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Review: The Lean System Success Plan

I’ve read a lot of diets, and I like Stephen Adele’s Lean System Success Plan. For one, it’s not some huge, weighty tome that will take you weeks and weeks to read — perhaps even growing dust on your night table in the meantime.

No, the Lean System Success Plan, with its laminated, colorful pages and practical design is easy to navigate, simple to read and get through easily. When motivation is a fleeting commodity, getting to the meat of your new diet plan before you die of boredom or lose interest is key!

And get to the meat of the Lean System Success Plan quickly is something Stephen Adele, the author, has definitely planned upon. You’re barely into the book before you’re learning about BMI (Body Mass Index) and BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).

Not to worry though… both the explanation and the application of both of these values is clearly defined, so that even beginning dieters are left without questions. From there, it’s on to a crash course in nutrition and specifically proteins, carbs, and fats.

I especially like the “Question and Answer” format of some of the earlier chapters. The back and forth flow of these discussions change the pace of the book somewhat, again making it easier to read and digest (oh, bad pun!).

Like similar diets (i.e. Bill Phillips’ Body For Life) the Lean System Success Plan advocates the use of supplements to ensure clear sailing while on the plan. The supplements in this case are manufactured by Isatori, which happens to be the author’s own company.

While this seems to be a blatant conflict of interest, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind, should this sort of self promotion bother you…

Bill Phillips’ Body For Life implements the same practices (with EAS supplements), and remains a very popular program with high success rates.

Isatori products are high quality, easily on par or better than the best the industry has to offer.

Supplements are handy, but they are not necessary. On any diet plan that involves 5-6 small meals a day, the convenience offered by a meal replacement powder for instance, cannot be sneezed at. On the other hand, there’s nothing preventing you from following the program without supplements, instead obtaining all nutrition from whole foods and prepared meals.

And you can always substitute Isatori products with your own favorites if you like.

Bottom line is that if you’re OK with this, The Lean System Success plan is a darn solid diet plan. It’s got all the right elements — a proven, workable solution, ease of use, plus it’s easy to understand and easier to implement. Everything is covered — diet and eating plans, plus a detailed exercise plan (with photos and everything even a “newbie dieter” needs to get his/her plan off to a raging start!).

Best of all, the guarantee is another good one. Use the Lean System Success Plan for 60 days, and if you do not achieve your goals, Isatori will refund your money — you even get to keep the book! (Isatori’s iron-clad guarantee-which they actually honor-is one of the main reasons I have no hesitations in recommending their products).

There are few diet books that offer this sort of guarantee, and if you’re serious about losing weight, I heartily recommend checking this book out — you’d be hard pressed to come across a better plan or deal anywhere!

You can get the Lean System Success Plan direct from Isatori by clicking here!

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