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Buyer Beware: Celebrity Endorsements For Weight Loss Products

Supplement retailers love celebrity product endorsements. There’s nothing like getting some smoking hot Hollywood actress (or actor) or a super-buff high profile fitness trainer to provide a personal recommendation for your weight loss or diet product. Consumers, desperate in their quest to lose weight, are willing to dispel any doubts and buy on the celebrity’s say so alone. Retailers rely on this. They know that many...

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The African Mango Scam: What You REALLY Need To Know!

How can African Mango (also called Irvingia gabonesis) be a scam? After all, even Dr. Oz went on and on about African Mango on his TV show, back in September 2010. That’s true. And while African Mango isn’t exactly a scam, there are some things you should know about it—things the retailers of African Mango related weight loss products won’t tell you—to prevent you from being scammed. Let’s get started…...

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