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In Defence of The Dr. Atkins Diet

It always drives me stark raving crazy when I see some 15-second news clip on TV featuring some nutritionist or other bad-mouthing the Dr. Atkins diet. Of course, they never have anything positive to say… “this low carb diet is dangerous”, or “high protein diets are dangerous” is usually what can be expected to come out of said “expert’s” mouth. To anyone familiar with the Atkins diet,...

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Fight Back Against Unethical Supplement Companies!

While I don’t like to tarnish the whole supplement industry with one brush, I can honestly say this is one industry in which unethical behavior — manifesting itself mostly as false and unethical claims — runs rampant. While there are governing bodies in place to stop this sort of thing, they are for the most part under-staffed, and unable to deal with the huge number of wonderous fat burners on the market, all...

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