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Talk About Inflated Ad Claims!

Posted by on 6:13 am in Ad Claims, Laws & Regulations, Supplement Ingredients | 1 comment

I’ve seen some pretty outrageous claims for supps before, but I think the claims for “Undoit,” an Australian product, take the cake: A WEIGHT-LOSS treatment that claims to allow users to gorge on fatty foods and then “undo it” by taking a specified...

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Why Supermarket Tomatoes Suck

Posted by on 5:47 am in Food Tech, | 2 comments

We moved here to NE Washington in late March, so – as you might expect – it took a while for us to get settled in. Despite the effort involved in unpacking, I still took the time to plant a few seeds. My original intent was to plant the seedlings in containers, and...

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I’ll Take the “Double Bacon Bohemoth Burger,” Thank You!

Posted by on 5:47 am in Media Misfires | 2 comments

This new ad for “Lean Pockets” (low-fat/calorie version of “Hot Pockets”) is making the rounds of the blogosphere: Most folks commenting on this appear to be stunned at the sheer, campy awfulness of David Hasselhoff’s performance. I can’t...

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I <3 Ernestine Shepherd!

Posted by on 5:47 am in fitness, motivation | 2 comments

She’s awesome. Just watch: (via Jezebel)

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“Whole Grain” Doesn’t Necessarily Mean “High Fiber”

Posted by on 6:44 am in Health and Wellness, nutrition, | 1 comment

One of the recommendations contained in the newest (2010) “Dietary Guidelines for Americans” is to consume “at least half of all grains as whole grains.” You’d think that following such a recommendation would be pretty easy, no? Dump the...

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Boiron Settles Lawsuit for $5 Million

Posted by on 6:41 am in critical thinking, | 1 comment

This video has been making the rounds… I really don’t have the heart to make fun of these folks. But seriously: so many random patterns occur in nature, it’s not the least bit surprising that some of them make “sense” to human minds. The...

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