Anatril Fat Burner Review & Information -

Anatril Fat Burner Review & Information

Anatril is yet another of the scores of hoodia-based fat burners currently flooding the market. Most hoodia-based weight loss products promise to curb cravings and manage appetite, and Anatril is no exception.

Unfortunately, although hoodia is one of the most hyped weight products going these days, there’s not a shred of real evidence that it’s good for anything — yes, despite its many references in popular media (look for the “featured on 60 Minutes” banner on the web site selling your hoodia product. You’ll probably see “As featured on Oprah somewhere there too!).

In fact, real hoodia is an endangered species and is not even supposed to be exported from Africa. For a complete review of hoodia, please click here!

We also put Amie Gannt, our intrepid product tester on the top-rated hoodia product for a month. If you’re interested, you can read about her experiences with hoodia here!

In addition to hoodia, Anatril contains a sprinkling of other ingredients…

Garcina cambogia: standardized for hydroxycitric acid (HCA). Once thought to be useful as a carb blocker, new research has pretty much laid HCA to rest (you can read a full review of HCA here).

New, more potent versions are available, but that’s not what is included in this formula.

Green tea: A great addition to any product because of its antioxidant properties, there’s also evidence green tea demonstrates weight loss benefits (you can read a full review of green tea here).

Unfortunately, Anatril contains a relatively small amount of green tea, and it does not contain caffeine — which in combination with green tea can greatly enhance fat burning effects (Obes Res. 2005 Jul; 13(7): 1195-204).

Also included are dandelion root (a diuretic), spirulina, and ginger root (a digestive aid, with possible metabolism-boosting effects).

Bottom line?

Anatril is a very expensive product (the web site I visited sold a 1-month supply for $74.95). Alas, there’s no justification for this price… it’s a weak, mediocre formula at best.

It’s sold primarily as a hoodia product, and there’s no evidence that either hoodia works, or that this product actually contains any. And of course, there’s no clinical evidence available to validate any of the statements made on the Web site.

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