Propolene Visitor Comments, Feedback & Testimonials!

Propolene Visitor Comments, Feedback & Testimonials!

Below you’ll find some visitor comments on Propolene . If you’d like to have your own comments on Propolene featured here, please contact us with your story.

Please note: I do not post testimonials without a name and e-mail address. Such testimonials have no credibility — I could be just making them up, right? So if you’re not willing to have your name and e-mail address disclosed, you may still send your comments, but I will not post them.

Second, please recognize that there are many valid reasons why Propolene will or will not work for an individual person. Just because Propolene receives a few positive reviews does not necessarily mean it will work for you. Conversely, a negative product review does not always mean you should dismiss a it.

As always, remember that personal comments are always anecdotal, so use your own judgement when using reviews to influence your buying decision. Also…

I’ve heard from two separate visitors that Propolene’s special TV offers are a little suspect. For instance, both visitors told me they were sold on a bottle of Propolene at $29.95 with another bottle and postage Free. They were in fact sent 4 bottles and their credit cards were charged $149.00.

One visitor went so far as to contact the Better Business Bureau of Nevada about them. The report is presented below. It’s not exactly a resounding endorsement of the good folks retailing Propolene (thanks to Brian for sending this along)…

991 Bible Way , Reno, NV 89502
(775) 322-0657 FAX (775) 322-8163 [email protected]

4910 Longley Ln Ste.101
Reno, NV 89502

Phone Number: 877-230-8579
Membership Status: no
Type of Business: Health & Diet Food Products-Retail


Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to its failure to substantiate or modify advertising claim(s).

When evaluating complaint information, please consider the company’s size and volume of business. The number of complaints filed against the company may not be as important as the type of complaints and how the company handled them.

Closed Complaints
Number of complaints processed by the BBB since the firm’s BBB file was opened in February of 2004: 315
Number of complaints processed by the BBB in last 12 months: 315

Complaints Concerned
Advertising Issues: 79
Outcome of all complaints –
Resolved: 54;
Unresolved: 14;
Delayed Resolution: 1;
Company made good faith effort to Resolve: 5;
Company did not respond: 5

Sales Issues: 39
Outcome of all complaints –
Resolved: 21;
Unresolved: 7;
Delayed Resolution: 2;
Company made good faith effort to Resolve: 4;
Company did not respond: 5

Delivery Issues: 3
Outcome of all complaints –
Resolved: 2;
Unresolved: 1

Guarantee or Warranty Issues: 9
Outcome of all complaints –
Resolved: 5;
Unresolved: 2;
Company made good faith effort to Resolve: 1;
Company did not respond: 1

Product Quality Issues: 33
Outcome of all complaints –
Resolved: 23;
Unresolved: 3;
Company made good faith effort to Resolve: 3;
Company did not respond: 4

Refund or Exchange Issues: 57
Outcome of all complaints –
Resolved: 35;
Unresolved: 11;
Delayed Resolution: 1;
Company made good faith effort to Resolve: 3;
Company did not respond: 7

Contract Issues: 2
Outcome of all complaints –
Resolved: 1;
Unresolved: 1

Customer Service Issues: 2
Outcome of all complaints –
Resolved: 1;
Company made good faith effort to Resolve: 1

Credit or Billing Issues: 91
Outcome of all complaints –
Resolved: 55;
Unresolved: 18;
Delayed Resolution: 3;
Company made good faith effort to Resolve: 8;
Company did not respond: 7


This company also does business as:
Obesity Research Institute, LLC.


Additional phone numbers for this company include:
(800) 467-8855.


Additional addresses for this company include:
PO Box 3378, Sparks, NV 89432.


Company answers most complaints but several have not been responded to by the company.

REPORT DATE: 03/01/2005

COPYRIGHT DATE: 2005 BBB of Northern Nevada, Inc.

The information in this report has either been provided by the company, or has been compiled by the Bureau from other sources.


As a matter of policy, the Better Business Bureau does not endorse any product, service, or company. BBB reports generally cover a three-year reporting period, and are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information contained in this report is believed reliable but not guaranteed as to accuracy. Reports are subject to change at any time.

I just wanted to tell you that the same situation happened to me. I called and ordered one bottle of propolene. They offered a second bottle for free so I accepted.

When it came there were four bottles with a receipt of 140 something dollars. When I called to ask what happened they just kept redirecting me until I hung up.

Please post this so others know not to buy from them.

Stephanie (

I ordered Propolene through their infomercial last year. I took it as directed for a month and had no weight loss at all.

Also, they charged my credit card for monthly shipments and when I called them to have it taken off, they said it would be taken care of.

About a week later I reecived 6 bottles of the stuff. I called again to have it sent back and taken of my card when they told me the trial period was over and I would not recieve credit even if I sent them back.

All in all, it cost me $150 for something that doesn’t even work. That was the last thing I have ordered through an infomercial. Live and learn I suppose.

Bonnie (

I bought Propolene about the same time I bought a book called “The French Don’t Diet”. I was taking Propolene Religiously for three weeks while I started reading the book. I lost 1 pound in three weeks, needless to say I was disappointed.

Then I started doing what the book suggested and by the end of the third week of the following month I lost FIFTEEN POUNDS!!!

So what’s my point? That stupid pill doesn’t do anything except make you poop. I wasted three weeks and 40 bucks on what bascially turned out to be a Super Metumucil Pill. Propolene sucks! I’ll stick with my book, I’ve gotten wonderful results and all I had to do was read.

Samantha (

When I first started using Propolene, my hunger was not reduced. If anything, I was eating more because I was thinking about it.

After the first two days, I started noticing that I was not as hungry as I usually am. I would eat, and then I got to a point where i could not take one more bite. I can’t finish a meal anymore. I lost two pounds in the first four days and then six pounds in the first two weeks.

Sam (

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