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Stop Cheating on Your Low Carb Diet!

Jim Stone’s “Stop Cheating On Your Low Carb Diet” is a publication about… well, it’s pretty self explanatory. Yes, you might wonder how you could fill an entire publication on tips and strategies to avoid cheating on a diet, right? You might even wonder if such a publication is even necessary. Well, I can assure you, it is. Consider this…

A new study published in the Journal of The American Medical Association suggests that the real key to being successful on diet is not the type of diet you choose, but your ability to stay on it! (See this article from Medical News Today for more).

Sidebar: In my opinion, a low carb diet is one of the easiest to remain committed too — especially once you get past the induction period!

Apparently the medical community is in agreement — it’s not enough to go on a diet, you need to turn it into a lifestyle change in order to be successful. So, I rest my case… such a publication is required. πŸ˜‰

I didn’t really know what to expect when I started reading “Stop Cheating”. All I know is that when I looked at the clock next, 2 hours had gone by. So what was so intriguing? Well…

In order to stop cheating on a diet, you need to know why you cheat. Yeah, that’s what I though too — you cheat because you’re hungry, or you’re sick of your diet, or whatever. And sure, these are factors… but that’s there much more to it than that.

After the introductory chapter, Jim begins by providing you with a series of case-studies, each one illustrating a different feature of “human motivation and dieting.”

Then, in the following two chapters, he delves heavily into a discussion on human motivation. According to Jim, his theories are drawn mostly from Modern Evolutionary Psychology. This is a very interesting chapter, which delves into the theory behind “why” it is we cheat by reviewing three systems — the animal system, the social system, and the rational system.

OK, OK, I’ll admit it — this sounds pretty heavy-duty, and not much like fun. Here’s the good news… while Jim is an academic, he does not write like one. Although chapter 3 does get a little intense, it’s easy to follow, and to be honest, both intriguing and enlightening.

Moving on, you’ll learn all kinds of tricks and techniques to encourage positive influences, and discourage bad ones. These include incantations, visualization techniques, and something called the “swish pattern” used by Tony Robbins and other self-help gurus. You’ll learn how to control your environment and reduce the “stressors” in your life (as Jim puts it — stressed spelled backwards is “desserts”). πŸ™‚

Next up, you’ll learn how to get the support of friends and family, even if they happen to think the low-carb diet is impractical, troublesome, expensive, or dangerous.

At this point I should point out that this book is not another low-carb diet. It does not contain recipes. Jim assumes you have a working knowledge of low carb dieting. His intent is not to duplicate the material already covered by Dr. Atkins, South Beach Diet, Protein Power, The Zone diet and many others.

Nope, Jim’s intent is to empower you to stay on the low carb diet. Since Jim has struggled both with his weight and low carb dieting, his advice is heartfelt and sincere. He’s “been there”, “done that”, if you will. This adds additional credibility to his publication… not that it needs it, mind you.

Bottom line?

A very well written, easy-to-read publication that’s highly recommended for those of you who difficulty staying on your diet (Jim’s book is written specifically from a low carb perspective, but I feel there is plenty of material here to benefit any dieter).

The sections on human pychology might seem a bit much too you, but Jim’s right — until you can truly determine your motivations, and why you feel how do, it’s impossible to successfully attain your goals. Plus, it’s all very accessible.

“Stop Cheating on Your Low Carb” is well worth the money. Highly recommended.

You can read more about Jim’s publication here!

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