Alli Information: Over The Counter Fat Blocking Pill -

Alli Information: Over The Counter Fat Blocking Pill

The diet pill Alli is Glaxo Smith Kline’s “de-tuned” version of the popular diet drug Xenical. Alli contains approximately 50% of the Orlistat present in the Xenical prescription pill. It’s available “over the counter” without a prescription, meaning consumers have complete and easy access to what is arguably a prescription drug.

How does Alli work?

Like Xenical, Alli works in the gut to reduce the amount of fat your body absorbs from a meal. It inhibits the action of the enzyme lipase which is necessary for the absorption of fats in the small intestine and stomach.

Undigested fats are not absorbed and therefore do not add to the caloric balance of any particular meal. This may result in a reduced caloric intake, and therefore, weight loss.

Of course, Alli only blocks the absorption of fat. If you’re consuming low fat meals, you don’t need Alli, Xenical or Orlistat. It won’t do anything to inhibit the absorption of “carbohydrate” calories.

It’s important to make note of this as there’s been a continuing trend of a reduced fat intake over the last few decades, while carbohydrate intake has continued to increase.

In other words, if most of your “bad” calories come from sweets, and not fats, Alli is not for you.

The good news is that like Xenical, very little if any Alli actually enters the bloodstream. It works in the gut and the small intestine. That means it won’t effect the central nervous system like most diet pills.

The bad news is that neither Alli or Xenical differentiate between blocking the “bad” saturated fats and good, cholesterol-lowering poly and monounsaturated fats. Both drugs also inhibit the absorption of fat soluble vitamins and beta-carotene making supplementation with a quality multi-vitamin necessary when using either Alli or Xenical.

What are the Alli side effects?


Prepare yourself for some unpleasantness. Because the fat in a meal does not get absorbed, it has to leave your body somehow — and that’s through the stool. When taken with a high fat meal, possible side effects include bloating, gas, “oily spotting,” diarrhea, and possibly, “anal leakage.” The best way to reduce these nasty side effects is to limit the amount of fat consumed in any meal — no more than 30% of any meal’s calories should come from fat.

It’s although worth noting that The Public Citizen’s Health Research Group (a non profit advocacy group) does not like Xenical, Alli, or Orlistat at all, claiming they can cause gallstones and pre-cancerous abnormalities. Click here for more information on Alli side effects! Additionally, the FDA is investigating Alli for possible liver damage.

What about Alli’s interactions with other drugs? Alli interacts with both warfarin (it increases its effect) and the antibiotic cyclosporine (it decreases its effect).

Bottom line?

Although available over the counter, Alli is, for all intents and purposes, a drug. It should be treated with respect and I would not recommend you take it without first consulting with your physician — especially if you are taking any other medication.

If you’d like information on Xenical, the full dose, prescription version of Alli, you can read the full review here!

Alli Summary
  • Probably one of the best-researched over-the-counter weight loss pills on the market.
  • Works by a known mechanism.
  • Company provides plenty of information on how to use the product safely and effectively.
  • Potential for unpleasant and embarrassing side effects.
  • Pointless if you’re already eating a low-fat diet.
  • Not cheap.
  • May interfere with absorption of healthy fats/fat-soluble nutrients as well.

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  1. I’ve known for a while that their is no “magical-pill” out there that makes you lose weight. I’m also under the impression that absolutely none of the diet pills out their really do anything other than cost us money.

    The big catch for me has always been the “This product has not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to…”

    Seriously, anybody in their right mind can pretty much make up some phony diet pill that “guarantees pounds of fat to be lost.”

    The one thing that caught my eye with Alli is that it is the only FDA approved weight loss aid available in the USA. Not only that, but it is based upon Orlistat.

    So, I buy a bottle, read the directions a few times, and tried it out. I changed my diet up, as it suggests, by eating three meals a day under 10 grams of fat per serving.

    Before I say the results, I just want to mention that I have NEVER lost weight before with any diet pill on the market. Oh, and I guess i should mention my dimensions, too. I’m 5′ 9″, male, and 170 lbs.

    So I follow Alli’s directions to the T for about 3 weeks. I weighed myself on the first day, and lost about a pound. I thought nothing of it. By the end of the week, I was up to 3 pounds. The middle of the next week I had lost 6 pounds. This shocked me. A diet where just about everyday you lose weight.

    I ended up losing about 9 pounds in 3 weeks. I was pretty impressed, felt better, and actually showed a slightly slimmer waist line. But as Alli’s label suggests, users who get off the diet will probably gain the weight back, and then some. And thats exactly what I did.

    This diet leaves you pretty much feeling starving all the time. I mean, 10g of fat per meal, 3X a day is a pretty tiny meal. In a way I went fast food crazy, and started eating all that junk again. Not only did I gain the weight back, but I tacked on about 10 extra pounds. I will say once I get the mental mindset of determination, I will be taking Alli again.

    For me, it worked. You just have to stay with it, and follow your diet exactly. I’m sure I need to look into finding a few good fat-free and reduced calorie foods to snack on. Oh, and for those “negative” side effects everyone talks about, if you follow the diet as suggested, you will not run into any problems.

    If you’re the typical obese American who wants to munch down big mac’s while taking diet pills, you will experience them. And I will be implementing exercise into this diet as well. Bottom line, Alli works. Again, the ONLY FDA approved weight loss aid, PERIOD.

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  2. How long have you taken the product?
    I took it for a week

    Were you dieting in addition to taking the product?

    Yes, it is required; in fact, I did a week flush staying away from fattening foods the week prior.

    Were you exercising in addition to taking the product?

    Yes, I was every day. I had already lost 8pds naturally and only wanted Alli to boost the weight loss.

    What do you like about the product?

    The product was over the counter and FDA approved. It has a lot of information, attractive packaging, and a portable case with tips.

    What do you dislike about the product?

    I followed the strict guidelines and the first two days were great after that I had bathroom troubles, severe tummy pains. I was unable to continue the program, which is expensive.

    I have tried other pills with scary results vomiting for hours or caffeine high and the only reason I gave one more brand a try was because of the FDA stamp. I hoped it would be safe and effective.

    I am done with attempting pills. The old-fashioned way is tried and true — more work but safer. Please don’t waste your money on Alli or any other pill.

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  3. I bought Alli, regardless of the numerous responses I had read saying they saw no results.

    Here’s my theory….while on Alli, you’re supposed to cut back on fat drastically and change your diet. Thats a good thing. If you end up cutting your fat down to under the 15 grams, you don’t really need Alli.

    I mean, its supposed to stop some fat absorption, but if you’re down to barely any fat in your meal, its not gonna do anything for ya. I guess if you plan on still eating a ton of junk, it should help and give you the unpleasant side effects, but if you really watch your diet and cut down to barely any fat, the pill is basically useless and outrageously over priced.

    I took it for a few weeks, but since I already had cut almost all the fat out of my meals, it did nothing. Just nothing. I was so disappointed that I had spent over $60 for something that didn’t do anything beyond my own change of diet.

    I did like that it came with the support website, but overall I was frustrated. I had taken another type of diet pill previously and had lost 20lbs before my wedding in about 2 months time. After the wedding I gained a few back, so I though I’d try Alli.

    Needless to say, Im switching back to the old stuff because it helped. What I really need is something with an ingredient that will help control my hunger, and Alli doesn’t have it. So im miserable struggling not to eat as much, but still so hungry.

    On the other pill, it helped me to feel full longer and not hungry. It also gave me the energy i needed to work out.

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  4. The weight loss is due to reduction in fat. All Alli does is block a little fat.

    If you don’t eat much fat then what is there to really block? It’s like taking your car to a “best” car wash in town, but the rules for this “best” car wash to work is to have all of the dirt already removed before you get there… make sense?

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  5. I was not expecting a “miracle drug” and I don’t believe that Alli is. Personally, it gave me a boost in starting to improve my dietary habits.

    Frankly, I heard about the possible side-effects and determined that, for me, the trade-off wouldn’t be so bad. I’ve been miserable being fat. People who have gastric surgeries to lose weight go through a terrible ordeal. I expected some “cost” to working toward being healthy again.

    During those first few days on Alli I did have some of the symptoms. It was manageable. Only one “mess,” and I learned quickly not to trust the urge to pass gas during times of cramping and “churning.”

    After several days those symptoms went away and I rarely have anything like it now.

    What I learned during those uncomfortable bouts was that I just can’t eat huge amounts of fat. But I can eat enough to have some fun if I am taking the Alli. I can diet and exercise without being too rigid or hard on myself.

    I have lost about 30 pounds in three months. Some days I take the maximum dosage. Other days I don’t need to take any because I don’t have the urge to eat much fat.

    The “miracle” aspect of this medication has been that it has assisted me in changing my behavior. I’m regaining control. When I reach my appropriate weight I’ll put the pills away. I may use them on special occasions, like going to the state fair or to several restaurants during vacation. The other good news is that the undesireable symptoms have vanished for me!

    I would not recommend Alli for everyone. People with digestive disorders might suffer consequences detrimental to their health. People not willing to be patient and persever through a week or two of inconvenience will not be happy. Those not willing to consider a healthier lifestyle will be wasting their time.

    But for healthy people needing the impetus to get started and some initial success to build upon, this is a great way to kick things off.

    Good luck!

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  6. I tried Alli pills because there was so much hype about it and actually in the end it worked. I don’t know how much weight I lost but I lost enough to notice.

    However, the side effects are not so great. I got, oily spotting, and bowel problems and, yeah it was pretty scary but it does what it says.

    It doesn’t allow you to absorb all the fat you consume, but that’s because you’ll be leaking in a bit. So I guess I lost weight because of my fear of eating fatty foods.

    I’ve tried other diet pills, but so far this is the one I’m sticking to to lose weight. Hope this helps.

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  7. I have been on Alli fo about a week, and have not experienced any side effects. I eat a healty diet, so that could be why. I need to lose about 20 lbs., and had hit a plateau with “eating healthy & exercise”. I haven’t been on a scale since I started, so will check this weekend to see if I have any weight loss.

    You do have to watch what you eat; in fact, it’s not a diet, but a lifestyle change. If you lose weight on a “diet”, then go back to bad eating habits, you will always gain the weight back!

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  8. I was on Alli for about 2 months. The first month I was on Alli, I lost about 10 lbs. Since I reached my desired weight I stopped using it and ate healthy.

    I wasnt eating 15g or less of fat after the Alli, but I wasn’t overeating. I gained all the weight I had lost.

    Alli is great if you need something in the back of your head telling you “DONT EAT THAT, YOU’LL REGRET IT LATER” Other than that, I think that the troubles of frequent trips to the bathroom and tummy pains isn’t necassary.

    If you’re an active person who is always outside or running around, I dont think Alli is for you. After a meal, just make sure you have a bathroom near because the side effects are not pleasant.

    When I DID lose the weight I was working and going to school and the only food around was Subway. I stuck to eating the FreshFit Subs which are usually 6g of fat and are filling..I suggest that’s the best way to go.

    Good luck!

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  9. I started taking Alli and within the first couple of weeks I started to experience dizziness. I stopped taking it and it went away.

    I started taking it again, and the same thing happened, I was under the impression that the drug does not enter the bloodstream, so why was it making me so lightheaded? I haven’t tried it again, as this was one side effect I was not expecting.

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  10. I believe Alli caused me to have a heart attack! I’ve never had any heart problems and this came out of the blue.
    It interrupted my sleep so much that I probably got only 2 – 3 hours of sleep a night. This went on for two weeks. Then I took a long road trip Yellowstone Nat’l Park and ended up having a heart attack there in the park. Had to be flown out by helicopter to Idaho Falls. My doctor told me I had a heart attack. Anybody else have sleeping problems with this drug? If the heart can’t rest, it just gets fatigued, a lack of sleep can lead to a cardiac arrest. I’m a nurse, so I know a little about this.

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  11. I didn’t think there was any hope for me, until I went to see my doctor. My problem was I loved to eat. My worst was after six pm at night.

    I was 250lbs when I started taking Xenical. I have lost 85 lbs. to date. I stopped taking Xenical for about six months and gained back 20lbs, but I’m back on track again.

    I have lost 6lbs already and going strong. I have tried just about everything on the market, but Xenical was the one for me. And without any side effects.

    Thanks Xenical!

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  12. The only thing I lost on Alli was my DIGNITY!

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  13. I took Alli for two months and ended up in severe pain at the end and had to have my gallbladder removed. Can you say lawsuit???

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  14. So far; so good. I am going into my 3rd week on Alli and I really like it. I have no more pain then you usually have to make a bathroom run. I want to share that I do NOT follow the “My Alli plan” I eat what I was and do a Calorie count only. 1,000- 1,500 per day; In addition to the Alli and a fluid pill. My first week I lost about 7 pounds and I weigh in, in 3 more weeks (and I am pumped). I feel like my clothes fit better, and yesterday at church, for the first time in weeks, I didn’t feel like a whale in a dress!

    I like Alli and would suggest it to anyone along with a good panty liner. They hype is true. You CANNOT control the greasy gas…just pop on an “Always” and go on about your business. The first pill I really believe in- Ultimately it trains you to pick non fatty foods. You get sick of running to the potty and you will make better choice. GO ALLI!

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  15. Ive never been a serious dieter. Always been tad overweight. But up until a year ago I was always active so the little bit of extra weight never bothered me. When I decided to stay at home I never would’ve expected packing on 32lbs. I began Alli 3 weeks ago. I’ve never had the “treatment effects” everyone speaks of. I’ve lost 7 lbs to date and am feel very positive. I don’t really know if the pill is working though. I’ve began walking 45mins on a treadmill and follow the meal plan threw the Alli website. The meal plan I honestly can say makes the program worthwhile.

    I have everything I eat documented and calculated. There is no guess work they have all the calories tallied for you which makes it much easier to count my calories. All I have to do is follow my daily menu. Its a lifesaver. So 7 lbs down and 50 more to go.

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  16. It works, but can have you messing your pants if you thought you might have just released gas. I eat clean 90% of the time, and only use Alli when going out for a weekend meal at a Chinese restaurant, or some restaurant where I know the meal won’t be good for me.

    What you excrete is gross, but the one thing is, IT’S NOT IN YOUR BLOOD VESSELS! That’s a good thing. I can’t imagine taking it 3 times a day. I don’t need to lose that kind of weight. It’s effective for me at times I chose to eat badly.

    If you eat badly all the time, it might just be that much more effective, but at some point, you have to realize that you need to diet and exercise to change your life. No pill can do all the work for you.

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  17. I began taking Alli 2 weeks ago. I am an athlete, 5″4′ and WAS 128. Not horrible but different from my past weight, 115-118. So, I thought I would try it as I really wanted to get to 120 (a happy “feel good weight” for me). I have always had good eating habits and workout at least 4-6 times per week. I have not had any side effects and have lost four pounds. I feel very good about that (2 pounds a week is healthy!). I have four more pounds to go! I am thinking by July 1 I will be looking darn good in my bikini. So, stick to the diet and exercise! You will not regret it. Good luck!

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  18. I took Alli for around 3 months.

    Yes, I did loose some weight, initially around 10 pounds. I truly do believe that Alli caused me to have my heart attack too. Out of the blue, after a few months use, I started having chest pains. I went to my doctor, and after a stress test, had my heart attack. When they checked my arteries, they said that my heart looked good, there was a 30-40% blockage in some of my arteries, and were surprised that I had a heart attack.

    Luckily, I made it to the emergency room and they “stented” me and opened up the artery within 40 minutes. So, now I stick to diet, and am exercising. I see some web sites where folks who have taken Alli in the past ended up having a heart attack. Not much more on the web, but since heart disease is not the prominent killer in my family’s health history, I can’t help but wonder if Alli was the cause of it.

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  19. Well. It does not really work on me. I don’t even have a changed toilet routine. And I don’t really think I am losing any weight. But maybe it will come in the future. But now, I am very skeptical.

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  20. At the Mayo Clinic a MD talks about Alli, and he will tell you that you can expect to lose only 3 lbs. per year more than you would just dieting and exercising. It can give you additional problems.

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  21. I take one pill at each meal that had an excessive amount of fat (Olive Garden, cheesy pasta, pizza, etc). I have had not bad “treatment effects” and I have been using the pill for about 4 months. I get what looks like oil in my stool. I exercise every day and I have lost 15lbs. The pill is great! No problems at all.

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  22. I was originally prescribed the orlistat pill by my doctor due to very unexplained weight gain… about 60lbs in 16 months with no changes in diet, and a regular exercise plan. (most of the weight gain i guess may have come from a sharp decrease in my extreme regime after leaving active duty and just exercising like a normal person)..

    I finally got the prescription approved and hoped it would work to at least stop the increase in my weight if nothing would actually decrease it…

    After eight months of nearly pooping myself everyday (several times a day) staining sheets, clothes and sofa cushions, even while wearing protective pads, and having severely dry skin and hair… I only lost three pounds and actually this was after an initial gain of seven pounds in the first four months. So I lost about 4lbs.

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  23. I take Alli when I eat fat – every time I eat fat. If more than 3 times a day then so be it. I have been taking Alli for 10 days. If I eat a lot of fat then I use the bathroom, if I eat a little then I don’t.

    I normally eat a low carb, high fat, high protein diet. I have made some changes since taking Alli and have been paying attention to fat content in foods more. I exercise if I feel like it and don’t if I don’t feel like it. To date I am extremely impressed with Alli, I have lost 7 pounds. I will mention I am prone to constipation have been since I was 12. I think Alli and I will have a great relationship because I like going to the bathroom – it makes me feel so much better.

    Before Alli I could go 3 or more days without a bowel movement, one time I went five days and was in the hospital. I feel amazing. Thank you Alli. It worked when even castor oil, or prune juice wouldn’t!

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  24. If you are going to consume a ton of fat, you are going to have nasty side effects. But isn’t the point of dieting and the thought of losing weight about consuming less fat? It’s common sense. I have been on Alli for about 3 months. Sure there are side effects, but nothing I can’t handle. I don’t mess my pants or have any embarrassing public displays BECAUSE I DON’T CONSUME A TON OF FAT. Alli is a diet AID, not a miracle pill. And it does exactly what it is supposed to. Personally, I LOVE THIS PILL because I can literally SEE the effects and I KNOW it is working and doing what it is supposed to do. As with every diet pill, use common sense. Alli is not a scam.

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  25. ALLI really worked for me. I was thin until my late 40s when I gradually began gaining weight, getting thick around the middle, feeling hungry and tired all the time. I have always exercised, so that wasn’t an issue. Until I got Alli, I didn’t realize how much fat I’d been eating. I lost 5 pounds in a couple of weeks, was hungry at first, but that passed and, for the first time in years, I have a normal appetite again and my muffin top is gone.

    Alli seems to give me energy, but doesn’t leave me shaky and unable to sleep. I only take one in the morning now because even with a low calorie diet, I was experiencing unwanted side effects. With one a day, I still am slowly losing weight.

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  26. I take Alli for the purpose of blocking fat when I eat a meal high in fats. It definitely works as you can see the fat floating in the toilet! Once you learn how to manage the side effects, you can handle it. It actually does what it is supposed to do – block the absorption of fat!

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  27. How long after you started taking Alli did the side effects kick in? I have been on Alli for about 5 days now and haven’t had bathroom problems at all. My aunt takes Alli and loves it!

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  28. Makes my heart race and elevated my b/p. I am finished with it. BTW, I did lose 5 lbs. in 7 days. A low cal diet helped. My pulse still races at times but is getting better since I dropped the Alli.

    Take with caution!

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  29. I’m a Xenical user. I prefer it compared to other brands because it works for me. Maybe some users are comfortable with Alli. I take Xenical.

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  30. I’ve been on Alli for 38 days now. I went through my closet of bagged clothes that were too small and made motivation piles starting with size 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, and 4. For the first 31 days I took alli and ate reduced fat reduced calorie meals. I lost 15 pounds in the first 31 days. On day 32 I implemented the P90x workout routine daily along with Alli and the reduced fat/calorie meals and have lost an additional 6 pounds in 7 days. So far I am down a total of 21 pounds in 38 days. I’ve lost 12″ over all and am into my size 12 motivation pile. I am down from 194 to 173. My goal is to get back to the 130’s. I occasionally experience the “grease drops” in the toilet but have never experienced the severe treatment effects I have read about. I make healthy choices and yes, I do believe that it is in fact partially due to the fact that I don’t want to experience the icky treatment effects. If Alli is training my brain to make better choices, so be it. Frankly, knowing that not chowing down on a double cheeseburger and large fries allows me to feel better about myself and be healthier is enough for me. There are a lot of good snack choices in the market – you just have to want to make them. Good luck to all on Alli!

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  31. 4 Weeks in, Alli works very well.

    The treatment effects will condition you to eat properly, and I have had a couple of embarrassing moments. BUT, that reigned me in and made me think twice about eating 3 bowls of chips and salsa.

    I am not in the gym every day, am eating better, and definitely notice the difference. I read a couple of comments about sleeping disorders caused by Alli, and that very well be the reason I’ve had trouble sleeping lately as well. I will now try not taking it at night to see if that makes a difference.

    This pill helps you change your eating behaviors, and for anyone struggling with eating and weight, it’s a life saver.

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  32. I posted here on Feb 7 2010 and I wanted to share an update with those of you who are considering this plan. 12 weeks into the program I am down 43 pounds and have dropped from a size 18 to a size 8/10. Alli has been a great program for me. I needed faster results to keep me going long term and that is exactly what I got. 43 pounds in 84 days. I am zooming through my motivation piles of clothes. This weekend for the first time in many years I was able to confidently wear a bikini top and roxy shorts without anything hanging out or jiggling from odd places. For the skeptics out there, I eat good foods and have no desire to indulge but don’t at all feel deprived. I walk an average of 25 miles each week. I have lowered my stress by trying to be more organized and in control of my time. I am turning 35 in 2 1/2 weeks and feel so youthful again! Good luck to anyone looking to make a permanent change for the good. Suzie

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  33. I took alli for about 4 months and dropped 53 lbs, after which I quit taking the pill and was maintaining on just keeping my calories in check. Unfortunately I quit smoking and gained some back, but I am working on getting that bit back off. I watched my diet carefully and stayed below 15 fat grams per meal, didn’t take the pill if my meal had less than 5 fat grams, and I NEVER had any ill effects, except my clothes falling off! I recommend alli to anyone committed to losing weight, but it is not a magic pill, it is an enhancement to a strict diet! Also, because I ate lots of low cal veggies…I never felt hungry. In fact, I felt like I was eating constantly. With alli they have diet plans in the package…you will notice you can eat anything as long as you count calories and fat grams…so no need to cut out fruit, bread, or other carbs, meat or cheese, just make healthier choices.

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  34. I actually really liked Alli. It was the FDA approved rating that got me in the long run. I stared at it in stores forever, thinking “diet pills don’t work, don’t give in!” One day I gave in.

    I started Jan.29th 2010. I took it religiously for about 2 months, and now more sporadically. For the first month I lost a good amount. I had lost 20lbs in a month! It’s expected for it to slow down, and it really helps to get in a low cal/low fat diet. I find that it does do more than my diet and exercise alone. Generally I diet at 1,200 cals a day for best results and exercise about 30 min a day.

    When I went up to (or beyond) about 1,600 cals a day and over my fat limit there were effects, and less noticeable results. I am currently experimenting with going on and off Alli over a period of time to see if there is a difference in results. Overall, I’m happy with it, but being a binge eater doesn’t help, nothing holds up to that kind of eating…. so control is key unfortunately. At this point I am 30 lbs down, this last month Alli was used sporadically, and my eating has been out of control.

    Oh, yes I probably should give some stats, that might be helpful for people to see what the rate is for someone like me. I am female, I started out at 255 lbs and currently am 228 lbs. Last month (April) I actually lost down to 222 before binge eating my way back up again. So, it was making progress, and I fell off the wagon so to speak. I am 5’5″ and have a large frame. I have had 3 children and tried many diets in the past, having trouble sticking to them was one problem.

    I used to be very sedentary not exercising regularly at all, and now I pull in bicycling, jump roping, swimming, walking, and weights (changing it up so it’s not so boring) Little tip there too, it’s nice to be distracted while exercising-music and TV or a chatty friend are a plus. Good luck if you decide to try Alli, side effects were killer gas, strange bm (esp if overeating).

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  35. ALLI is really effective!! I have been using Alli for 2 days (after dropping 17.6 LBS in 3 weeks, from 230 to 211).

    I had hit a plateau and couldn`t lose, now after 2 days on ALLI I`ve dropped 6.6 lbs! I follow the diet, go for regular runs, once a day (40 minutes) and don`t get any side effects…

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  36. I am not a particularly overweight person and bought this product to get some lingering belly fat off of my midsection and actually wish I had some of the side effects that many people on this site and others report. I do not have oily/greasy stools, excess gas, bloating, etc.

    The only side effects I have is every time I take a pill my pulse shoots up and my blood pressure rises. This really hit home when I went to a medical appointment and my blood pressure was 138/28 (normally around 116/78). As a result I cannot take the pill 3 times a day and usually only take it once a day to avoid the side effects as much as possible.

    It has worked to reduce my weight I just wish I could take it without feeling my pulse in my neck, head, knees, etc!!

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  37. I kind of like alli. The only problem is the oily stool. I’m sure many people have experienced this but may be too ashamed to say it. I feel that everyone should know what they are getting into.

    Oh and be very careful not to pass gas because if you do, you just might crap on yourself.

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  38. Alli did nothing for me, I don’t care if is FDA approved. It did not work and I did every thing as I was supposed to do. I did not have any side effects.

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  39. I have been on and off Alli for 10 months now. I started on March 2010, first was tricky because you really need to think about what you put in your mouth..and Alli will change your mind quickly if it was not a semi healthy choice.

    I weighed 183 in Dec of 09. Lost 2-3 pounds by March. I incorporated it as a tool not a reason to loose weight. I lost 10+ pounds from then to June… went back on Alli in July, finished by August

    Just started taking Alli this Nov knowing this would be a full calorie month (lol) to help me maintain.

    I stopped in between to make sure I would continue eating better. I’m not perfect but I eat haddock and healthy meals when I go out to eat and pack a good sandwich and pumpernickle pretzles to snack on.

    The key is use it as a tool with moderate exercise. I use the wii fit and do random lunges while making a pot of coffee or something.

    I weigh 155 now and kept off my weight with a minor random 3-5 pound fluctuations. Screw the scale – just use it to get an idea.

    It’s the clothes that tell you the truth. Good luck! I hope my story helps!!

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  40. I’m 43 and was about 20 pounds overweight. Ten years ago if I wanted to lose weight all I had to do was change my habits a little bit (eat a little less or exercise a little more) and the weight would come off.

    Since I hit 40 it’s been a lot tougher and it’s demoralizing to diet and exercise and see only miniscule results. But with Alli I’ve seen changes, which motivates me to keep going. I’ve been taking Alli, dieting and exercising regularly for about 5 weeks now.

    And even though Christmas and New Year fell within that time period (and I seriously overindulged), I’ve lost about 7 and a half pounds! At first I had some bathroom issues (especially if I took the pill with a fatty meal), but they’ve subsided and I don’t have any side effects at this point.

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  41. So tired of reading reviews of dieting supplements by people who are 20 years old and/or 150 lbs.
    Alli works. For what it’s meant to do. It blocks fat. If you are on a super low fat diet, it will do nothing. If you on a super high fat diet, you’re going to be crapping your guts out. It’s very hard to go both low carb and low fat and have good food. Alli allows you to be a little more reasonable with your diet, and know some of the fat won’t be absorbed. I was 38 years old and 300 lbs. in July. I lost 40 pounds by hitting the gym every morning. But I was stuck at 260. For the past week now I’m doing more cardio, taking a fat burner, and taking Alli, and the weight is dropping fast. I’m down to 250, and I plan to be under 200 by July.

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  42. I tried Alli for about five week, I lost 10 lbs, but I started geting severe neck pains, my face was swelling on one side and the last thing my lips swell up likea catfish. I called my doctor he said I was alergic to Orlistat which is a main ingredient in this product. I was advised to discontinue these at once. I have been off it tow weeks and my body id back to normal.

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  43. Ive been on Alli for 15 days and have lost 4 lbs.

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  44. I have used alli in the past and lost 5-10 pounds in around a couple weeks to a month. The worst time of weight gain is when you quit smoking, and again I have gained weight.

    When you quit smoking, you no longer substitute meals for smoke breaks, your metabolism goes to crap, and your hunger skyrockets.

    I was working out and eating right a month prior to quitting. Dieting and exercising 2 months now, and having quit smoking a month, I have gained 5-10 pounds. I am going to use my friend alli to burn this fat back off for a kick start back into my plan.

    Just know, that once I went to hooters and took an alli before. Like the other comments, yes, you do pee your butt. Watch what you eat. If you are going to use alli for a coushion when you cheat on the diet, be prepared. Never try to rip a quiet one, always go to the bathroom, or else you are going to have to go home and shower and change and buy more spray and wash.

    Last but not least, as much as I discourage people from going there, I find alli is the cheapest at walmart.

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  45. even if you do eat “properly” with this pill, i still pee out my butt. this is BS!! i get oily spots on my undies!! ewwwwwwwww

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  46. When will Alli be back on the selves? I miss it and have lost 15 pounds.

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  47. When will alli be on the shelves again

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  48. Alli worked for me…no longer can locate in my area stores. Where can I purchase Alli again? Thank you!

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