Review: Adapexin-P For Weight Loss -

Review: Adapexin-P For Weight Loss

If you believe the advertising, Adapexin-P s the “#1 diet pill of 2012.” Of course, who rated it as such, or why a visitor would view such a rating as credible, is not revealed. It just is, I guess.

The silliness doesn’t stop there, of course. Here’s some other “gems” from the various sales pages I viewed…

“Adapexin contains 8 powerful proven ingredients.”

“You’re getting a diet pill GUARANTEED to be safe and effective.”

“Adapexin-P is a powerful appetite suppressant and weight loss aid that will leave you feeling happy and thin!”

These statements alone would be enough to get the makers of Adapexin-P in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission, but alas, this is just one product in a sea of many making unsubstantiated and outrageous claims.

What’s In Adapexin?

To illustrate just how silly the advertising is, let’s discuss the “clinically proven” ingredients and see how they measure up. Let’s start with the first on the list…

1. Phenylethylamine (PEA): This is the key ingredient in Adapexin-P, present at the “clinically proven” dosage of 37.5 mg. According to the advertising I reviewed, this ingredient, naturally found in chocolate and a chemical cousin of amphetamine, “reduces hunger and suppresses appetite.”


There is absolutely NO evidence phenylethylamine does anything of the sort. That’s correct—there is no clinical evidence that PEA helps with weight loss at all.

There’s another problem; phenylethylamine is rapidly metabolized by the enzyme monamine oxidase (MAO), which means that  taking it orally would do nothing for you since almost none of it would make it into the bloodstream. That’s why most products that contain PEA for mood elevation (like Gaspari’s CytoLean V2 for example) contain natural MAOIs (monamine oxidase inhibitors) to prevent its breakdown.

What about the “clinically proven” dosage of 37.5 mg?

Well, since PEA isn’t clinically proven at all, there is no “effective” dosage. What the makers of Adapexin-P are hoping, apparently, is that you’ll mistake phenylethylamine for the prescription weight loss drug phentermine, which is commonly dispensed in 37.5 mg tablets.

2. Glucomannan: Quite simply, glucomannan is a fiber supplement; it fills you up without adding calories, allowing you to eat less while feeling fuller, faster.

It is a relatively inexpensive supplement, and there’s plenty of clinical data showing it to be effective—both for weight loss and the reduction of blood sugar levels, which is one of the reasons why we recommend it.

But is it a winner in Adapexin-P?

First of all, the advertising indicates the product contains 1,000 mg of glucomannan. It’s not clear whether that means 1,000 mg per serving (which would deliver 2000 mg per day, since the recommended dosage is two capsules twice daily), or 1,000 mg altogether.

If we are to assume the more generous 1,000 mg per serving, this product still falls short of delivering the dosage used in the most promising weight loss study (it used 1,000 mg before all three meals)—which also happens to be the study the retailers reference in their advertising.

So Adapexin does not appear to contain an optimal dose of glucomannan.

Secondly, glucomannan may bind with and hinder the absorption of certain nutrients, and is therefore best used in isolation.

3. Chromax (chromium picolinate): Chromium is a relatively ordinary, standard ingredient in most weight loss supplements, largely because of the role it plays in regulating insulin function.

However, studies validating chromium’s effects are contradictory, and even the most positive ones show only the mildest of effects. This “analysis of randomized trials” on the effectiveness of chromium picolinate for weight loss (see Int J Obes Relat Metab Disord. 2003 Apr;27(4):522-9) concluded…

In conclusion, our meta-analysis suggests a relatively small effect of chromium picolinate compared with placebo for reducing body weight. The clinical relevance of the effect is debatable and the lack of robustness means that the result has to be interpreted with caution.

Contrary to the advertising claims I read for Adapexin-P, there is no evidence that chromium lowers caloric intake by “365 calories per day”, nor does it increase lean muscle mass—something that has also been well-established in clinical studies (see Med Sci Sports Exerc. 1998 Dec;30(12):1730-7, J Sports Med Phys Fitness. 1995 Dec;35(4):273-80).

There is some evidence showing a positive effect on carbohydrate craving and appetite regulation, but this study was performed on individuals with atypical depression (see J Psychiatr Pract. 2005 Sep;11(5):302-14).

4. Raspberry ketones: A phenolic compound derived from red raspberries, raspberry ketones have only really been shown effective in animal studies (you can view the details of the study here). You are not a mouse, and the results of animal studies do not necessarily translate over to humans.

An unpublished pilot study performed on Razberri-K (a patented form of raspberry ketones) demonstrated it enhanced post-exercise fat oxidation, although the results were apparently not large enough to be statistically significant.

Conclusion? Hardly a weight loss winner.

5. Evodiamine: A compound derived from the Chinese fruit Evodia Rutaecarpa. It’s claimed to burn fat by increasing the body’s production of heat, as well as reducing the body’s ability to store fat.

Although a preliminary animal study shows promising results, to date there’s no evidence showing evodiamine works in people.

6. Ginger Root: Ginger contains gingerols, which are chemically related to capsaicin. It does demonstrate some mild thermogenic and metabolism-boosting characteristics, although compliance to a high dosage is likely necessary (obviously therefore, the 50 mg included in this formula is a joke, serving as no more than “label dressing.”)

Some small animal studies performed on zingerone (a component of ginger) have been positive for weight loss (Yakugaku Zasshi. 2008 Aug;128(8):1195-201) albeit the dosage used (170 mg/kg) is too high to be transferred into humans (a 180 lbs. person would need to take about 14 grams a day).

Ginger also seems to accelerate gastric emptying… the opposite of the sort of thing dieters want (Eur J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2008 May;20(5):436-40).

7. Caffeine: No surprise here; caffeine graces the label of most stimulant based weight loss supplements on the planet. Caffeine’s benefit as a thermogenic is well documented (see Am J Clin Nutr. 1989 Jan;49(1):44-50, Am J Clin Nutr. 1980 May;33(5):989-97), although its effects are relatively mild.

Of course, caffeine also gives most people a much needed “boost” of energy to help them get through their day.

Adapexin-P also contains vitamin B12.

Although supplementing with B-vitamins is often beneficial, it’s unlikely to provide any benefit unless you happen to be deficient… which is unlikely, especially in North America, where the typical diet is rich in animal proteins, milk, cheese, and eggs.

And that’s it… the “weight loss miracle” revealed.

What’s the bottom line on Adapexin-P?

Well, we’re not fans of retailers who make gross fabrications in order to sell their products. And, as you saw as we dissected the formula, there are more ingredients in Adapexin that are NOT clinically proven and included at a less than optimal dosage than those that are. If you wanted to experiment with the most promising core ingredients, you could do so for much less money.

For example, at a reputable retailer like, you can buy…

  • Glucomannan: For less than $10, you can buy a month’s worth of product. Take 2 capsules prior to each meal.
  • Chromium: For about $6, you can buy a 3 month’s supply of a decent chromium supplement.
  • Caffeine: For less than $5, you can buy almost a 2 month’s supply of caffeine (max two tabs per day).

That’s an investment of slightly over $20, and you get all the promising ingredients at appropriate dosages. Why pay $50 when you don’t need to?

But what about all the “review” web sites recommending this product as their top weight loss pick?

These web sites are either affiliates of the retailer (they receive a commission on referred sales), or they are owned and maintained by the retailer themselves, who has created them to appear as an impartial, third party review site to drive sales. This happens all the time.

Does the money-back guarantee offered by the retailer tip the scales in favor of a purchase?


Most retailers who offer such guarantees don’t actually honor them (we have yet to receive such reports about Adapexin-P, however). After all, since many of these products are sold only online by companies which are un-named and virtually untraceable, you don’t have much recourse, should they refuse to do so.

Additionally, the claims made by this retailer are so outrageous (10, 15, and even 20 pounds in 28 days) and their formula so ordinary that we wonder how they could honor such requests and still stay in business.

This is definitely not a product we can recommend.

Summary of Adapexin-P
  • Contains some useful/healthful ingredients: glucomannan, chromium and caffeine.
  • Ingredient amounts listed on label
  • Contains certain ingredients not strongly backed up by evidence
  • Affiliate “review” sites are used to promote the product.

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.


  1. I bought 3 bottles of Adapexin a little less than 2 months ago. It took about 4 days for the package to arrive. The package was super GHETTO looking. Kind of unprofessional compared to Amazon packaging.

    I’ve been on the product for a little over 6 weeks now and I have lost 13 pounds. The previous 6 weeks while following the same diet & exercise program I had lost less than 2 pounds. It could be a placebo effect. I know. But I’m getting results. I have 10 more pounds to lose. These last 30 pounds have been taking over a year to lose. So losing 13 pounds in 6weeks with Adapexin convinced me that it works.

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  2. I have been taking Adapexin for over 2 weeks now. I’m not pleased. Maybe I was hoping for a miracle but I feel like I am eating even more now than before. I didn’t get on the scale to begin with ~ I had decided I’d let my clothes be the judge. They are tighter now than when I began. 🙁

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  3. This is my first day consuming the pills .I know I shouldn’t just judge by the first day but I’m constantly hungry …!!!!! I have know idea why …!! @.@ …

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  4. i h’v been using this adapexin-p arond 25days but i havn’t loss a single pound


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  5. I’ve been using this adapexin-p aroond 25 days but I haven’t lost a single pound.

    Even I contact u with the same question. After 7 days when I started this, I contacted support but the person who chat with me says with few people have to take 15 day to start losing weight.

    plz tell me what to do

    Editor’s comments: Priyanka, you’re lack of success is explained in the review; there is absolutely nothing in the product that will lead to dramatic weight loss.

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  6. I just ordered the product and haven’t received it yet, but my review is based on my purchasing experience.

    As I was about to send my order through on the Apadexin website, a pop-up from the website asked if I’d like 2 more bottles for a “special” price… I did not, and did not click “yes”, but still had 2 extra bottles posted to my credit card without even getting to confirm this added purchase. Not only did it automatically take out an extra $70, it didn’t even take off the shipping and handling it advertised it would on an order over $100. I’ve called, emailed more than once, and tried the “live chat” function on the site with zero response. Hopefully, I still receive my product, but this makes me quite wary to take it.

    BUYER BEWARE! Go through Amazon if you’d like this product, not the Adapexin website.

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  7. I have been on Adapexin-p for two weeks and it has not suppressed my appetite at all. I have not lost any weight. Prior to taking this pill I was on Claritin-D Non Drowsy for my allergies. I lost seven pounds in those two weeks. It completely surpressed my appetite. I think I will go back to taking the Claritin-D and dump these Adapexin pills.

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  8. Hi I’m Sara. I was 183 lbs a week ago, and desperate. My waist was 36″, belly a horrid 41″, and hips 44″!!! I started taking Adapexin-P from the recommendation of a friend (I suffer from anxiety as well as fatness!) First off, my energy went through the roof while feeling i could run for peace ambassador!!! Secondly, I lost 4 lbs total(183-179), 2″ on my waist (36″-34″), 1 inch from my belly (41″-40″) and 1.5″ from my hips (44″-42.5.) I am completely thrilled with Adapexin-P and will continue to monitor my progress!!!

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  9. Today is my first day taking these pills and I cannot sleep for anything! The pills are working though. It suppressed my appetite wonderfully, but I love my sleep! Hopefully this is a one time occurrence.

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  10. Hi folks,
    Week two of taking Adapexin-P and I have to admit to being really naughty this week. It’s all Memorial Day’s fault. Who can resist high carb foods in honor of our troops? Despite my debauchery, I still managed to lose 1 lb of ugly fat, 1/2 inch from around my belly (40″-39.5″) and 1/2 inch from my hips (42.5″ to 42″.) And my energy levels have been through the roof! I love this stuff! I shall continue my love affair with Adapexin-P, and see if I can’t just do better with eating and exercise this week. I certainly have the energy and enthusiasm to do so!!! More later, stay tuned!

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  11. Hi there it’s Sara,
    I just completed week three of Adapexin-P, and I’m still really impressed. I did manage to kick my exercise into gear this week, and I had so much more energy and endurance! I lost 2 more lbs(that’s 7 total in 3 weeks!) and another 1/2 inch off my belly (from 39.5″ to 39″.) I lost a full inch off my hips (42″ to 41″) also. And I feel terrific! My mood has been happy and peaceful, and I’ve been go, go,go all day long!!! I highly recommend Adapexin-P! More next week! 😉

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  12. Hi there everyone,
    It’s Sara. I’m a real person taking Adapexin-P and logging my weekly results in the hope it’ll help other consumers make smart diet pill decisions!
    I haven’t been disappointed by Adapexin-P thus far. In fact I am tickled pink! Week four results I didn’t experience weight loss on the scale, but the inches are still steadily falling off! Here are my results:
    Waist 34″-33″ (1 inch lost)
    Belly 39″-38″ (1 inch lost)
    Hips 40.5″-40″ (.5 inch lost)
    I also re-measured other body ‘bits’ this week from when I started out:
    Arms 12.5″-12: (.5 inch)
    Chest 39″-36.5″ (2.5 inches!)
    Thighs 24″-23″ (1 inch)
    So even though the scale stayed the same at 176 lbs, I continue to be thrilled. And my energy levels are through the roof! You should be trying out Adapexin-P for yourselves!
    More next week…

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  13. First, I’d like to respond to akl on 06 Apr 2011 at 2:22 pm – I got scammed the same way where all of a sudden I was charged $104 instead of $60. I called and email and I have it in writing that they are giving me a full refund. I will let you know if that happens!

    Editor’s comments: Please let our visitors know, Sharon. It would be very helpful. 😉

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  14. I am on day 2 of taking Apadexin-P and I too feel more hungry that ever! Also because this makes me so jittery, I am only taking one pill a day till I can handle more.

    I work out 5x a week and eat well but I gained about 8 lbs this year due to stress (I assume).

    I will report back and let you know if this effects my weight.

    Sharon, day 2

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  15. I am on week 2 of adapexin and have not lost any weight. I am a very healty eater anyway but need to lose 40lbs and I hate exercise. I have cut my calorie intake, I have oatmeal for breakfast, a big chicken or bean salad for lunch and crackers with smoked salmon for dinner, lots of water no junk or sweets and still no weight loss. Am I doing something wrong?

    Editor’s comments: Nope, the claims for this product are exaggerated and not based on science. See the complete Adapexin review for a complete ingredient by ingredient breakdown.

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  16. Well, week 3, no weight loss, no insomnia, very little reduction in appetite. Am well peed off! I will keep going in the hope it kicks in soon.

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  17. This is such a rip off. I told them over and over again I didn’t want anything but the trial box and they charged my account and sent me two bottles of the crap which I can’t take because they lied and told it me did NOT contain caffeine. Don’t fall for this stuff.

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  18. So will anyone really tell me is this a good product to buy? im 5’2 19 year old weighing around 215 and im looking for something to help with diet and execrcies to lose some weight and I came across this and was wondering is it worth buying? Any help?

    Editor’s comments: Shannon; go to the home page of From the “What Do You Want To Do” section, place your mouse over “See Recommendations for”, and then from the menu that drops down from there, mouse over “Diet Supplements.” Now you can review weight loss products in all the related categories (appetite suppressants, stimulant free, thermogenics, etc) and see how much supporting evidence they have. That’s the best way to make an informed decision.

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  19. I’ve been using this product for 31 days.

    At first I only shed 2lbs but within 3 weeks I’ve lost 12 lbs. It DOES suppress your appetite very well. No side effects whatsoever, the only thing it doesn’t do for me is improve my mood.

    I’ve ordered 2 more bottles, as I am very pleased with the results .

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  20. First day- 217 pounds- I am 25 yrs old and I have dieted for the past 4 1/2 months losing a total of 52 pounds! It has been hard but worth it. I hope these pills will help move along my weight loss a little more since the past 3 weeks has been the same weight :(. I will check in with every pound lost. So far so good.

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  21. well i never do reviews but i will because something in this pill makes me so hungry i feel like im pregnant craving things all day…i am immediatly sending these stupid pills back ..i so want my money back..they do not work at all……

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  22. Hello i just purchased adapexin-p and i was wondering what color are your pills. i saw a picture online and it was a blue and clear capsule. i received mine the other day and barely opened it right now and its a peach like capsule. Is yours the same color?

    Editor’s comments: Capsule colors can change depending on availability. The color of the capsule is not necessarily an indication of getting the right (or wrong) product. Bottom line is that ony the retailer can tell capsule color / batch information.

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  23. For all of you that think by ingesting a single pill and believing that it will help you miraculously lose weight, you’re wrong… Losing weight and getting healthy is a process that not only takes time but also takes dedication. These diet pills are suppose to aid you in weight loss, not replace the need to exercise or eat healthy. If you consume alcoholic beverages on the norm, no amount of healthy dieting is going to get the results you’re looking for. If you want to lose weight and become healthy you’re going to have to work for it. Cardio sessions, circuit based weight lifting regiments, cross fit, yoga are some of the things that one can do in order to burn more calories. Also just because you’re eating a salad… A chicken Ceaser salad has the same amount of fat and calories as a value chicken meal for mcdonalds. Whole grain foods, low fat condiments, and portion control is what you should be practicing because you can still gain weight from eating 20 apples a day because you’re over eating. This is coming from a United States Marine who has to work 10x harder then the average person to stay within weight standards because of my slow metabolism and endomorphic body style.. Do some research and find a diet that fits your body type along with diet pills that will accentuate your metabolism because in the end everyone is different.

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  24. Well day three , and yes you have to fight a little temptation here and there . But I found increased motivation with excercise ( when I think about I do it ‘reps of this and that’ for the last couple of years I had trouble doing that listening to my body that is ) Um my torso does ‘feel’ empty full and shrinking if that makes any sense , for I have no scales , no tape mearsure but I did feel my skirt looser on day 2 . So I will allow myself to stay focused NOT binge be tempted when everything from 4 kids is so accessable . Allowing the pill to truely help me by being focused on the fact I ain’t taking it for nothing , and a reminder don’t touch that…At dinner this evening I could not eat my whole ( I have been eating larger meals since my last child…But yay I could not and would not stuff the excess yummy lasagne and green salad in..Signed not giving up…just like miracles you have to do some work at it somewhere…

    One thing for sure the rasberry leaves a certain natural rasberry taste in your mouth while appetite is suppressed…

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  25. Hello, my name is Sana. I ordered Adapexin-P last weekend and received it yesterday. So today is my first day. In the past 4 years I have gained a total of 90 lbs!!! Yes, that’s right. At the moment I am 230.8 pounds. I have two little ones to run after but no matter what I did the weight didn’t come off. I’m really hoping that by taking these pills, working put & eating healthy(which I have been doing for the past 2 weeks & lost 2 pounds) I’ll be able to get back to my original weight of 130lbs. I am 5’7″ tall. I’m definitely going to keep on posting here every week to let you guys know about my progress. I tried hydroxycut a month ago & had a horrible horrible experience & threw them away just after four days. With Adapexin I’m being careful & just starting of with 1 pill a day. That’s what I did this morning. So far so good. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  26. Hey just recently got Adapexin…im 20 no really overweight but definatly want 2 lose weight..i just started today with the 72 hour Detox pill…and i wanted to kno two thing : ONE: CAN YOU USE THIS PILL WHILE ON YOUR PERIOD. TWO: CAN YOU USE THE 72 HOUR PILL AND ADAPEXIN AT THE SAME TIME?

    Editor’s comments:
    Demi, why don’t you check the instructions or check with your retailer?

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  27. Do not buy it! I have bought o bottle 2 month ago, and I have taken 2 pills/day as prescribed before meals but I only felt a satiable sensation for 3 or 4 hours and usually at night time I became horribly hungry and I couldn’t help eating! 5 years ago I managed to lose around 12 pounds with a drug that is off the market now (reductil/merida) , but although I had high hopes with Adapexin-p I am 7 pounds heavier than 6 months ago (before takong it)

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  28. This product made me feel sick in the stomach , i had constant headaches and bad mood swings.

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  29. Adapexin is not supposed to completely surprises your appetite. It gives you something like a faux full, meaning that you feel full, but when you eat you realize that you ate hungry. This is why it is important to take two pills thirty minutes before a meal. The faux full will be in effect as you eat, helping you to feel fuller faster. If you are taking the pills in place of a meal this is why it does not work for you. Once you see/smell food, you will be famished, and over eat. To stop the jitters I took my doses before breakfast and lunch, never after four. Also I wouldn’t recommend taking the pills with the detox. The detox is to cleanse your body before you start the pill. Also, I make it religion to drink 24 oz of water per pill. This will help regulate the nausea and your digestion. Hope this helps!

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    • Ruca, I’d love to see the scientific evidence supporting “faux full.” It’s nonsense, sorry.

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  30. I have been takin adapexin-p for 3 months now. i HAVE NOT lost any weight i actually gained a couple of kilos… they told me that when your order was over 100 dollars that the postage was free, this was incorrect as they over charged me.. I had really bad stomch cramps and bloating!!! I would not reccommend this to any one

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  31. How long do I have to use Adapexin-P and what happens once I quit taking it? Will the weight be back.

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  32. horrible!! this product made me sick as a dog my stomach was just turned upside down a few hours after taking the first two pills , i called and e-mailed the company since they said the have a 100% money back guarantee but never received a response and they sure never answered the emails…from my experience with them i will advise you not to waste your money on these there is no real contact info..and i’m telling you my body tolerates strong stuff..but these pills just made me sick got really scared ..:(

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  33. I like the product, however will never order from their online website again as they bill your credit card without your authorization on future products you did not order. When you check out, they won’t let you just check out without hitting you with several prompts to buy more products. I was careful not to order only more that the one time order, but was shocked a couple weeks later when they ran my card for some 2 month supply without my authorization. In short, don’t give these people your credit card! Otherwise, the product itself is great, I’ll just be sure only to buy it from the drugstore from now on!

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  34. hope this works ill update you just started taking them, i am 5ft10 weighing 83kgs. i was 86kg and was taking acai slim got down to 77kg stopped taking them and put on the weight , so know im tring something different. ill update you in a week.

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  35. It is full of caffeine – a lot of it. After taking slimquick razor I have not slept for 3 days. I’m so hopped up and I have headaches and feel different. It scared me enough to stop taking. It is not FDA approved

    .By week three you are up to 6 pills a day. I am only at 2 pils a day, I would hate to see want it would do to me at 6 pills a day.

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  36. Can you take Adepexin if you’re not overweight? I’m trying to lose 20 lbs and trim up my stomach.

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  37. This product is NOT at all what is advertised. I ordered it on Oct. 1 2011, got it about a week later, started taken and if anything I’ve gained weight. I have been calling and emailing the customer service as well as a few other numbers I received through research for the past month. Everyday I have emailed and called (numerous times a day) and left messages when I was told that they’re too busy to take my call, and waited on hold for more than an hour each time. The one time I actually got a person, I said I needed a refunded, he asked for my order ID and before I could even give it to him he said “hold on” and then disconnected! Seriously I am beyond mad! NEVER AGAIN!

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  38. Honestly i have to say its my 4th day and adapexin makes me full whenever i take it sometimes i forget to use in the afternoon after taking it in the does give me sleepless nigth! i could sleep but a part of me is fully awake ..only negative thing about it! but my waist feels smaller i havent been on the scale untile 2 weeks after using this pill sto see if its working i went to the gym only twice a week because im a student and im still in school and i work at the same time! so hopefully im able to loose it GREAT PRODUCT I LOVE THE SMELL ALSO 🙂

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  39. This is my first day on Adapexin, and I have totally lost my appitite. I was getting slightly hungry so I made some food, and I ate a single thing of string cheese and now have no desire to eat my lunch. I managed through the entire morning on just a special K bar and half a glass of OJ… Still waiting on results, but with this, I’m hopeful =)

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  40. Ok, so I’ve been taking Adapexin-P for a little over 2 weeks now, faithfully. I even work out 4 times a week and watch what I eat. My goal was to get knock off a few pounds, but needed something to jump start for a faster result.

    I am not overweight, but I do have problem areas needing taming (thighs and upper bra back area). I do a lot of cardio, high inclines for 30-45 min and then I do toning with weights.

    I noticed the first week of taking adapexin-p, and nothing significant with regard to inches lost. Other pills i’ve tried, showed results within a few days of taking them… but adapexin-p, for me anyways seemed to have taken a little longer? However, i continued taking for the following week, and strangely, I start looking and feeling like i’m gaining weight vs loosing weight?

    I thought it was my imagination? But I don’t think so? I know my body and how fast I lose inches especially when i’m working out and eating fairly healthy? As of today, I am for sure i’ve gained some more weight, I look more fat and frumpy in my clothes! My arms, neck, back and my thighs seem to have gotten larger??

    What is going on with these pills? I’ve never experienced such a thing before? I know my body, and the results thus far is not normal. As of today, I’ve stopped taking the pills and plan to just work out as normal without the added help. Instead of losing, I’m gaining?

    Now I’m depressed and have to start back from scratch it seems 🙁

    Editor’s comments:
    The advertising statements for this product are exaggerated and not based on supporting clinical data. The results you are “not” seeing are not the result of your failure, but as a result of inaccurate expectations placed on you by the retailers. We suggest you read the product review to get the real “skinny” on this product;

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  41. I bought apadexin p last week …. I started taking the pill a week ago along with doing p90 x I lose an average of 2 to 3 pounds a day! I started out at 178 and after my first week i dropped back to 165 with proper diet and this extreme workout they are helping me shed fat like crazy!

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  42. You ppl have to remember that if you are taking this pill and exercising daily at first you will gain weight muscle weighs more than fat and you need muscle to burn fat it simple dont just rely on this pill to magically remove all your fat in one week or two if your dedicated to your workout youll shed fat faster but you need the muscle to do it! I recommend p90x i started this workout before i recieved my pills after i recieved my pills and started taking them i started shedding fat like crazy! I had been doing p90x for about two months and gained a total of 13 pounds of muscle after a started taking my pills i shedded off most of my body fat!

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  43. Hi! I am a 5’6″ 20 year old female weighing 190, hoping to get down to my 140 pre pregnancy weight, I had back to back pregnancies. I am on my third week of adapexin, and I’m glad to say that it has suppressed my appetite! I have to throw away food instead of returning for seconds, which is awesome!!
    I do get the urge to eat sweets, but i contribute that to my chocolate addiction. I had been working out three times a week before I started adapexin, and have continued after I started it. I have lost three pounds (woohoo!) But now that I have passed the fifteen day mark I hope to see more results. I will give adapexin a rating of three untill my body begins to show results, too.

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  44. My order arrived six days ago but without any additional information. The only instructions are on the bottle – take two twice a day before meals. I’m wondering if they can be taken with anything at all or if it needs to be water and if it matters how much. Are they to be taken right before meals? 1/2 hour before? An hour before? Many diet supplements are supposed to be taken an hour before meals with 8 oz of water. Does anyone know?

    Editor’s comments: Best to follow up with the retailer on this. However, it’s a bit odd there are no instructions on the label; we’ve never seen any similar product sold in a brick and mortar store without them. This is not exactly confidence inspiring, as it “smells” like a product bottled and labeled in a basement somewhere.

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  45. I took adapexin-p for about three days, it upset my stomach really bad and then I started crapping massive amounts of blood, this freaked me out so I stopped using it, I didn’t notice any difference in energy or less appetite.

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  46. This product has not worked one bit – worst of all my card was compromised after ordering these pills and because you have to give your CVV number (3-digit security number)from the back of the card VISA will not credit the charges back. BE CAREFUL

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  47. I wish I’d seen this page before throwing my hard-earned money away. “Not happy” would be an understatement! No reply to multiple email requests. No weight loss. No more full-night’s sleep. I’m an idiot for falling for this pathetically obvious scam!

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  48. Hello my name is Kristina and I am taking Adapexin-P and let me tell you I am one happy chick 🙂 I have been taking this for almost a month now and is getting another bottle!!! I started at 218 and now I down to 189 :):):):) I am starting to feel better about myself now, all I wanna do is get down to 155. I walk every night and don’t eat pass 7, drink nothing but water. When to comes to eating don’t that much cuz I don’t have the hunger to have more!!!!! I am 5’1 that was prego for 2 yrs back to back and that was in 09 now I am finally getting all my baby fat off!!!!!

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  49. I bought this a few months ago and I used this for 2 weeks. I started feeling really sick and i felt my heart rasing a couple of times. I really thought I would get some results but I didn´t lose one pound so please don’t fall for this and try something else.

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