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Review: Low G.I. Diet Breakthrough

Note: the Low Glycemic Diet Breakthrough is no longer available.

The Low Glycemic Diet Breakthrough is based upon the consumption of low glycemic foods, or foods that have a relatively little effect upon your blood sugar levels. To fully understand the significance of this, a detailed introduction to the glycemic index (also referred to simply as “GI”) is in order…

The first thing you need to know is that the glycemic index refers to carbohydrate-based foods. These foods are broken down and released into the body as sugar (the body’s primary source of energy) upon digestion. Pure protein and fats do not have a GI value, as their digestion does not result in the release of sugar, but amino acids and fatty acids.

The glycemic index therefore, refers to a value (from 1-100) assigned to a carbohydrate according to the rate at which it is digested and released as sugar into the bloodstream. Carbs with lower values are digested and released more slowly, and those with higher values are released more quickly. At one end of the GI spectrum we have foods like grapefruit (with a GI of 25) and at the other end we have foods like white bread (with a GI of 95).

This, of course leads to several other questions…

1. What is the significance of the GI rating of any carbohydrate? Or in other words, why should I care what the GI value of any carb is?

That’s a good question. The answer lies with the function of insulin in the body. When blood sugar is released into the body, insulin is released to lower blood sugar levels by shuttling it where it is needed for energy production.

The problem is that when large amounts of sugar is released very quickly, the body responds by releasing a large amount of insulin from the pancreas to counter this rapid rise in blood sugar. When large amounts of insulin are present in the body, the body goes immediately into fat-storing mode, and responds by reducing blood sugar levels so quickly that you experience an energy crash, followed by unbelievable cravings for high-G.I. goods — mostly sweets and simple carbs like breads. Thus the cycle continues over and over.

To make matters worse, over time the body can slowly become desensitized to the effects on insulin, and this can lead to Adult Type II diabetes.

2. What factors affect the GI rating of a carbohydrate?

One of the biggest is fiber content. Carbs rich in fiber are digested much more slowly by the body, resulting in a gradual and manageable release of blood sugar into the body.

Another factor is fat content.

For example, a Snickers bar has a GI rating nearly half of that white bread. Why? We all know there’s a ton of simple sugar in a Snickers bar. The answer is the fat content of the bar slows the release of blood sugar, much like fiber does in fruits and vegetables.

The overall idea therefore, is to consume less high GI carbs, and more low GI carbs in your diet.

Now that you know a little more about the GI value of carbs, let’s get back the diet, “The Low GI Diet Breakthrough”…

Unlike typical low carb diets (Atkins, South Beach, etc.), this diet does not focus so much on carb restriction, but on the type of carbs you consume. The GI diet is great for anyone who wants to lose weight and prevent the possibility of diabetes. Surprisingly enough it’s also great for athletes, as it can provide plenty of raw energy required for vigorous activity. Best of all its focus is the maintaining of steady and balanced energy levels throughout the day.

The Low GI Diet Breakthrough will show you how to prepare low G.I. friendly meals, and how to live with the low GI diet in the real world. You’ll learn which carbs you can eat with impunity, and which ones you’ll need to restrict, eating them only occasionally.

Bottom line?

The Low GI Diet Breakthrough provides you with the tools to eat a smart, sensible, workable, no-starvation diet that will help you lose weight as well as providing you with balanced and sustained energy levels.

If standard, ultra-low carb diets are a bit much for you, then it’s well worth your while to have a look at the Low GI Diet Breakthrough.

Aesthetically, the Low GI Diet Breakthrough is a professionally formatted, attractive PDF software download. It comes with several additional bonus files… all worthwhile.

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