BioSlim Fat Burner Review & Information -

BioSlim Fat Burner Review & Information

BioSlim sells “all natural” weight loss systems for adults, and, get this, for children. Product advertising claims BioSlim is ‘the most powerful, most healthful weight loss system ever created,” and that it is “hailed as a medical breakthrough.”

Of course, there’s no clinical evidence of any sort validating “the most powerful, healthful” claim, and the only people who are “hailing” BioSlim as a medical breakthrough are their own advertising department.

For adults, the BioSlim comes as a $89 kit — ” the BioSlim 2000 Ultra.” It contains the…

  • Ultra Accelerator: used for the first 12 days to “kick-start your success” (whatever that means)
  • Ultra SlimTone Formula: for use after the completion of the first 12 days
  • Ultra Vita/Min Plus: a vitamin/mineral combination used in conjunction with the Ultra SlimTone Formula

… as well as a cookbook, an activity planner, a “doctor’s reference manual”, and the BioSlim video guide.

Neither the Ultra Accelerator or the Ultra SlimTone Formula sports a very revolutionary formulation. The crux of both formulas is a pyruvate-green tea-chromium blend of indiscriminate strength and potency (although advertised as the “most potent” blah, blah, blah, we don’t actually get to see how much of each ingredient is included in each product. That’s very seldom a good sign).

The youth formulas are not significantly different than the adult ones. However, BioSlim advertises the youth formula as containing “no harmful stimulants.”

This is debatable — the youth formulas contain citrus aurantium, which is standardized for synephrine, a chemical cousin to ephedra. Although milder than ephedra, synephrine is very definitely a stimulant (see Ann Pharmacother. 2006 Jan;40(1):53-7. Epub 2005 Nov 29), and in my opinion, not suitable for use in 7 year old children (the youth formula is advertised for those children aged 7-15).

Let’s look at these three ingredients in details…

  • Pyruvate (reviewed here): Research shows that pyruvate may indeed help people lose weight as well as contribute to greater performance or endurance gains. Unfortunately, any positive results obtained with pyruvate were with people taking between 10-15 times the recommended dose, and the results, although positive, were not earth shattering. Taking pyruvate at a level shown to have any effect is also extremely expensive, and I therefore doubt there’s enough in this formula to make any difference.
  • Green tea (reviewed here!): a potent antioxidant, there is some evidence green tea may indeed be a beneficial fat burner. Green tea is also a source of caffeine, something BioSlim claims their products do not contain. Unfortunately, it’s not revealed (on the web site anyway) just how much green tea and its essential catechins and polyphenols the formula contains, so it’s hard to assess its efficacy.
  • Chromium (reviewed here!): useful here for its insulin-regulating function. BioSlim claims chromium can reduce body fat and help build lean body, but these benefits are grossly exaggerated. It’s the blood-sugar moderating effect that makes this ingredient useful.

There’s also an array of healthful vitamins, minerals and a few herbs but nothing much beyond what you’d get in a decent herbal/vitamin formula. Included in the Vita/Min plus is Vitamin C, because it “is a potent antioxidant that promotes a healthy immune system and may also help in the removal of fat.”

Oh oh.

Removal of fat? You’re kidding right? Any product that claims (or contains ingredients that claim) to flush or “remove” fat from your system has to be viewed with the highest degree of skepticism.

That’s because as far as your body is concerned, fat is nothing more than a food and calorie source. Your body does not “flush” or remove fat — it burns it as energy. And that’s the only way you can lose fat… to burn it as energy.

One of the problems I have with the BioSlim package is this…

If you use the accompanying activity planner and cookbook, it’s likely you’ll be making the changes in your life required to lose weight… without the product formulas.

Exercise and healthy eating are critical to any weight loss program — moreso than the strongest fat burner on the planet. So for the BioSlim program, the highly lauded formulas really don’t provide you with much in the way of additional benefits.

Although I’d advise against it, if you are considering ordering the BioSlim package, you may want to check out these consumer complaints about BioSlim. Seems like many online supplement retailers, BioSlim is quick to add you to a monthly recurring billing program, and not-so-quick to remove you from it.

BioSlim claims to offer a “6-week money-back product guarantee”, but this only applies to first time purchases of the “Complete Kit, Family Pack, or 2-Adult Special”, and not to reorders or refills. Be sure to review their guarantee and returns policy before you decide to purchase. And if you’ve experienced problems with the guarantee, please post them , so others may learn from your experience.

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