Beta-Slim™ Fat Burner Review -

Beta-Slim™ Fat Burner Review

It’s not uncommon for retailers of fat burners like Beta-Slim™ to “push the envelope” when it comes to advertising claims (heck, that’s exactly what gets most of them into trouble with the Federal Trade commission). Bio-Globe Labs, the makers of Beta-Slim™, have taken this to a whole new level with the claims about Beta Slim™.

Their claims?…

That their product incorporates a “scientific breakthrough” that “will help you drop pounds and trim inches” without changing your diet, hard exercise, or even without trying. They also claim that “you will never be forced to give up the foods you love”, and “absolutely nobody is immune to this powerful, natural process.”

A miracle?


An accurate representation of the results attainable by this product? An accurate representation of the realities of losing weight?


Beta-Slim™ contains chitosan, an all-natural fiber derived from the shells of crustaceans (it really sucks to be a crustacean these days).

Chitosan has been studied for its possible use as a fat blocker. Unfortunately, the results were dismal.

Although it does appear that chitosan can reduce cholesterol and blood lipid levels, a recent study confirmed that chitosan simply does not cause weight loss in healthy people (click here for the full chitosan review!)

Additionally, the Federal Trade Commission has already taken action against several retailers of “fat blocking” products, charging that their claims have no basis in fact.

At the time of this writing, Beta-Slim no longer appears to be for sale on the Bio-Globe Web site (although the product is still featured prominently on the home page. Has the FTC moved in to curb these claims? I wonder…

As you’ve probably guessed by now, I do not recommend Beta-Slim. The claims made by the company have absolutely no basis in fact. Worse still, the ingredient in the product, chitosan, has not been shown to be effective for weight loss.

Save your money.

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