Off To SpoCon Tomorrow…

We’re headed for the SpoCon 2010 Sci Fi/Fantasy Convention tomorrow, but I’ll be checking in from the road! Number One Son’s a finalist in the Short Story competition for “Joy Ride,” so – while Sci Fi geekdom ain’t exactly mah thang, I can’t possibly miss this. Ciao!

Is Your Child Overweight? What Can You Do?

Dr. Melina Jampolis – the Physician Nutrition Specialist for CNN – recently posted a brief, but informative response to a parent query about her 50-pounds-overweight, daughter. The answer to “Should I put my 11-year-old on a diet?” was neither yes, nor no, since this was a question that needed to be directed to the child’s […]

Bad News for Wrigley & Coke

Wrigley and Coca Cola are just two of the food companies experiencing legal setbacks in their efforts to capitalize on the functional food trend. First up, Coke recently lost its bid to have the CSPI-backed, class action suit against Vitamin Water dismissed. According to NutraIngredients-USA: Coca-Cola is to face a lawsuit challenging the health claims on its Vitaminwater drinks, […]

Two Determined Women

I came across two articles with some pretty impressive weight loss stories, so I thought I’d highlight both of them.  First up, Marci Williams… FRIDAY, July 23 (HealthDay News) — Things hit the “big crescendo” for Marci Williams in December 2005.Williams, 47, of Greensboro, N.C., had been obese for some time, weighing as much as […]

Creepy Commercial

Ok, Roche gets my vote for creating the creepiest ad evah (!) for a weight loss product.  The company’s NZ ad campaign for Xenical virtually equates losing weight with your worst nightmares. [youtube:] Then again, considering that “anal leakage” is one of the side effects you can get with Xenical, “worst nightmare” might be an appropriate metaphor, after all.

Respectful Insolence: “Joe Mercola’s Shampoo Woo”

In my years on the “Bodybuilding Revealed” and “Fat Loss Revealed” forums, I’ve had to field a number of questions related to the rather bizarre mix of sense and nonsense spewed by Dr. Joseph Mercola.  Sorting out the truth from the half-truths and outright, self-serving BS is no mean feat – Dr. M is a skillful […]

C&EN: Supplementing Knowledge

As I surf around the medical blogosphere, I can’t help but notice the hostility that various MD’s express towards supplements.  I understand where they’re coming from – there are a lot of sensational claims being made on very shaky evidence.  They’re concerned about safety – not to mention the prospect of seeing people with eminently treatable ailments and conditions abandon needed medical care in favor […]

Major League Pig-Outs

A bud of mine from the “Bodybuilding Revealed” forum sent me a link to this Sports Illustrated article about the “all you can eat” sections appearing in Major League ballparks. Apparently, it’s a winning tactic being used by many teams to beef up (no pun intended) the attendance figures for games. BALTIMORE — Matthew Cavalier had a seat in Section […]

The Healthy Skeptic on Skin Moisturizing Supps

Although we deal mostly with fat loss/muscle-building and miscellaneous herbal supps here, we’d be remiss if we ignored the growing number of “cosmeceutical” supps entering the marketplace.  Most of the ones I’ve seen are for moisturizing/hydrating aging skin… and they’re NOT cheap. Fortunately, Chris Woolston, “The Healthy Skeptic,” has done some digging on the subject.  The verdict?  Save […]

Engineer Designs Weighted Clothing Line

Using weighted clothing to improve strength, power and/or endurance isn’t new – in fact, well-made, close-fitting weighted vests and shorts have been used by athletes for quite some time.  I own a “Smart Vest” myself, and have made good use of it. But – let’s face it – unless I’m wearing a jacket or sweatshirt, it’s […]