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SlimFast, Fat Melting Foods, Protein for Weight Loss…

An Official Response To Our Green Coffee Bean Extract Review

Posted by on 2:41 am in Recommended by Dr. Oz, Supplement Ingredients | 2 comments

Our green coffee/chlorogenic acid review (which was featured on a recent segment of the Dr. Oz show, and highly recommended by Oz’s expert, naturopathic doctor Lindsey Duncan) seems to have some ruffled some feathers over at Genesis Today. Genesis Today’s CEO and...

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Dr. Oz And Coleus Forskohlii For Weight Loss

Posted by on 1:47 am in Recommended by Dr. Oz, Supplement Ingredients | 1 comment

Today we’re going to talk about Coleus forskohlii, one of the more recent supplements to be featured on the Dr. Oz television show (other Oz-endorsed supplements we’ve discussed include raspberry ketones, African mango, and 7-Keto). According to Oz, Coleus exhibits...

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Dr. Oz and Green Coffee Bean Extract: Miracle Weight Loss Pill?

Posted by on 1:02 am in Recommended by Dr. Oz, Supplement Ingredients | 0 comments

In truth, the only people that are “buzzing” about green coffee extract are the folks on the Dr. Oz show and the folks selling the stuff; medical doctors and weight loss professionals see chlorogenic acid for what it really is; a mildly useful supplement that may help somewhat, if you’ve got your diet under control.

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Cheap Lipozene Alternatives: Buy Lipozene’s Ingredient For Less

Posted by on 12:53 am in Supplement Ingredients | 0 comments

Lipozene is a high priced weight loss supplement retailed both offline and online, and produced by a company of dubious ethics and moral standards—Obesity Research Institute LLC. They’ve been in trouble with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission before, forced to pay $1.5...

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Buyer Beware: Celebrity Endorsements For Weight Loss Products

Posted by on 12:44 am in Buyer Beware | 0 comments

Supplement retailers love celebrity product endorsements. There’s nothing like getting some smoking hot Hollywood actress (or actor) or a super-buff high profile fitness trainer to provide a personal recommendation for your weight loss or diet product. Consumers,...

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The African Mango Scam: What You REALLY Need To Know!

Posted by on 9:57 pm in Buyer Beware, Recommended by Dr. Oz, Supplement Ingredients | 1 comment

How can African Mango (also called Irvingia gabonesis) be a scam? After all, even Dr. Oz went on and on about African Mango on his TV show, back in September 2010. That’s true. And while African Mango isn’t exactly a scam, there are some things you should know about...

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