Hidden Assumptions

…are another reason I dislike women’s mags. I was drawn over to Glamour.com this morning, after reading a blog post mocking a ditzy article of theirs. I lost interest in the targeted article (about finding the right cocktail dress for your shape) pretty quickly, though, since a) I can count the number of times I’ve worn […]

What’s it Like to be Part of a Clinical Trial?

I thought this video from MedPage Today was rather interesting…It’s about the experiences of a subject in a placebo-controlled clinical trial for a new obesity drug. The subject also happens to be the staff member who wrote the accompanying article: contributing writer Joe Sussman.  

False Confidence (I Hope…)

I was reading an online industry article this morning: “The Invincibles – Recession Proof  Food and Healthy Eating“, and winced when I read this part: Other food categories that are expected to be virtually immune to the economic storm include French fries, candy and beer, while those expected to suffer include organics and carbonated beverages. […]

QVC to Pay 7.5 Million Fine for Deceptive Supplement Claims

Another FTC action against unsubstantiated claims… “QVC aired ads that weren’t true and violated an FTC order,” said Eileen Harrington, Acting Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “Simply put, we aren’t going to let QVC get away with this. The company is responsible for the product claims made on its programs, and we […]

Exercise and Calories: Reality Check

WebMD has a nice little online feature: the Fit-O-Meter, which calculates the calories burned for 600 different activities. You pick the activity, plug in your weight and the duration, and voila: you get an estimate of the number of calories you’ve burned. There are a few caveats, of course…for one thing, this sort of calculator […]

Reflections From Montreal, Prt II

As noted in an earlier post, my girlfriend and I were up in Montreal a few weeks ago, visiting friends, seeing the sites, and generally having an all round good time. Since Montreal is only a few hundred kilometers from where I live in Ontario, and the weather was great, we decided to drive. Anyhow, […]

Everything I Loathe About Women’s Magazines…

…is captured in a slide show – “10 Reasons You’re Not Losing That Weight” –  from “Women’s Health.”  For starters, it was trite and poorly thought out… For example: Roadblock number 1: Always a go-getter, you work out at 6 a.m.

Acai Berry Weight Loss Scam Attracts Mainstream Attention. Finally!

Acai, if you haven’t heard, is another one of those trendy, exotic “super fruits” that are all the rage these days. And while acai is a great source of anthocyanins (antioxidants) and does have a high ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) “score”— it’s being marketed by some unscrupulous folks as being a cure all for just about […]

The List Keeps Getting Longer…

The FDA list of fat loss supps adulterated with pharmaceuticals keeps growing.  Initially, it was 28.  Then it grew to 69…now it’s 72 – enough to trigger a new alert message.

Should You Buy Organic?

This is a question I get asked periodically…and people are often surprised by my answer.  As I put it to one such person on the “Bodybuilding Revealed” forum: “As a “nutritional expert” (your term, not mine), I am vastly more concerned about whether people eat the damn fruits and veggies at all. Organic food is often […]