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Issue #010, Sept 09, 2001 — “Staying Focused, Biotest’s T2, Ephedrine”

Issue #011, Sept 17, 2001 — “Fighting Fat with Fiber, Chromium Craving Killer”

Issue #012, Sept 25, 2001 — “Why You MUST Cheat, Conjugated Linoleic Acid”

Issue #013, Oct 2, 2001 — “More Cheating, Soy Protein”

Issue #014, Oct 10, 2001 — “Journalizing” Your Success!

Issue #015, October 24, 2001 — “Preparing For Success, Side-Stepping Halloween Dieting Disasters”

Issue #016, Nov 7, 2001 — “The Liquid Miracle”

Issue #017, Nov 19, 2001 — “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Issue #018, Dec 4, 2001 — “Calorie Counting!”

Issue #019, Dec 11, 2001 — “Happy Holidays, Last Minute Gift Ideas, Debunking Body Wraps”

Issue #020, Jan 08, 2002 — All Natural?, New Years Resolutions. L-Glutamine

Issue #021, Jan 23, 2002 — Carb Cutting, Met-Rx’s Thermicore, Plant Macerat Scam

Issue #022, Feb 15, 2002 — Biotest’s MD6,, Canadian Government Introduces Voluntary Ban Against Ephedrine-Based Products

Issue #023, March 1, 2002 — Yo-Yo Dieting, Improving the Taste Of Cytoplex, Prolab’s Metabolic Thyrolean

Issue #024, March 17, 2002 — Treadmills Are The BEST for Aerobic Exercise!, Buying a Treadmill Online, Twinlab’s Ripped Fuel

Issue #025, March 30, 2002 — Protein Bars – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, EAS’ Ultra BetaTrim

Issue #026, April 16, 2002 — Special FREE gift issue (only for subscribers).

Issue #027, May 13, 2002 — Xenadrine EFX, Treadmills For Aerobic Efficiency, and More!

Issue #028, June 4, 2002 — GHR-15, A Cheap, Simple Way To Reduce Hunger!

Issue #029, July 2, 2002 — Much Ado About Protein, Special GUEST Article “Supplements…Sometimes Over Hyped, Overpriced and downright Dishonest!”

Issue #030, July 30, 2002 — Ephedrine Vindicated!, HGH — The Fraud Continues?

Issue #031, August 25, 2002 — Check Out Our NEW Look, Olive Oil, Diet Supplements Revealed!

Issue #032, Oct 2, 2002 — Tips for Safe Ephedrine/Ephedra Use!

Issue #033 Novemeber 16,2002 — Special Guest Article:Malnourished… with Fruit and Veggies? This WILL Shock You!

Issue #034 January 4, 2003 — New Ebook and Affiliate Program Launches!

Issue #035 February 4, 2003 The Move From Ephedra-Based Fat Burners, McDonalds 1, Plantiffs, 0.

Issue #036 February 18, 2003 Free Healthy Recipe ebook and more!

Issue #037 April 1, 2003 The Ephedra Controversy!

Issue #038 April 28, 2003 Remembering Dr. Atkins

Issue #039 July 29, 2003: Short Summer Edition: Aspartame, Hot Rox, Thermo Dynamx, Alpha Lipoic Acid and More!

Issue #40 October 14, 2003: FiberThin, Fall is Here… Get Active!

Issue #41 October 28, 2003: Zotril, Cool New Ebooks, What’s Good for Energy?

Issue #42 October 14, 2003: Lipo 6, Splenda!

Issue #43 Nov 26, 2003: Burn the Fat, Survey!

Issue #44 Cortislim Review, James Jordan’s Underground Body Building Secrets, We Want Your FeedBack, The Importance of Vitamins and Minerals in Winter !

Issue #45 Special January Diet Issue — Atkins diet, Zone Diet, Tom Venuto’s Burn The Fat, and More!

Issue #46 Review of New Hydroxycut Formula, Michael Hill’s Fat Burning Recipes, Staying on Track in 2004, Product Recommendations!

Issue #47 , Cortislim Warning, Steve Bechler Ephedra Follow-Up, Health-E-Meals Offer!

Issue #48, Lipovarin, Fish Oils, Low Carb Extravaganza, Health-E Meals Upgrade

Issue #49, Diet Tech, Weight lifting for absolute beginners, Basal Metabolic rate

Issue #50, Relacore, Creatine Monohydrate

Issue #51, Patentlean, All Star Trainers Secrets, Best fat Burners

Issue #52, Diet Patches, Fat Burning Recipes, Muscle Tech Responds

Issue #53, Tetrazene, Low carb recipes, Cutting Gel

Issue #54, Global Fitness Review, Isatori’s Eat Smart, Shawn LeBrun’s Shredded

Issue #55, Carnitine, Suvaril, Xtend-Life

Issue #56 Estrin-D, Cortislim, Flatten Your Abs

Issue #57 Cenafil, Metabolife, Thermadrol, Thermalean, Trimspa X32

Issue #58, Advalean, The F.T.C. Has Some Fun, Staying Healthy in Winter

Issue #59, Solidax fat burner, the Sunslim Diet, Shawn LeBrun’s guest article

Issue #60, Xenadrine NRG, Stop Cheating On Your Low Carb Diet, Jeremy Likeness’ “Become the Journey”, Top Diets of 2004

Issue #61, Miracleburn, More Top Diets, Check Out Our RSS feed!

Issue #62, New Diet reviews — Dr. Phil Mcgraw, Body for Life, Sugar Busters, New section on diet pills is live!

Issue #63, San Tight, Review of Fit Over 40, Review of Maximum Weight Gain, Vitamins and Minerals is live!

Issue #64, Abgone, Ephedra free lipo 6, Lipoxinol, Free download on creatine, Xtend-Life releases new arthritis formula

Issue #65, Dietrine, Hoodia Gordonii, Vitamins and Minerals keeps growing!

Issue #66, Biotest Fahrenheit, Ripped Fuel (ephedra free), Is Ephedra Back? New in Vitamins… horny goat weed, astralagus, saw palmetto, black cohosh, and more!

Issue #67, Features thyroid stimulating fat burners Thyrin and Thyrotril. Also, how to protect yourself from being scammed by unscrupulous merchants.

Issue #68, Dermalin, Cutting Gel, VPX Redline, Leptopril, and review of Critical Bench, bench pressing program. Want to add 50 lbs to your bench?

Issue #69, Dexatrim, VPX Redline customer feedback, FTC slams FiberSlim and Propolene, Angela Ursprung’s Fit at 40, What’s new in Vitamins and minerals?

Issue #70, SlimQuick for Women, Satise Appetite Suppressant, Lots new in vitamins and minerals!

Issue #71, Provactin, Accomplia, The Black Market Report on Ephedrine, New Stuff in Vitamins and Minerals!

Issue #72, Lipodrene SR, Estrothin, Provactin, Stop Paying Outrageous Prices to Stay Healthy!

Issue #73, Slim Seduction, Where to go to complain, Updates to vitamins and minerals, Hoodia and Relacore Feedback!

Issue #74, InStone leanFire, Aquadrene, eBay Fat Burners, Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Updated Lean System 7 review

Issue #75, New diet reviews: Suzanne Somers, Perricone diet, Weight Watchers, Grapefruit diet, Hollywood diet, Mayo Clinic, Scarsdale, Jenny Craig diet!

Issue #76, Alvidar, Smartburn, Remedilean, The Lean System Success Plan!

Issue #77, Awe-Slim, Rev XP, The Idiot Proof Diet, The Negative Calorie Diet!

Issue #78, Zotrim, Nxcare’s NV, Nitric Oxide, and Pete Sisco’s Lifetime Strength

Issue #79, Lean Balance, Lipozene, and Jon Benson’s Simply Eat

Issue #80, Everslim, Metabothin, Accelis, and The G.I. Diet Breakthrough

Issue #81, EPH200, GlucoFast, MuscleTech’s ThermoShred, Check Out My Blog!

Issue #82, Hydroxycut Hardcore, PediaLean, Sesathin, Diet Supplements Revealed Gets An Update!

Issue #83, BetaFuel, Xenadrine Hardcore, Isatori Summer Special!

Issue #84, Formula 9, Xyience Xtreme Carb / Fat Blocoker, Xyience Extreme Fat Burner, Isatori Summer Special Continues!

Issue #85, Ripped Fuel Extreme, Lipitrex, New Fat Burner Comparison Chart Launches, Diet Supplements Revealed!

Issue #86 Anatrim, Accelis Feedback, Multiple Language Support, “Missing The Point”

Issue #87, Ephedra P57, New Feedback Posted, Visitor Feedback!

Issue #88, Isatori’s MX-LS7, Wu long (Oolong) tea, Thyromine Thyroid Supplement review, Ephedra illegal once again!

Issue #89, 12 New Fat Burner Reviews, Tom Venuto’s Body Of Your Dreams Teleseminar

Issue #90, 10 New Fat Burner Reviews, “Great News for the Fat and Gullible!” guest article by Dave Nalle.

Issue #91, Myoffeine, Curvellem Zalestrim, Pherterfein and Diet!

Issue #92, Lipoplex, LipoSpa, Slimage and CortiStress!

Issue #93, Chá de Bugre, Zylorin, The Big Picture Of Permanent Weight Loss!

Issue #94, Burn the Fat Inner Circle, Thermocerin, H+Blocker, Akavar 20/50, The 7 Day Fat Burner Free Trial Scam & Why You Must Avoid It!

Issue #95, Stacker 2, Hoodia Bites, Proactol, Shawn Phillips’ Red Hot Metabolism

Issue #96, Leptovox review, Cravex review, Kristin Gerstley’s “End Binge Eating: How To Stop Binge Eating And Take Control Of Your Life!”

Issue #97, Phase 2, Cheater’s Relief, Orovo, Size 0, Alli and Jeff Anderson’s Homemade Supplement Secrets!

Issue #98: Nano Slim, Venom Hyperdrive, Abs+, 7-DFB, Womens’ Fat Burners, Nastiness… What It REALLY Means!

Issue #99: CytoLean, Animal Cuts, Syntrax Fyre, Nuphedragen, Lipo 6X, Jeff Anderson’s Homemade Supplement Secrets!

Issue #100: The Every Other Day Diet, BSN Atro-Phex, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, Nuphedrine & Guggulbolic Extreme!

Issue #101: RapidCuts Femme, Phase 2®, FucoThin, Carbolin-19, BCAAs, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Resveratrol, Alfalfa, and Chlorella, Ray Burton’s Fat To Fit.

Issue #102: Hoodia Trial, Lipo Seduction 2250, Thermoloid, X-Factor, Chrysin, Zero Carb Isopure, DietPower Diet Software, and lots more!

Issue #103: Hydroxycut Max, Anoretix, ZMA, SuperPump, Nitro Tech, Core Training & Estrodex!

Issue #104: Real Customer Launches, Certiphene, Ephedra 5, Wu-Yi Tea, Taurine, Anabolic Pump/ PSlin

Issue #105: Our First Video Launches, VPX MeltDown, 6-OXO, Morph, Phosphagen Elite

Issue #106: “The Blog” Is Live, Clinitrim-5, Dex-C20, Arson, HorsePower, C9-T11

Issue #107: AmbiSlim, Orovo Detox, Trimform, Leptitrex, Syntha-6, Anabol-5, Ultimate Orange, Citrulline

Issue #108: Is Obesity Contagious? Aplodan, NO Shotgun, Lipo 6 Hers, Phenocal

Issue #109: Thermodrenix, CreVax, Ultimate Trim, Staying Up to Date With RSS Feeds

Issue #110: Functional Foods Launches, Cuur, Patentrim, Extreme Acai Berry

Issue #111: MojoJava, DecaSlim, Creakic Harcdcore, FTC’s Guidelines On Marketing to Children

Issue #112: White Flood, Meal Replacement Products, Apatrim, Zovatol, Yerba Mate, Glucomannana

Issue #113: New Publication from Tom Venuto, Glossary launches, Anabolic Halo, BetaNox, ZyloTrim, Dieter;s Cheating Caps

Issue #115: Happy New Year, 2009!

Issue #116: The Detox Dossier, BSN’s CellMass, Anabolic Rush, pSARM, SlimShots, Sensa Tastants

Issue #117: Dr. Joyce Radio Show, Miracle Slim Wrap, Lipolyze, CleanseRx

Issue #118: Customer Comments site,, relaunches!

Issue #119: Homemade Supplements Secrets, NEW Xenadrine RFA-1, Dark Matter, Jungle Warfare

Issue #120: Eat-Smart, SoloSlim, Dymetadrine Xtreme, ReCharge

Issue #121: Clinicallix, Lipofuze, Activate Xtreme, Sorenzyme

Issue #122: Creatine Ethyl Ester debunked, Nitrix, Wipeout, Sugar Free Redbull

Issue #123: Hemodrene, USP Labs’ Recreate, Zyatonix, Freak Fix

Issue #124: The Real Way to Stop Eating Fast Food (Tom Venuto)

Issue #125: Who’s Telling The Truth? The Explosion of Supplement Review Sites

Issue #126: The hCG Conspiracy, SlendeSlim, Phosphacore, Glabrinex

Issue #127: Lipo 6 Black, Slim Xtreme, CentriLean, MuscleOn, Myotest

Issue #128: Jillian MIchael’s Fat Burner, Kim Kardashian and Quick Trim, Nuclear Garbage, MOnster MIlk and More!

Issue #129: Cheat Your Way Thin, Viper, Phenphedrine, SomnaSlim, NaNO Vapor

Issue #130: Podcasts & Video, Fit Yummy Mummy, AMP 2, Hydroxycut Hardcore X, Myofusion, Acai Force Max

Issue #131: Natural Appetite Suppressants, Top Rated Diet Plans, Women’s Fat Burners, Lean Xtreme, Thermobol, REDuction PM, Phenom V1