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Progressive Nutritional Therapies’ PhytoBerry

Over the last decade, we’ve been bombarded by information on the value of eating more vegetables and fruits. We now know that plant foods are more than just low calorie sources of fiber, vitamins and minerals…they’re loaded with antioxidant compounds that may reduce our risk of serious diseases and slow the aging process. It seems like a new “superfood” or “superfruit” that tops the ORAC...

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Next Proteins’ Protein Water

Next Proteins, Inc. is the company behind Designer Whey and related products, such as Aria and Ultimate Orange. Founded by former Olympic athlete (and Dan Duchaine disciple) David Jenkins, the company’s stated goals are to “begin and end with helping people live longer, healthier, more fulfilling lives.” Manufacturer’s Description: The first refreshing protein water. 100 Good-For-You Calories make counting...

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Metabolife AquaSlim: Weight Loss Water?

Metabolife is a well-known manufacturer of over-the-counter diet supplements. AquaSlim is a little different than its other products, however. In essence, it’s a diet pill in drink form: you knock back a bottle before each meal rather than take a capsule or tablet. AquaSlim is sold in “on-the-go” 4 packs, similar to many other bottled drinks. It appears to be a stand-alone product…although Metabolife claims...

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