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Vibrational HCG… Really?!

Over the weekend, I surfed over to Science-Based Medicine, and scanned this post by pharmacist Scott Gavura about HCG and weight loss. It’s a well-written article, although if you’ve seen what Paul and I have had to say on the topic, in general, you won’t see much that’s new.

There was one thing in his article, however, that took me by surprise. It was inserted into a paragraph about the FDA crackdown on homeopathic HCG:

“This has put the supplement industry into the positon of creating “HCG-free” versions of their products become infused with “radionics” where the HCG “energy” is transferred to vitamins or amino acids.”

HCG energy???

Fortunately, he provided a link – and what I saw on the linked page made my jaw drop.

“This alternative to HCG is vibrationally, not homeopathically, formulated. In classical homeopathy, a minute, infinitesimally small amount of a substance (like HCG) is added into a substance like bacteriostatic water or alcohol. Vibrational HCG, on the other hand, is made by acquiring the exact vibrational charge — the energetic characteristics — of the HCG and transferring them into a more stable/beneficial substance (like glycerin).”


Ok, molecules vibrate… but how on earth can “the exact vibrational charge” of one substance be “acquired” by another substance, in such a way that the second substance (which has not been physically altered in any way) can function as a surrogate for the first???

Ah – there’s an explanation!

How is it manufactured?

  1. The direct vibrational charge (“vibrational signature”) of 1x diluted, pharmaceutical-grade Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) is acquired.
  2. A substrate composed of pure, all-natural, 100% Kosher, USP food grade vegetable glycerin (defined as a tri-polar glycerol) is also acquired.
  3. Using radionic imprinting, the in-phase energetic frequency of the HCG is captured and infused (electrochemically bonded) into the glycerin.
  4. Thyroid-stimulating ionic iodine is layered into the blend at a 4000X concentration.
  5. Botanical raw extracts (including peppermint, hoodia, essential oils/antihabituants and gymnema leaf) are layered into the blend. These extracts boost energy and suppress appetite and sugar cravings.

Emphasis mine. “Radionic imprinting” explains a lot…

“Radionics” is a thoroughly debunked bit of alt med BS. This “” article covers more than you’d ever care to know about the “theory” and “practice.” In sum, it’s a catch-all term for various non-invasive, remote diagnostic/healing practices, based on either the detection of “bad energy” emitted by diseased cells/tissues or the transmission of “healing energy” from various quack devices/nostrums.

It’s pretty loony stuff.

And so is “vibrational HCG.” Hormones function by binding to receptors. How glycerin allegedly “imprinted” with “vibrational energy” could do this, let alone activate said receptors, is anyone’s guess. But it’s all so “sciency” sounding, and that’s what counts, right?! Even the humble, drug-store glycerin base is glorified as “a tri-polar glycerol,” lol. It’s a description I can’t recall ever encountering when ordering lab reagents (inc. glycerol) from chemical suppliers.

At any rate, this goofy page inspired me to look around for additional “vibrational HCG” products – in the hope that this was a sort of “one-off” product. Sadly no: the Great Gazoogle returned quite a few hits. This one, in particular, made me laugh out loud:

“Reduce™, is a vibrational genetic fingerprint of the HCG hormone.  The body reacts to this fingerprint exactly the same as it does to injectable HCG.  Using quantum dynamics, Révéle Beauty has taken medicinal grade HCG, placed it in a proprietary machine that uses vibrational technology to make a “vibrational copy” of the HCG hormone.

Révéle removes the DNA strands of the hormone that cause the hypothalamus to burn fat stores and imprints them onto the genetically blank glycerin.  This specific DNA is what triggers your body to burn 3,500-4,000 calories per day without exercise, resulting in 1-2 lbs of fat loss per day.”

They remove “…the DNA strands of the hormone”??? Seriously? I didn’t know that “medicinal grade HCG” or other purified hormone preparations had DNA strands to begin with. Sure, hormones are coded BY DNA, but they’re not composed of it – they’re distinct things. It is not “specific DNA” that interacts with hormone receptors: it is the actual, physical HCG glycoprotein (composed of amino acids and sugars).

This is weapons grade stupid. It’s like someone got a “biology” magnetic poetry kit, and used it to write this copy. I love how the company stresses how it follows “FDA guidelines,” as if this confers legitimacy on its product. I seriously doubt the agency would agree.

This raises the question: are the people behind this product really as scientifically illiterate as this write up suggests they are? Or are they deliberately spewing technobabble – secure in the knowledge that anyone gullible enough to search for HCG drops won’t call them on their BS?

Seriously: even the folks peddling “homeopathic” HCG seem more respectable. I sincerely hope that no one is falling for this garbage, although – since it concerns weight loss – it’s probably a forlorn hope.

Author: elissa

Elissa is a former research associate with the University of California at Davis, and the author/co-author of over a dozen articles published in scientific journals. Currently a freelance writer and researcher, Elissa brings her multidisciplinary education and training to her writing on nutrition and supplements.


  1. I vote for the “deliberately spewing technobabble” theory.

    It just looks like another “lets make it sound all sciencey” and sell tons of the worthless stuff.

    Will it ever end?

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  2. I’ve lost 200 lbs vibrating on HCG! If you believe that, I have an igloo to sell you. Slightly melted, but the vibrational signature of it is still in tact, and thus, will keep you warm for years to come during the cold winter months we endure here in Canada.

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