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Cheap Lipozene Alternatives: Buy Lipozene’s Ingredient For Less

Lipozene is a high priced weight loss supplement retailed both offline and online, and produced by a company of dubious ethics and moral standards—Obesity Research Institute LLC. They’ve been in trouble with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission before, forced to pay $1.5 million in customer redress for making false and substantiated claims for products almost identical to Lipozene.

Online, it is common to see customers allege outrageous billing and customer service infractions on a fairly regular basis.

Not surprisingly therefore, people have been looking for Lipozene alternatives, or a way to buy Lipozene’s ingredients for less.

The good news is that Lipozene contains a single ingredient, and it’s readily available for much less money (for much more product, too!).

And what is that ingredient?

Konjac. Also known as glucomannan.

It’s a simple fiber supplement, that—like all fiber supplements—fills you up without adding calories. Believe it or not, glucomannan is something we like because when taken at the appropriate dosage (1 gram prior to each meal) it has some decent clinical data supporting its effects on both weight loss and blood sugar levels (see the complete glucomannan review for more details and links to supporting clinical studies).

The other reason we like glucomannan is because unlike many other promising weight loss supplements, it’s dirt cheap.

A full month’s supply can be had for less than $10 at a reputable online retailer like (despite the label recommendations, you should take 2, not 3 capsules prior to each meal. If you don`t notice a difference, open the capsules and sprinkle them over your food instead; glucomannan has almost no taste).

And there you have it; a cheap alternative to Lipozene with no billing or customer service hassles!

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