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The Key To Successful Cardio… A Good Book!

I’m with Elissa on this one… I love lifting weight.

But cardio… uh, well… that’s a different story.

I do cardio because I have to. For the cardio-pulminary benefits it offers. And because if I’m really serious about trimming back some of the winter flab, it’s cardio that does it. Yep. Two to three weeks of cardio (3-4 25 minutes sessions at moderate intensity per week) and my pants start falling down. Every time. It works like clockwork.

So I do it. Begrudgingly. Sometimes it’s bearable. Sometimes I grit my teeth and watch the timer. Other times, like last night, the times “flies” by. In fact, I was astounded to find I had exceeded my time by 5 minutes.


What’s the difference between an teeth-grindingly tedious session and a great one? For me, it’s not music; it’s a good book. Something intriguing. Something thought provoking. And most importantly, something that takes you away. Last night’s read had me so distracted, I forgot all about the cardio!


So… what works for you? Tunes? A great read? A portable TV in the basement?

I’d love to hear your best strategies for surviving cardio. Maybe it will make life easier for me!

Author: Paul

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  1. Actually, reading, watching TV or listening to music are non-starters for me. When I do cardio, the only way me to avoid the tedium is to actually move through space (i.e., jogging/running or biking), or – if I have to do some sort of indoor/stationary cardio – switch up my activities frequently (i.e., circuit training, intervals, or even just alternating between forward/backward stride on an elliptical).

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  2. Well Paul, I love to work out. My workouts are planned with specific goals like an event. For me it going to be intense and I expect people are going to watch as I superset all around the gym.

    I don’t pay much attention to external influences like music so I’ll never wear phones or ipod when I work out. It kind of irks me that there are TVS all over the gym and most are staring at them all bug eyed.

    It’s funny that there is a TV right over the power cage where I do my squats and deadlifts that dows a good job of distracting my fellows as I dart from place to place getting even quad sets done as they sit mesmerized at the toob.

    Sometimes though I glance in the mirror and see instead of the TV they are watching me as I’m flat on my ass from a failure set of squats writhing in lactic acid agony with the barbell still flexing on the crashbars. I don’t dissappoint.

    If theres anything left, later I’ll do cardio.

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