Anatrim Fat Burner Review: Are You Tired Of Anatrim Spam? -

Anatrim Fat Burner Review: Are You Tired Of Anatrim Spam?

Every day, along with the usual garbage promising instant riches, insider stock trading advice, and ways to ensure my girlfriend is completely satisfied, I can count on receiving a couple of “spam” (unsolicited) e-mails promising miraculous weight loss, courtesy of the amazing new product Anatrim.

Please… be very wary of such claims. Why? Several reasons. First off…

Spamming, or sending marketing e-mail to people who have not specifically requested to receive it, is illegal in the U.S. and several other countries. That makes the marketers of this product criminals, and as such they have neither ethics nor credibility.

Buying from such people not only endorses such activity, it ensures that you will continue to receive plenty of “spam” in your inbox for a long time to come. It also seriously calls into question the quality of their product, and their approach to serving the needs of customers.

Thanks to Cameron (cls AT for doing some research on his own and sending this in…

I tried a little experiment. I saved every Anatrim spam email I received for a couple of weeks. Then I examined the headers to see how the messages were sent, and looked up where the Web sites being promoted were hosted.

Every one of the spams was sent from a compromised server or trojaned home PC. None was sent legitimately. It’s against the law to do that. It’s very much like climbing up somebody’s billboard in the middle of the night and painting your own advertisement on top of the legitimate one.

Every one of the spams was hosted on one of those “bullet proof” spammer hosting places in China. The sites stay up because the spammers pay extra for them to ignore what few complaints get through.

Every one of the spammer domains was less than a week old. They are burning through them because it takes about a week for them to get listed in the spam filters at the big ISPs. Legitimate businesses can use the same domain name for ten years.

And every one of them was associated with the criminal spammers Leo Kuvayev and Alex Polyakov. You can look these guys up on You can look up their dossiers at the Registry of Known Spam Operations at

This Anatrim stuff is the product of an international crime gang! It’s promoted by illegal means. No wonder you can’t figure out who makes it. Would you put that stuff in your body?

Another visitor (Greg — greg AT sent me these comments…

I have not used Anatrim, but I do have some experience with the way it is marketed. Specifically, my domain is being used as a return address on spam they are sending out.

So “rejected as spam” bounce messages have been flooding my inbox for the past 3 days.

Lovely people.

NEVER use a product that is marketed by spam. All you are doing is proving that spam *works*. Don’t do that.

Here’s another important point …

The claims made by these marketing e-mails are completely false as are the testimonials they contain. Anatrim, for instance, is not “recommended by Oprah”, nor was it covered by respected news outlets “like CNN.”

This is complete hogwash.

The primary ingredient in Anatrim, called Hoodia gordonii, has received some coverage in the mainstream press, but to date, there is no reliable scientific evidence that it does anything for weight loss. Additionally, real Hoodia is an endangered species and is almost impossible to obtain.

In fact, Hoodia is one of the most “overhyped” and unsubstantiated weight loss products on the Net at this time (for those of you who wish to read a complete review of Hoodia, please click here!. If you’d rather read what site visitors have to say about the effectiveness of various hoodia products, please click here!).

Bottom line? Stay away from Anatrim and the people that market it.

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