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Review of Will Brink’s Body Building Revealed: The Last Word On Body Building Nutrition, Supplements And Training Programs!

Bodybuilding Revealed bookBody Building Revealed, by respected health, fitness, and supplement company consultant Will Brink (author of the superb Fat Loss Revealed, reviewed here), is a without doubt, one more fantastic piece of work from the renown fitness and supplement guru.

With that said however, let me also say this… Body Building Revealed is not for everyone.

As implied by the title, this publication is focused towards those who are looking to build muscle. (To be fair, several complimentary subsections of the book make it very worthwhile for others as well). For instance…

Anybody who spends (or intends to spend) money on strength and performance enhancing supplements — creatine, methoxy, whey protein, tribulis, Nitric oxide products, prohormones and so on — will find this an invaluable publication.

Will reviews many of the “hottest” products on the market today, and let me tell you… very few get the coveted “thumbs up” approval rating. What you’ll learn from Will’s reviews are worth the cost of the book alone — guaranteed!

Anybody who is looking to ratchet up their training program — Body Building Revealed contains a great sub-chapter from world famous strength trainer, Charles Poliquin.

If you haven’t heard of Charles, he is a well-known trainer of Olympic athletes, NHL hockey players, NFL football players, and strength trainers everywhere. His series of 21 Training Principles are definitely going to be implemented into my weight training regime!

With that said, here’s a more in depth revelation of what you can expect to find in Body Building Revealed…

Body Building Revealed Part I: The first part of the book, obviously enough, focuses on nutrition. Will introduces the reader to the macronutrients (fats, proteins, carbohydrates), with an intensive discussion of each.

I found the discussion on protein especially enlightening, and enjoyed Will’s revision of the oft-maligned food pyramid.

After this it gets a little more complicated, with intensive instruction on determining your “most ideal” caloric intake, and from that, gram requirements for each macronutrient.

Although it may get a little heavy here for those of you who have not yet done much research on nutrition and/or dieting, the style remains light and breezy, and Will doesn’t hesitate to throw some humour into the mix.

As usual, Body Building Revealed is heavily (yet unobtrusively) referenced from the appropriate journals.

Body Building Revealed Part II: Here Will reviews a many of the overly-hyped products on the market today, again with the focus on those that build muscle. Methoxy? Will reviews the data and proclaims… “a dud.” Prohormones? With the exception of 1AD and 1-Test, they’re a dud too. ZMA? In the correct situations, ZMA gets a “thumbs up”, believe it or not.

Yes, without a doubt, Will’s reviews of the top supplements will leave many of you shaking your head in disbelief. This section is worth the price of the book alone — a “no brainer” if you regularly spend money on supplements that build muscle.

Body Building Revealed Part III: A great series of training principles from Charles Poliquin (there’s several different base training programs as well). Basically these are… um… the “principles” you should be following for the most efficient training.

I’ve been lifting weights with fairly serious dedication for almost 20 years, and there were several real eye-openers for me. I’ll be printing this section off, and reviewing again with a yellow highlighter marker. This section too will be of real value to anyone who weight trains and is not happy with his/her current progress.

Body Building Revealed also contains a very vibrant members section — this on its own is probably worth the cost of the publication, given some of the people you’ll get to “rub shoulders with.” A few other goodies round this very comprehensive package.

The Package: Body Building Revealed is published in Adobe PDF format. The publication is attractive and professionally formatted, and is easy to use and navigate. And of course, you can print and read it offline, if that’s what you prefer.

Body Building Revealed: The bottom Line…

If you are into any sort of strength/weight training, are looking to build some serious muscle, and/or you routinely spend money on supplements that build muscle, you can’t go wrong with Will’s Body Building Revealed book. It’s a great product and a great value. I have no reservations about recommending it. Pick up your copy today… you will not regret it!

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