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Mark Bittman: “What Is Food?”

Posted by on 6:07 am in Health and Wellness, Obesity, | 0 comments

I don’t often read Mark Bittman’s food commentaries in the New York Times, but he’s absolutely on fire this week. His aptly titled  “What is Food?” op-ed takes direct aim at the “nanny state” alarms being raised about  Mayor...

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Disney To Phase out Unhealthy Food Ads

Posted by on 5:27 am in Childhood Obesity, nutrition, | 1 comment

When my kids were growing up, we always chose The Most Basic of all basic cable TV packages offered, so we never got the Disney channel… thus I cannot tell you what the food ads were like. I can imagine it, though, so the news that Disney plans to phase out ads for junk...

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Is NYC Mayor Bloomberg a Nanny?

Posted by on 6:23 am in Health and Wellness, Laws & Regulations, Obesity, | 1 comment

I’m sure you’ve all heard of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed ban on sugary drink servings larger than 16 oz. The image at the left is the beverage industry’s response. And the industry’s not alone: I’ve seen a fair number of...

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1 in 3 Homeless is Obese

Posted by on 4:41 am in Obesity, | 3 comments

This article on CNN’s “The Chart” discusses a recent study on the prevalence of obesity amongst the homeless. While the popularized image of a homeless individual is one of skin and bones, a new study shows the reality is not so. One in three (32.3%) homeless...

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Metabolically Healthy Obesity Not Associated with Higher CVD Risk

Posted by on 5:30 am in Health and Wellness, Obesity, | 2 comments

In my review of Part 1 of “The Weight of the Nation,” I raised a subject not discussed in the documentary: the existence of metabolically healthy obese people. Now that I’ve seen the entire documentary, I’m still somewhat unsatisfied with the...

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“The Weight of the Nation” – Part 4

Posted by on 6:07 am in Childhood Obesity, Obesity, | 1 comment

IMHO, Part 4 of “The Weight of the Nation,” was the best episode of the series. It did a great job of examining the “big picture” contributors to obesity/obesity-related ills introduced in Part 1. These were: the mismatch between our genetics and...

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