What Do Sweet Foods Taste Like When You Can’t Taste Sweetness?

Salon.com’s Francis Lam decided to find out. He used Gymnema sylvestre – an herb used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat diabetes. Known as “Sugar Destroyer,” it can also alter the perception of sweetness when applied to the mouth/tongue. So what did Lam discover? Here’s a sample: Sugar: Like melting sand! The sensation of sugar crystals […]

NYT: “A Strange Green Journey”

Although it’s an “n = 1″ record, it’s refreshing to see a healthy dose of skepticism applied to the BS “detox” claims made by proponents of juice cleanses… and in the “Fashion & Style” section of the New York Times, no less. If you’re going to have liquids, said Dr. Colbert, a staunch believer in unprocessed […]

Changing Soda Serving Sizes

Found this awesome post on Sociological Images, comparing advertised soda servings from the 1950’s vs. today. Ben Ostrowsky sent in a great example of changing norms of consumption, highlighting the enormous increase in what is considered a standard serving of soda. In this 1950s ad for soda, the text proudly proclaims that a 12-oz. can is […]

Yes, Maura – You ARE Being an Insensitive Jerk

The “Maura” of the title is Maura Kelly, who evidently feels that thinking isn’t a prerequisite for posting on her Marie Claire blog, “A Year of Living Flirtatiously.”  In her October 25th entry, “Should Fatties Get a Room? (Even on TV?)” she closes with the question… What do you guys think? Fat people making out […]

Is Cash Healthier Than Credit?

According to recent research in the Journal of Consumer Research, shoppers who use cash to pay for groceries make fewer unhealthy “impulse buys” than those using credit or debit cards. Science Daily has the rundown: The authors conducted an analysis of actual shopping behavior of 1,000 households over a period of six months. They found that shopping carts had […]

Less Sleep = Less Fat Loss

Earlier this year, I reported on a study that suggested sleep deprivation could lead to overeating. And now there’s more on the subject of sleep and weight… but from the opposite direction. A lack of sleep doesn’t just increase your risk of gaining fat; it could also decrease your chances of losing it. Dr Arya Sharma, of “Dr. Sharma’s […]

Rowdy Roddy Piper Fights Childhood Obesity

A LOL to start the weekend… [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vo8fFe36XNg] Rowdy Roddy Piper is a real blast from the past – the hubby and I used to watch the WWF (now the WWE) back in the 80’s for laffs. (h/t Obesity Panacea)

We’re Quite a Few Steps Behind

The title of this NY Times article pretty much says it all: “The Pedometer Test: Americans Take Fewer Steps.” It summarizes the results of a recent study on the number of daily steps taken by American adults.  Yeah, as you might have guessed, it’s fairly low. But the kicker is that it’s also lower than the number of steps […]

What Does the Obesity Society Serve For Lunch?

Lotsa junk, according to Dr. Yoni Freedhoff of “Weighty Matters.” When I wandered through the lunch offerings at this years Obesity Society’s Annual Scientific Assembly in San Diego (one of the world’s largest obesity conferences), what did I find? Giant brownies, pretzels and full sugar soda – an interesting juxtaposition with the 2 abstracts and […]