favor. Whoops! Now they are facing or in the midst of several class action suits, most claiming the company deceived consumers by misrepresenting Cellasene’s ability to reduce cellulite.

In Canada, Health Canada has ruled Cellasene to be in violation of Federal Laws. Why? Because “the company has failed to provide evidence to support its scientific claims.”

Nice work! Would you buy from these guys?

So what does this product actually contain, and does it have any merit at all as a diet aid?

Good question!

The only semi-beneficial ingredient is borage oil. This oil contains a significant amount of gamma linolenic acid (GLA). GLA is a Omega 6 fatty acid which has been shown to display beneficial effects (as an anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulant, and regulator of the body’s micro-hormones). Unfortunately there’s no indication it does anything to burn fat. A fat loss miracle pill? A cellulite killer? Definitely not.

If you want to obtain the healthful benefits of supplementing with EFAs (essential fatty acids), buy a high grade compilation of oils (such as Udo’s Ultimate Oil), or the isolated active ingredient — either as borage or evening primrose oil. You’ll get 10X the amount of active ingredient for 1 fifth of the price.

Cellasene… trims the fat off your wallet, but not off your waistline. Final analysis? Overpriced, and almost totally useless. Skip this one.

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of UltimateFatBurner.com. His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.


  1. I used a cellasene product years ago before it was pulled off the market. The box said it was to help “eliminate the APPEARANCE of cellulite”. I did not see anything on the box saying it was a weight loss product. I wasn’t happy when it was pulled off the market because it did work for me. no weight loss just the elimination of the APPEARANCE of cellulite. My husband noticed the difference and he didn’t know I was taking anything. I was very unhappy to see it pulled from the market.

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    • Worked for me
      Would like yo purchase again

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