Tom Venuto's "The Body Of Your Dreams" Teleseminar -

Tom Venuto’s “The Body Of Your Dreams” Teleseminar

Tom Venuto, author of the fantastic publication “Burn The Fat” (reviewed in full here), has teamed up with Kacper Postawski (co-founder of the Powerful Sleep program) to release “The Body Of Your Dreams” MP3 Audio Teleseminar.

It’s a 4-part audio series, downloadable directly to your computer in the form of MP3 files (each file also comes with an accompanying Adobe PDF transcript file, so you can review the audio in written format, if that’s what you prefer). The files are quite large, so I recommend you either have a high-speed Internet connection, or a lot of patience if you are stuck on a dial-up Internet connection.

The real benefit of this audio series is that it allows you the flexibility to learn without being stuck in front of the computer (or a book) reading. The MP3 files can be burned to a CD, allowing you the flexibility to listen to them in your car, at work, or whatever. Or they can be transferred to your MP3 player, to be enjoyed just about anywhere.

If you’re new to teleseminars, they are basically a taped telephone interview, which may or may not have audience involvement (on Tom’s seminars, you’ll hear the audience being asked to say “hello”). The audio quality, while not superior like that of a studio produced recording, is perfectly acceptable. There’s no difficulty in hearing what either Tom or the interviewer, Kacper, have to say. If you’re balking at the idea of paying money for a taped telephone conversation remember…

It’s not the quality of the audio you’re paying for, but ideas and information contained therin.

As far as the actual content of the teleseminar goes, the material is very similar to that presented in Tom’s Burn The Fat publication. That’s not a bad thing of course. Critical concepts, such as subconscious programming (examined in Prt I) for instance, really benefit from a full “audio” explanation, if that makes any sense.

Much like Burn the Fat, you should know that this is no “lightweight” course. If you’re looking for a few recipes and a couple of tips to get you started on your way to weight loss, this isn’t for you. There are hours of solid material here — material that will really deepen your understanding of how your body works, how your subconscious works, and the interconnection between your mind, body, food, and exercise.

In short, unless you’ve done a heckuva lot of research already, you will be introduced to new concepts, some of which may not be immediately easy to grasp. That’s OK though, Tom’s a great teacher, and there’s always that “rewind” button, right?

To get a greater understanding of the concepts outlined in Tom’s teleseminar, I recommend reading my review of his Burn The Fat publication.

Click here to do so now — the review will open in a new window so you won’t lose your place here. Once you’ve finished reading, close of the window to return here!

In general, I’d say that if you are willing to make the commitment to really listening to this program, you can’t help but be closer to your goals upon completion… no matter what they are. There’s mounds of great info here!

However, if you already own the “Burn The Fat” publication you probably do not need the teleseminar, unless you feel you’d really benefit from audio files (if in doubt, keep in mind that this teleseminar comes with a full money back guarantee, and you can always ask for a refund if you are not happy… you will be refunded!).

Bottom line?

Another winner from Tom. Definitely.

Learn more about the Body Of Your Dreams Teleseminar here!

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