Ecdysteroids - Glossary


Ecdysteroids are steroid compounds found in insects and a number of plants (phytoecdysteroids).  According to an extensive review, “the metabolic fate of ecdysteroids in mammals, including humans, is only poorly known.” They appear to be non-toxic and—according to Eastern European/Soviet research, may have modest growth-promoting effects in animals. Recent research suggests ecdysterones can increase protein synthesis in human and animal muscle cells and affect muscle fiber size in rats, but more work will need to be done before they can be given an unequivocal “thumbs up” for building muscle or strength in humans.

Most commercial ecdysteroid supplements use standardized extracts from Cyanotis vaga or Rhaponticum carthamoides.

Ecdysteroids are frequently referred to as “ecdysterones,” although this is term is not widely used in the scientific literature.

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