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Blogs are wonderful things. Not only do they indulge the various authors’ needs to comment, rant & rave, or merely speculate on some topic or another; they also foster a sense of community and encourage you to share your views and opinions, and so forth.

This blog will be dedicated to topics that fall within the general theme of (i.e, exercise, body building, supplements,weight loss, diet, etc), but outside the realm of mere product reviews.

Facebook Contest: Win a Bottle of Curvelle!

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Hey, ladies! We’re having a contest over on our Facebook page. You can win a bottle of Isatori’s Curvelle (weight loss for women) by liking or commenting on the post and then registering to win. It’ll take you about 20 seconds and you’ll registered to win! Contest ends August 30, 2014. Here’s where you can go to get signed up! P.S. You have to be over 18 years of age and a resident of Canada or the U.S. Good luck!...

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Shaila Fitness Kick A** T-Shirts for Sale

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Sumi Singh, who contributes regularly to, has just launched her own t-shirt line. There’s sizes and variations for the girls, the guys, and even children! Here’s a couple of the options available, modeled by Sumi herself…   Cool, huh? If you’re interested in getting on these kick butt tees or tanks for yourself or a family member, click here to order from Sumi’s online...

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Of Course it’s Safe… It’s “All Natural.”

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“All natural” is meaningless marketing term used by retailers and manufacturers to shroud their customers in a blanket of good feelings and comfort, making them feel confident in their non-pharmaceutical approach to health and wellness. But the truth is “all natural” does not mean safe, as we’ve pointed out many, many times. And as this article from Science Based Pharmacy points out, it’s an argument used to minimize the amount of regulatory oversight such products receive. This is a problem for a number of...

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Lawsuit Filed Against Testofen Containing Natural Testosterone Boosters

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A class action lawsuit has been filed against a number of companies that sell natural testosterone boosters containing the fenugreek derived Testofen. Gencor Nutrients, Inc., GE Nutrients, Inc., General Nutrition Corporation (GNC), S&G Properties LLC, Force Factor LLC and others have been named in the action. The reason why? Testofen doesn’t work to elevate testosterone levels – numerous studies have been unequivocal in their conclusions. This isn’t news to us. It’s something we mentioned when we completed a...

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Karma Files: Dr. Oz Gets B*tch Slapped by Senator Claire McCaskill

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We’ve been reviewing Dr. Oz featured weight loss products for several years now, for the simple reason that anything Oz features on his show generates a ton of interest, and accordingly, a ton of sales. But we’re not pleased with him for the simple reason that the things he recommends… well, they either have been proven not to work, or the science is preliminary, the results are exaggerated, there are conflicts of interest involved, or the methodology of the studies sucks. In other words, Oz has been labeling things as...

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Logical Fallacies

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I can’t take credit for this resource – Yoni Freedhoff from the Weighty Matters blog posted a link to it a short while back, in reference to a previous discussion he had about Girl Guide cookies. Yoni had “suggested that the charitable sale of trans-fat laden, sugary cookies is a practice that in this day and age can no longer be considered charitable and instead is part of our growing dietary woes.” What happened next? In predictable fashion, some folks got all riled up. In his words… This upset people, and it...

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