6 Things You Need To Know About Taking L-Carnitine for Weight Loss

6 Things You Need To Know About Taking L-Carnitine for Weight Loss

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6 Things You Need To Know About Taking L-Carnitine for Weight Loss

Hey guys, Paul from Ultimate fat Burner.com here. Today I can going to tell you 6 things you need to know about taking l-carnitine for weight loss.

Before I get into the 6 things, one quick point – I’ve included links to the clinical data I use to support my arguments in this article. It’s important you be skeptical about anyone talking about supplements online, and I provde this clinical data so you can confirm I’m not making this stuff up as I go along.

Alright, let’s get started with the 6 things…

1. Conflicting Study Data

The first thing you need to know is that the clinical data for l-carnitine’s role in weight loss is conflicting – a few studies suggest it may help, while most show that it does not.

Additionally, most of the studies confirming l-carnitine’s weight loss benefits are animal based.

2. High Dosage Necessary

L-Carnitine for Weight LossThe positive studies I could find were conducted with relatively high doses of l carnitine – 2-6 grams per day.

Yet many – actually most – fat burners that contain l-carnitine only contain a few hundred miligrams of the supplement.

This is much, much less than the amount proven effective.

In other words, the l-carnitine in these formulas provides no real value, but is only there to “dress up the label” and make the product appear more inmpressive – and effecive -than it actually is.

This is a standard dirty trick used by the supplement industry.

3. No Evidence on New Forms

There is no evidence newer or more advanced forms of l-carnitine are any more effective for weight loss than the plain Jane stuff. This is marketing spin, no more.

4. L-Carnitine good for Heart Health

The greatest reason to supplement with L-carnitine is completely unrelated to weight loss; it appears to be invaluable for heart health, helping to prevent, even reverse ischemia, stabilize irregular heartbeats, reduce incidents of angina, lower triglycerides and maintain a beneficial cholesterol profile.

5. Side Effects with High Doses

Side effects of high doses of l-carnitine can include nausea or diarrhea. Some people even report an energy boost and mild euphoria from it.

6. Minimum Dose of 3 Grams/Day

If you’re going to try it, you’ll want to take a minimum of 3 grams per day. With a dose that size, the most effective product to take is a liquid one. This is the one I’m currently experimenting with is Isatori’s L-Carnitine LS3 – which you can learn more about here – but you can use any liquid based product you like you like.

All Isatori products are backed by a 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee when ordered direct, which reduces the financial risk of your experiment with l-carnitine, should you decide to move forward with it!

L-Carnitine for Weight Loss: Summary

Alright guys, that’s a wrap. Hopefully you enjoyed this video and found it helpful. If you’ve used L-carnitine yourself, please do leave a comment below and let us know how it worked for you and how you like it. I’d appreciate and so would our readers and viewers!

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Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of UltimateFatBurner.com. His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.

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