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Body Building Program Reviews: The Most Popular Online Offerings

If you’ve looking for the optimal bodybuilding program, we can help!

We’ve reviewed many popular body building programs written by the most credible authors and experts. Of course, there are many ways to accomplish the same goal, and some approaches are different than others.

So how do you know what will work best for you? Or what approach appeals to you?

Easy… check out our reviews. We discuss each program in detail, right down to the nuts and bolts so there’s surprises if you decide to give any one of them a try.

To that end, here’s a selection of reviews of the most popular online body building programs.

Will Brinks’ “BodyBuilding Revealed”

Bodybuilding Revealed bookAnyone into working out, weight lifting or training of any sort that involves intensive supplementation, will want to check out Body Building Revealed immediately.

Much like the superb Diet Supplements Revealed (reviewed here), BodyBuilding Revealed is the final word for training, supplementation and nutritional requirements for any weight training fanatic! Another great offering from Will, who is a well-respected expert in this field. Highly recommended!

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Pete Sisco’s “Train Smart”

train-smartMassive gains in strength and muscle… and a workout every 8 weeks?

Yeah, that’s what I thought too… until I’d been through Pete Sisco’s “Lifetime Strength” weight lifting routine from cover to digital cover.

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Mike Westerdal’s “Critical Bench: The Ultimate Bench Press Program”

programcover100How’d you like to add 50 lbs. to your bench press in just ten short weeks?

Yeah, me too! Mike Westerdal’s program promises to do just that and after reading it… and I believe it!

Read the Critical Bench review!

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Craig Ballantyne’s “Turbulence Training” For Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

turbulenceCraig Ballantyne, creator of Turbulence Training, is a well-known strength and conditioning specialist whose material has appeared in such top fitness magazines as Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Oxygen as well as many others.

With Craig’s program, you may be able to accomplish what was previously though to be impossible… to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time.

Read The Turbulence Training Review

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Marc David’s “Beginner’s Guide To Fitness and BodyBuilding!”

Beginners-GuideAs far as Marc David, author of “Beginner’s Guide To Fitness and Bodybuilding”, is concerned, it doesn’t matter whether you’re 15 or 60, you can start bodybuilding today.

This is a great publication for novice body builders, or anyone who is thinking about getting into weight lifting.

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Weight Lifting for Absolute Beginners!

weight-lifting-coverResearch shows that if you really want to lose weight successfully, you need to incorporate some resistance or weight training into your diet program. For many people, weight lifting is an intimidating, perhaps slightly frightening activity.

That’s unfortunate, because it doesn’t need to be so.

This isn’t a publication for experienced lifters, or even those of you with some experience. It’s really best for you if you’ve never lifted a weight or have any idea where to start.

Read the Weight Lifting for Absolute Beginners article!

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Hugo Rivera’s “Body Re-Engineering” Program

body-reengineeringThose of you familiar with Hugo Rivera — pro level natural body builder, best selling fitness author, engineer, Labrada Supplements spokesperson and weight loss specialist — will probably not be surprised to hear that his publication “Body Re-Engineering” is exactly what it claims to be…

“The Ultimate Manual for the Ultimate Physique.”

A solid, well-written publication. Highly recommended!

Read Full “Body Re-Engineering” Review

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Jeff Anderson’s “Optimum Anabolics” Body Building Program

optimum_anabolicsI’ve been looking forward to reviewing Jeff Anderson’s Optimum Anabolics body building program ever since I reviewed his excellent Homemade Supplement Secrets some time ago.

Jeff, of course, is a former U.S. Military fitness trainer, and a guy who undoubtedly knows his stuff.

Read the Optimum Anabolics review!

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