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Right Size Hunger Smashing Smoothie

“Right Size Hunger Smashing Smoothies” are the creations of the Right Size Health and Nutrition Corporation.  They market meal replacements (similar to Slim Fast, in principle), as well as a multivitamin and “AppAssure” – a “metabolism manager” (i.e., weight loss supplement).  The meal replacements come in both powder and ready-to-drink form, in “Chocolate Mousse Reduce” and “SkinniVanilli” flavors.

Manufacturer’s Description: Chocolate Mousse Reduce provides a delicious, rich chocolate flavor. Each bottle contains 2 ready to drink liquid servings. Like all RightSize flavors, Chocolate Mousse Reduce contains Appemine™ a new, cutting edge all-natural appetite manager. Appemine™ is derived from green tea, cinnamon twig, and galangal. Appemine™ is clinically proven to powerfully control appetite and CONTAINS NO EPHEDRINE! Each smoothie also contains 50% of over 20 essential vitamins and minerals including vitamins B6 and B12 which are known to be important in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. Unlike diet shakes that taste bad and leave you hungry, RightSize tastes great, knocks-out hunger cravings, helps metabolize calories and fat and has exceptional nutritional value.

Directions: Drink 1 – 2 servings of a RightSize Smoothie in place of a meal to reduce calorie intake, fight hunger and lose weight.

Product Label:

Serving Size 8 fl oz (240ml)
Servings Per Container: About 2
Calories 150
Calories from Fat 25
Total Fat 3g
Saturated Fat 1.5g
Trans Fat 0g
Polyunsaturated Fat 0g
Monounsaturated Fat 1g
Cholesterol 25mg
Sodium 380mg
Potassium 500mg
Total Carbohydrate 21g
Dietary Fiber 4g
Sugars 16g
Protein 8g
Vitamin A 50%
Vitamin C 50%
Calcium 30%
Iron 4%
Vitamin D 50%
Vitamin E 50%
Thiamine 50%
Riboflavin 50%
Niacin 50%
Vitamin B6 50%
Folate 50%
Vitamin B12 50%
Biotin 50%
Pantothenic Acid 50%
Phosphorus 30%
Iodine 50%
Magnesium 50%
Zinc 50%
Selenium 50%
Copper 50%
Manganese 50%
Chromium 100%
Molybdenum 50%
Ingredients: Low Fat Milk, Fructose, Cocoa Processed with Alkali, Gellan Gum, Sodium Citrate, Potassium Citrate, Sodium Phosphate, Carrageenan, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Sucralose (Nonnutritive Sweetener), Salt, Acesulfame K (Nonnutritive Sweetener)
Mineral Blend: (Magnesium Phosphate, Zinc Citrate, Sodium Molybdate, Chromium Dinicotinate Glycinate, Manganese Sulfate, Copper Citrate, Sodium Selenate and Potassium Iodide)
Appemine™: (Providing 50mg of Caffeine) (Soluble Fiber Glucose Polymer Complex, Guarana Seed Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Cinnamon Twig Extract, Galangal Rhizone Extract, Cayenne Pepper Fruit and White Willow Bark Extract)
Vitamin Blend: (Sodium Ascorbate, DL-Alpha Tocopherol Acetate, Biotin, Niacinamide, Retinyl Palmitate, Calcium Pantothenate, Folic Acid, Cholecalciferol, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Thiamin Mononitrate, Riboflavin and Cyanocobalamin)
Glycemic Support Blend: [Vanadyl Sulfate (Supplying 200mcg of Vanadium) and Chromium Polynicotinate]

Comments: I’ve already discussed Right Size on the blog – these products are NOT cheap, and on the face of it, not special enough to warrant the cost.

BUT…to be fair, I ordered a 4 pack of “Chocolate Mousse Reduce” ready-to-drink smoothies to check out…at $12.80, they were the least expensive items available for purchase. I waited until I was hungry, then downed an entire 14 oz smoothie (1.75 servings) + a glass of water (a recommended step), to see how effective it would really be at curbing my hunger.

The answer: not very. It tasted good, but went down quickly…too quickly to register that I’d consumed a meal. I started to feel a bit peckish after only about an hour. So, to take my mind off it, I decided to get up from the keyboard and go do some grocery shopping…big mistake. The minute I walked past the deli display the hunger pangs kicked in. The “Powerful Weight Loss Tool” I’d consumed held me less than two hours.

This came as no surprise, however, as there’s really very little to one of these smoothies. You could dupe one simply by adding Sugar-Free Nesquik and a spoonful of FiberSure to a glass of low fat milk, and chasing it with a Centrum or One-A-Day.  And you’d do better with some Curvelle or Lean System 7, or an even more inexpensive supp like Green Tea Hydroxycut – vs. a non-specific blend like Appemine.

Realistically, a “Right Size” smoothie could serve as a between meal snack or “fix” for a chocolate craving…but – in my opinion – it’s ineffective as a meal replacement and appetite suppressant.

[usrlist “Taste:3.5” “Quality:3.0” “Efficacy:2.0” “Value:2.0″ avg=”true”]

Author: elissa

Elissa is a former research associate with the University of California at Davis, and the author/co-author of over a dozen articles published in scientific journals. Currently a freelance writer and researcher, Elissa brings her multidisciplinary education and training to her writing on nutrition and supplements.


  1. Kay – what you’re missing is that we don’t sell any supplements or functional foods here – at all. UltimateFatBurner.com is strictly a review site. If you see a product you wish to order online, then you need to either order through the manufacturer’s site (assuming the company does direct sales), or else through a designated reseller.

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  2. I have been using right size smoothies for a week now .Taste great and has been working for me with no side effects.Just 7 lbs this first week.

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  3. Right size is so bad as a company that it is rated F on a scale of A to F by the better business bureau. They sent a shipment to me which I never received, charged me 119.40 and refused to listen to anything I had to say. Stay away from these frauds

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