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UltimateFatBurner.com: Frequently Asked Questions!

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Here you’ll find a cross section of the most commonly asked questions by visitors to UltimateFatBurner.com.

Your question may not be answered, of course, and in that case, we welcome you to contact us directly. Please do refer to these questions first though (it will save both you and us some time!)… there is quite a bit of ground covered here.

General FAQs:

Looking for the “commenting” FAQs? Click here!

Q: I’ve been ripped off by a supplement company and I’d like to complain. What do I do?

In the U.S., submit a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. In Canada, you should launch a complaint with the Canadian Competition Bureau. Worldwide, you will need to check locally to determine the appropriate regulatory bodies.

Q: Why are you always beating up on supplements? Why do you post so many negative reviews?

Every single product review on this site is performed in the same manner; we examine the supporting scientific evidence that exists for the ingredients (if any), and we correlate that with the claims made by the retailer. If the science does not support the claim(s), that’s what we report. In a very tangible way, it’s the science that gives products either a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”, not us. If we rated products either or favorably or poorly on the basis of some personal bias, that would not be much of a review, would it?Believe me, we’re happy to give credit where credit is due. However, in a competitive marketplace, supplement retailers often try to gain marketshare by marketing more aggressively than their competitors. This leads to an escalating series of ridiculous claims, often having little basis in truth. In other words, it is very seldom that a product actually lives up to the hype surrounding it. This is a very sad state of reality, but it’s not of our doing.

Q: I love your site, and I’d love to be able to contribute in order to ensure its long-term viability. What can I do?

One of the best things you can do for us is tell your friends about this site. We at UltimateFatburner.com love and thrive on word-of-mouth publicity. That’s what makes us tick!

Q: I stopped believing in Santa Claus a long time ago. You have to be making money somehow. If it’s not through the sale of supplements, how do you do it?

UltimateFatBurner.com generates revenue by…

  • Displaying Google Adsense and Chitika ads on the content pages of this site. Google shares a portion of the advertising revenue with us on a monthly basis.
  • Selling ad spots on this web site.
  • Earning commissions on recommended diets, e-books, supplements, diets and so on. Some (but not all) of the merchants who have recommended products on this Web site pay us a commission on the sales generated.

While our detractors like to suggest that earning a commission on select products tarnishes our credibility, here’s the bottom line…

It would be extremely short sighted for us to recommend a product or service that is not in your best interest. The reason why this site has been so popular for so long is that we do not engage in such practices.

We purchase and review every product or service we recommend. If it’s a diet e-book, we’ll read it and post a review. If it’s a worthwhile purchase, we’ll tell you. If it’s not, we’ll tell you that, too. In other words, we earn our commissions by providing you with a valuable service – by ensuring you don’t waste your money on a product that either doesn’t work or is not right for you!

What it comes down to is this…

While it is unethical to promote inferior products to your audience for no other purpose than financial gain, it is not unethical to introduce your audience to good products and services that make their lives easier. The latter is what we do.

Q: I have a product/service that may be of interest to your audience. How can I advertise on this Web site?

Please get in touch with us through our contact form.

Q: I have a product/service sold online through an affiliate program. How do I get you to present this product to your audience?

Before contacting us through this form, take a good look at this site. Will your product and service really add value to our visitors? Is it a genuine, high quality product sold at a good price, and backed by a money-back guarantee and stellar customer service?Remember… our first concern is our visitors — we will not introduce an inferior product to our visitors simply for monetary gain.Please be advised that there is no guarantee we will represent your product– it may be that your product does not address the needs of the visitors to this Web site, or your product provides benefits already provided by products or services currently represented on UltimateFatBurner.com. Or, we’re simply not interested (and we do not promote MLM products!).

Q: I just read a negative review of a product, and at the same time an ad in the right/left hand column was promoting this same product. What the heck is up with that?

Please be sure to differentiate between editorial content and advertising.This is no different than opening up your favorite newspaper and seeing an ad for a top selling beer directly across from an article on the dangers of alcohol abuse.The article is “editorial”, and the ad is “advertising”. The two exist together in almost any media. The Internet is no different. Since our ads are randomly generated by Google, and may differ according to where in the world you are located, we have absolutely no idea what ads are being served on what pages, short of knowing they meet Google’s standards for good taste.So while you may occasionally see an ad featured on the same page as a review, remember — the article is editorial, and the ad is advertising — just like in any media, it’s one of the necessary evils of business.

Q: Do you actually like any products? Where can I find a list of recommended products and fat burners?

You can find a list of recommended products here, along with a complete discussion on how we come to those recommendations.

Q: I’d like to submit a request for a review. How can I do that?

Contact us through this form, and tell us which product you would like to see reviewed. Please recognize that we receive hundreds of requests, and cannot guarantee to review any product.

Q: Who are you guys, and why should I “listen” to you?

A full discussion of who we are and what we do can be found on this page!

Q: A fat burner retailer keeps sending me a new shipment of products every single month, and I can’t them to stop. What can I do?

In all likelihood you will need to contact your bank and cancel your credit card. We’ve received all sorts of horror stories from visitors who moved heaven and earth to stop these monthly shipments to no avail. Cancelling your credit card and obtaining another is really your only option (one visitor wrote in to tell us she told her credit card company her card had been lost… they cancelled the old card and issued a new one immediately).Special note: Most retailers use “free trial” offers as bait to obtain your credit acrd and then add you to a “recurring billing program.” We call this tactic the 5-7 Day Free Trial Scam and you can learn more about it here!

Q: Are you guys hiring? How can I get a job working for UltimateFatBurner.com?

Occasionally UltimateFatBurner.com is in need of part-time writers. If you have the ability to communicate articulately and effectively on “digital paper”, and you’re passionate about some element of weight loss, fitness, or body building, you can always send us your vital stats.

Q: Do you receive commissions on products you recommend? If so, how can I trust such recommendations to be credible?

Yes, we do earn a small commission on the referred sales of some (but not all) products. We occasionally receive e-mail from individuals who question our ethics, credibility, and integrity for doing so. The fact of the matter is that it is not unethical to earn commissions on referred sales, provided those referrals are made in the best interests of our visitors. In other words, if the science and supporting evidence behind the product merits a recommendation, we’ll make it (you can read a full discussion of the criteria required for an UltimateFatBurner.com recommendation on this page). If it doesn’t, we don’t. It’s that simple.Many people are looking for credible products that will help them attain their goals, so such referrals provide a valuable service.You’ll also notice that our recommendations are frank, honest, and reflective of reality. For instance, in a recent review of Biotivia’s BioForge, Elissastates…

“… Bio Forge looks like it could provide a modest boost to a fat loss program and assist with retention of lean body mass.

But the key word here is modest. NONE of these ingredients are new or “revolutionary”, after all. They’ve been used in supps before, so it’s not hard to get a handle on just what to expect from a formula like this.

Basically, someone who’s mildly zinc deficient (which is common enough) and has some surplus fat to lose will likely see some good, initial results with this product. But no one’s going to get big on it—and if you’re zinc-sufficient and already have some muscle on your frame, I doubt it’ll do much of anything for you… the effects will be subtle, at best.”

This is followed by a link where you can purchase the product, should you so desire. And yes, we would receive a small commission from such a purchase. But if you do buy the product, you are doing so on an accurate assessment of products abilities, based on a thorough analysis of the ingredient profile. No touting of outrageous hype. No “upselling” or exaggerating the benefits in order to earn a commission.

Secondly, there are real costs involved in running a large site like UltimateFatBurner.com. Not only is it my full time job, we have several employees on staff. As you can imagine, nobody works for free. Many times too, we sample the products we review—and that also incurs a cost.

We need to supplement our ad revenue income with referral commissions in order to stay afloat. Remember, there are no fees to use UltimateFatBurner.com, nor do we have any interest in moving to a paid membership format. It’s more important to us that everyone have access to impartial, science-based reviews.

Yes, it pays to suspicious and skeptical, when so many online review sites make their living referring visitors to overpriced, overhyped products for huge referral fees. But if you read our reviews, and our frank assessments of the various retailers’ claims, the difference should be obvious. After all, UltimateFatBurner.com is the only 13-year supplement review web site on the Net.

That alone should speak volumes.

Q: I was just on another review web site, and its highest rated products receive terrible reviews here. Why is that?

Often, sites presenting themselves as “unbiased supplement review sites” are actually anything but. In fact, many are owned by the manufacturers themselves and their reviews are nothing more than a means to generate sales of their own products, while bad mouthing those of their competitors.See the article, “Who’s Reviewing Your Weight Loss Supplements” for more details.

Q: I just finished reading a review on another web site, and the author gave the product high marks on the basis of re-order rates and testimonials. Why don’t you guys do that?

Let’s address these one at a time…Testimonials: These are incredibly easy to fabricate (see the video series, “The Testimonials Scam”) and impossible to authenticate. Even if they are genuine (something you can never be sure of), they are not evidence. They are anecdotal. While we are the first to admit that genuine comments do have some value (see our sister site, Real Customer Comments.com), you always have to take them with a rather large grain of salt. Anyone who makes recommendations solely on the basis of testimonials is either unethical or incompetent.Re-order rates: If you see this metric as a basis for rating a product, you can be fairly certain you’ve stumbled on a bogus review site. No company publishes sensitive data like re-order rates (nor do they provide it to two-bit supplement “review” sites), since it would jeopardize their business model, and provide valuable information to their competitors. What is reported by the review site is simply made up. The only way anyone could know this information is if they sell the products themselves, and if they do, you can bet they are not going to report the real re-order rates, since they are undoubtedly much less flattering than they would like you to think. And of course, if they are selling the products, it’s no longer an impartial review, is it?

Commenting FAQs

Q: I just made a comment and it hasn’t shown up on the page. How come?

All comments are held in a moderation queue to be reviewed by our editors before they go “live.” Normally, comments go live within 1-2 business days, provided they meet our posting criteria.

Q: My comments have not been posted. What’s up with that?

UltimateFatBurner.com does not post ALL submitted comments. If your post provided no relevant information, but was simply made in order to obtain an in-pointing link to a product or service you are affiliates with, it will be deleted. Rude, defamatory comments will also be deleted. You’re welcome to disagree with us, but you need to keep it civil.