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How Will Creatine Effect My Workouts?

How will Creatine effect my power and workouts?

You will definitely be stronger. The exercise I like to reference when describing the effects of creatine is the bench press.

Supposing your current max for 5 reps is 200 lbs. On creatine, you won’t go suddenly marching into the gym and start throwing 250 lbs around. You will, however, probably knock off a couple extra reps of that 200 lbs.

And you’ll really notice the effects at those two critical points of the bench press — at the point where the bar touches your chest (it is touching your chest, right?), and starts to travel upwards, and the point about 3 inches from lockout (the point where your arms are fully extended).

If you’re working hard with heavy weight, these two points can sometimes be sticking points that require a couple of fingers from a spotter. On creatine, I personally notice how much easier it is to force a rep through these two points.

When you’re working out with relatively light weights (say 50% of your max for each partiucular exercise) you’ll should really be able to notice the ease at which you are knock off more than a couple of extra reps.

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