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Fight Back Against Unethical Supplement Companies!

While I don’t like to tarnish the whole supplement industry with one brush, I can honestly say this is one industry in which unethical behavior — manifesting itself mostly as false and unethical claims — runs rampant. While there are governing bodies in place to stop this sort of thing, they are for the most part under-staffed, and unable to deal with the huge number of wonderous fat burners on the market, all offering incredible results with a minimum of work. Occassionally though, the good guys win… it wasn’t too far back that the Federal Trade Commission successfully sued the makers of Cortislim for making fakse and unsubstantiated claims.

The problem you as a consumer faces is, of course, how to receive
redress when you’ve been sold a pig in a poke (and by that I mean a fat burner supplement that promises great results but delivers nothing?). The good news is that you can do something! While you shouldn’t expect miracles overnight, you can fight back against unethical weight loss and supplement companies by lodging a complaint with the appropriate regulatory government body.

In the U.S., you should submit your complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. You can do that by using the form found here!

In Canada, you should submit your complaint to the Canadian competition bureau. Use the form here to do so!

If you’ve been “stiffed” by an unscrupulous supplement retailer, or are tired ridiculous claims, do your part to stem the tide… file a complaint today!

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