Thermalean RX Fat Burner Review

Editor’s note: Medabiotics’ Thermalean RX appears to be discontinued.

Thermalean is Medabiotics’ version of Sterling Grant’s popular fat burner, Lipovarin. There are few differences between Thermalean Rx and Lipovarin. In fact, the formulas are practically identical, except for the fact that Lipovarin now contains 3 additional ingredients: Rhodiola rosea, 7-Keto and Coleus forskohlii (standardized for 10% forskolin).

Regardless, if you’re interested in Thermalean, read my review of Lipovarin — you’ll get a pretty good idea of what to expect.

Read the Lipovarin review here!

Keep in mind that one of my major beefs with Lipovarin and Sterling Grant laboratories is the outrageous claims made in its various advertising campaigns. Although nothing to write home about, Medabiotics doesn’t seem to be quite as aggressive with their claims and advertising.

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