RSS Feeds: What They Are, And How To Use Them -

RSS Feeds: What They Are, And How To Use Them

RSS stands for “really simple syndication” and as you will see in a moment, the name is particularly apt.

RSS allows you to receive content updates and information from your favorite sites (including without the hassles involved with e-mails. You don’t need to surrender your privacy either, as RSS doesn’t require any personal information from you, and you alone control your subscription.

Tired of a particular content feed? Just delete it. No more trying to unsubscribe.

Additionally, there’s no issues of wanted e-mails getting improperly filtered by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). If we had a dime for every e-mail a vistor told us they were no longer receiving our newsletters and to please “re-subscribe” them we’d be rich (these folks were on our mailing list, it was just that their ISPs were filtering our e-mails into the trash, so they never saw them).

I use RSS feeds, and love them. I subscribe a large number of health and fitness web sites and I am instantly updated on any new and interesting material that happens on any of the sites for which I am subscribed. It’s very convenient.

How do get started using RSS feeds?

Easy. Download the appropriate software on your computer. Don’t worry… it’s easy to use. And, the software I recommend, FeedReader, is completely free of charge!

To get started using newsfeeds, download the free version of FeedReader and install it on your computer.

Done? Great!

We have newsfeeds for each section of the site. You can add these “feeds” to your software in one of two ways…

  1. Navigate your browser to the URL (i.e.the link) of interest below. Open FeedReader. Click File > New > Feed
    You should see the newsfeed URL appear in the software’s menu bar. Simply hit “OK” and wait while the software repopulates.
  2. If that doesn’t work, copy and paste the URLS of interest below into your new feed software.  Click File > New > Feed and copy the URL into the menu bar. Click OK.

That was easy, right?

Here are our most popular RSS feeds to enter into your FeedReader software…

1. Fat Burner Feed: If you’re into fat burners, you’ll definitely want to sign up for this one! You’ll be updated every time a new review is ready! Here’s the URL…

2. The Bodybuilding Feed: Subscribing to this feed will keep you appraised of any and all new material in the “Body Building” section of the site…

3. Our Blog Feed: Here’s an easy way to get a brief synopsis of each and every blog post as its posted. Subscribe using this URL…

4. The “Articles” Feed: Keep up with new articles on fitness, health, nutrition, Dr. Oz, etc.

5. The Vitamins and Herbal Supplements Feed: Our ever-expanding collection on basic herbal and nutraceutical compounds.

And lastly…

6. Real Customer Comments Feed: This is’s site, and it features real people’s real comments on fat burners and body building supplements. Most of the sites featuring “user reviews” are run by people who have a financial conflict of interest (i.e., they either earn referral commissions from the products being reviewed by visitors, or they manufacture them) and post an unrealistically “positive” view of the products they feature. Not so on this site.

And that’s it! Now you can stay updated without lifting a finger!

Best of all, it’s likely many of your favorite sites are using this technology. Just look for the words ”Feed”, “RSS” or “XML” to add their feeds to your software as well!